Bell V-22 Osprey

Bell CV-22


USAF pre-production variant

List of Operators of Bell CV-22

From Organisation with model CV-22
usa US Air Force
    V-22 Osprey 2005/   

Construction Numbers

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D0007 1997 US 164939 : MV-22 Bell-Boeing MV-22 c/n D0007, ff 05Feb97; accepted USN a+
US 4939 : USAF CV-22, ex 164939
retired in 2008
D0009 1997 US 164941 : MV-22 Bell-Boeing MV-22 c/n D0009, ff 15Jul97; accepted USN a+
US 4941 : USAF CV-22, ex 164941
retired in 2008
D0025 2001 US 165839 : mv-22b Bell-Boeing MV-22B c/n D0025, ff?; accepted USN as MV-2+
US 99-0021 : USAF CV-22, ex 165839
May13 used as test platform
CV-22 type pictured departing Navy Fort Worth in 412 F+
Additional Test Asset (ATA) used for test new software +
31oct13 retired and put on display at USAF National Mus+
Dec13 preserved at USAF National Museum, Dayton, Ohio
3 C/N.