Boeing-Vertol 107

Vertol (formerly Piasecki helicopters) developed an enlarged turbine powered version of their famous HRP/H-21 in a company funded prototype, model 107. The Vertol 107 Prototype first flew on 22Apr58 registered as N74060. Vertol attempted to market it to the US Army as a medium transport and cargo helicopter. The Army promptly ordered ten as the YHC-1 in early 1959. Meanwhile Vertol was interested in demonstrating the new Model 107 as both a civil and military helicopter. It demonstrated the type at the 1959 Paris Air Show, and followed with a European tour during late summer and fall of 1959. They also demonstrated N74060 in US to New York Airways during 1960? The last airworthy certificate is dated 15Mar62 with 776 total airframe hours. On 03Sep65 Vertol notified the FAA to cancel the registration because the aircraft was being put into storage as no further use could be forseen. An FAA Form 1716 (Aircraft Accident Notice) dated 08Oct65 states that the registration number has been cancelled. Fate of airframe unknown.

Arthur Ridley said: In 1966 I built a model of this aircraft hoping to enter a competition for the first conventional looking model of a helicopter to actually fly. The competition was to be held in Harswinkel in Germany in September 1968, for the first model to fly as the real thing.There was to be a prize of £1500 to be won for a helicopter with a fuselage.Models were required to hover,fly in all four directions without turning the fuselage. I chose to build this twin rotor machine- which was 30 inches long with an all-up weight of 8lbs, a rotor diameter of 34 inches and powered by an HP61 engine- as I assumed that most entrants would submit single rotor models. The results of the competition were published in the Aero Modeller Annual 1969/1970. Unfortunately,due to circumstances at the time I was unable to submit my effort,however I still have it in my possession for pure interest

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1959 Vertol Model 107/YHC-1A prototype cargo and troop transport for?US Army. The Army placed an intial order in December 1958 for ten YHC-1A cargo he ...

1960 First flight of prototype (N74060) in 1958.107-II commercial model cert. by FAA Jan. 26, 1962. Kawasaki later licensed to build KV-107-II series. ...

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Construction Numbers

C/N Built as Year History
69-1X scrapped 1965 1958 N74060

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