this type is a W3 airframe cnvt. to a W3-A standard airframe

List of Operators of PZL W-3AS

From Organisation with model W-3AS

spain Hispánica de Aviación SA
    W-3 Sokol

Construction Numbers on database of W-3AS


Construction Numbers

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310206 CL CCCP-04104 : W-3 Sokol to SP-SUY
PL SP-SUY : Poland, conv to W-3AS type, to EC-JPC
Heliseco, noted 2003-2005
ES EC-JPC : HASA, 2006
310305 1989 RU CCCP-04108 : Aeroflot
PL SP-SUM : Poland from 1992 ; 2003 conv to W3-AS
UY EC-LVE : Foresbal; pictured in firefighting season inauguration+
ES EC-LVE : 07sep16 at Buenavista, Tenerife, Spain
Jan17 at Santo Domingo, Valparaiso, Chile as firefighte+
parked at Puerto del Pico Heliport, Avila
310319 CL CCCP-04118 : W-3 Sokol to SP-SUP
PL SP-SUP : conv W-3AS, reser SP-SWA
ES EC-KIR : Sky Helicopteros, Mallorca, firefighting
ES EC-KIR : scr 04apr15 found dumped and abandoned near graveyard N+
3 C/N.