MBB Bo105



Evolution from the Bo 105 C, with extended fuselage and new powerfull engines. Reinforced Main Transmision. Engines: Detroit Diesel Allison 250 - C20B with Bendix Fuel Control Unit and 420 shp. Main Trasmision: ZF

List of Operators of MBB Bo105S

From Organisation with model Bo105S
germany ADAC Luftrettung
    Bo105 1970/07
chile Carabineros de Chile
    Bo105 13 1976/   
lesotho Lesotho Defence Force
    Bo105 1991/   
Construction Numbers on database of Bo105S


Construction Numbers

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S-179 LS PMU-4 : MBB Bo-105S, cn S.179, ff:?; del Germany as D-HDFQ, unk+
S-322 LS PMU-5 : MBB Bo-105S, cn S.322, ff:?; ordered as G-HDIA, ntu; de+
ZA ZS-RNE : At Thunder City by Nov 2005, still Mar 2006
S-541 CL C-15 : Carabineros d/d 1979; ex D-HDNP
S-560 CL C-16 : Carabineros. ex D-HDPI
Nov12 preserved gate guardian as C-01 at Prefectura Aer+
S-612 DE D-HOFF : Christoph-19 based at Uelzen. w/o 20nov99 near Broeckho+
ADAC; after te 1999 accident the helicopter was store+
US N4573T : preserved as N4573T
S-622 CL C-17 : Carabineros d/d 1979; ex D-HDSR
S-625 1983 DE D-HHBG : cnvt. to CBS-4 ADAC in 2000
S-735 LS LDF-45 : MBB Bo-105S, cn S.735, ff:?; del USA as N760MB, unk; to+
8 C/N.