List of Operators of Breda Nardi NH500MD

From Organisation with model NH500MD
italy Guardia di Finanza
    NH500 63 1973/   
italy Aeronautica Militare Italiana
    NH500 52 1987/   

Construction Numbers on database of NH500MD


Construction Numbers

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101 IT MM81064 : GdiF-106
102 IT MM81065 : GdiF-107
103 IT MM81066 : GdiF-108
104 IT MM81067 : GdiF-109
105 IT MM81068 : GdiF-110
106 IT MM81069 : GdiF-111
107 IT MM81070 : GdiF-112
11apr18 pictured at Istrana airport, Treviso city Frecc+
112 IT MM81133 : GdiF-113
113 IT MM81134 : GdiF-114
26aug17 pictured at Jesolo Venice (ITA) International +
114 IT MM81135 : GdiF-115
115 IT MM81136 : GdiF-116
15nov12 pictured at Tessera Marco Polo airport, Venice+
116 IT MM81137 : GdiF-117
117 IT MM81138 : GdiF-118. w/o 03may94 near Etna vulcan
118 IT MM81139 : GdiF-119
123 IT MM81140 : GdiF-120
2017 asg Sezione Aerea di Bolzano
124 IT MM81141 : GdiF-121. w/o 21aug84 at largo di Cagliari
126 IT MM81218 : GdiF-129
BH-11 IT MM81352 : AMI, test serial I-AMIA
07oct15 pictured (pic1) (pic2) at Cervia Pisignano air+
BH-14 IT MM81353 :
for 15° Stormo at Esercitazione Grifone 2017
19 C/N.

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