Gyrodyne DSN / QH-50 DASH

DSN-1 / QH-50A


Powered by a single 72 HP Porsche engine, the DNS-1 was the droned version of Gyrodynes optimized XRON-1 Rotorcycle which had a 20 rotor diameter. The Navy ordered nine DNS-1 airframes [DS-1000 to DS-1008] under Contract NOas 59-0219-c, BASIC. These airframes were used for technical evaluation and systems development to test the Landing Assist Device (LAD); an aid to landing helicopters on rolling pitching ship decks.

List of Operators of Gyrodyne DSN-1 / QH-50A

From Organisation with model DSN-1 / QH-50A
usa US Navy
    DSN / QH-50 DASH 762 1960/70

Construction Numbers on database of DSN-1 / QH-50A


Construction Numbers

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DS-1000 1960 US 001000 : Gyrodyne DNS-1 / QH-50A, c/n DS-1000, ff1960; del USN a+
DS-1001 1960 US 001001 : Gyrodyne DNS-1 c/n DS-1001, ff Apr60; del USN as DNS-1 +
DS-1002 1960 US 001002 : Gyrodyne DNS-1 c/n DS-1002, ff May60; del USN as DNS-1 +
DS-1003 1960 US 001003 : Gyrodyne DNS-1 c/n DS-1003, ff Jun60; del USN as DNS-1 +
DS-1004 1960 US 001004 : Gyrodyne DNS-1 c/n DS-1004, ff?; del USN as DNS-1 00100+
DS-1005 1960 US 001005 : Gyrodyne DNS-1 c/n DS-1005, ff?; del USN as DNS-1 00100+
DS-1006 1960 US 001006 : Gyrodyne DNS-1 c/n DS-1006, ff?; del USN as DNS-1 00100+
DS-1007 1960 US 001007 : Gyrodyne DNS-1 c/n DS-1007, ff?; del USN as DNS-1 00100+
DS-1008 1960 US 001008 : Gyrodyne DNS-1 c/n DS-1008, ff (manned) Mar60; del USN +
9 C/N.