AgustaWestland eh.101

Merlin HC.3A


Due to the shortage of Support helicopters within the UK armed forces the UK MOD agreed to purchase the 6 Joint Supporter model Merlins from the Royal Danish Air Force on 30 Mar 07.  The UK MOD will then purchase 6 new Merlins for the Danish.  The new model will be based at RAF Benson in Oxfordshire and will be the first Merlins fitted with the BERP IV main rotor blades that are designed to increase preformance.

List of Operators of AgustaWestland Merlin HC.3A

From Organisation with model Merlin HC.3A
united kingdom Fleet Air Arm
    eh.101 44 1998/   

Construction Numbers

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50121 2005 DK M-505 : mk512 50121/DEN05 return to UK as ZJ994
UK ZJ994 : Delivered to RDAF as M-505 on 2 Feb 2006. Returned to +
UK ZJ994 : 02jul16 pictured (pic1) as 845 NAS /AC at RNAS Yeovilto+
Jun18 pictured (pic2) with ZK001 as HC.3A type /AC at A+
50160 2005 DK M-511 : mk512 50160/DEN11 return to UK as ZK001
UK ZK001 : Delivered to RDAF as M-511.  Returned to the UK on 29j+
Jul12 78Sqn /28
23jul12 pictured (pic1) in Union Jack Burst special li+
21aug13 HC.3A type 28/78Sqn./AF Geilenkirchen dep. next+
23jan15 type HC.3A 28 Sqn /AF at Shawbury
15may15 pictured (pic2) at Newquay airport
UK ZK001 : Royal Navy; 03mar18 HC.3A type 845 Sqn /AF visit Schiph+
Jun18 pictured (pic3) as HC.3A type /AF at APROC 2018 i+

2 C/N.