AgustaWestland EH101

EH101 Mk.512

Search and Rescue (SAR) and Transport variant for Royal Danish Air Force. RTM322-250 engines.

  EH101 Mk.512 News

Royal Air Force Hand Over Merlin To Royal Navy

Royal Air Force Hand Over Merlin To Royal Navy

01-Oct-14 - Yesterday marked the end of an era for the Royal Air Force and the start of a new one for the Royal Navy as the official handover of the Merlin helicopter took place in a formal ceremony at RAF Benson in Oxfordshire.

Six Danish EH101 Helicopters goes to the RAF

30-Mar-07 - UK / Italy - AgustaWestland and the UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) have today signed an agreement to modify six EH101 Merlin helicopters the MoD are buying from Denmark, to provide additional helicopter support for the UK armed forces. The agreement also includes the purchase of six new build EH101 Merlin helicopters that will be delivered by the MoD to the Royal Danish Air Force to replace the original aircraft.

  List of Operators of EH101 Mk.512

Years Model Org
1998-    EH101 united kingdom Fleet Air Arm
2000-    EH101 united kingdom AgustaWestland UK
2005-    EH101 denmark Flyvev√•bnet
2007/15 united kingdom Royal Air Force

  Global Distribution of EH101 Mk.512


Construction Numbers

C/N Year History
50089 2003 DK UK M-501,ZJ990
50095 2004 DK UK M-502,ZJ991
50106 2004 DK UK M-503,ZJ992
50114 2004 DK UK M-504,ZJ993
50121 2005 DK UK M-505,ZJ994
50123 2005 DK UK M-506,ZJ995
50136 2005 DK UK M-507,ZJ996
50145 2005 DK UK M-508,ZJ997
50148 2005 DK UK M-509,ZJ998
50157 2006 DK UK M-510,ZJ999
50160 2006 DK UK M-511,ZK001
50161 2006 DK UK M-512,ZK002
50162 2006 DK UK M-513,ZK003
50165 2006 DK UK M-514,ZK004
50222 2009 DK UK M-515,ZK160
50223 2009 DK UK M-516,ZK161
50224 2009 DK UK M-517,ZK162
50225 2009 DK UK M-518,ZK163
50226 2009 DK UK M-519,ZK164
50227 2009 DK UK M-520,ZK165

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