AgustaWestland eh.101

EH101 Mk.413


ASH Amphibious Support Helicopter for Italian Navy

List of Operators of AgustaWestland EH101 Mk.413

From Organisation with model EH101 Mk.413
italy Marina Militare Italiana
    eh.101 22 2001/   

Construction Numbers on database of EH101 Mk.413


Construction Numbers

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50146 IT MM81633 : Marina 2-18, 410006/UTY
Air Centric Personnel Recovery Operatives Course (APROC+
50150 IT MM81634 : Marina 2-19, 410007/UTY, c/n to be confirmed; 12jan07 p+
50154 IT MM81635 : Marina 2-20, 410008/UTY, c/n to be confirmed
Jun18 pictured (pic2) as 1Grupelicot /2-20 at APROC 2+
50156 2009 IT MM81636 : Marina 2-21 410009/UTY; 12jan07 pictured with 1 Gruppo +
Jun15 at Italian Blade in Viterbo; UTI/ASH type
4 C/N.