Gyrodyne DSN / QH-50 DASH

DSN-2 / QH-50B


After initial success with the 9 DNS-1 prototypes, the Navy ordered three Aircraft [N-200 to N-202] under Contract NOas 59-0219-c, Amendment 1. These aircraft wer epowered by two Porsche YO-95-6 gasoline engines and also carried one Mk 43 homing torpedo. The DNS-2 were to qualify the DASH specifications and to serve as the test bed for the QH-50Cs automatic flight control system including shipboard checkout of LAD up to sea state 3. Administratively redesignated QH-50B in Oct 1962. All three airframes were stored for many years and scrapped in 2002.

List of Operators of Gyrodyne DSN-2 / QH-50B

From Organisation with model DSN-2 / QH-50B
usa US Navy
    DSN / QH-50 DASH 762 1960/70

Construction Numbers on database of DSN-2 / QH-50B


Construction Numbers

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N-200 1960 US N-200 : Gyrodyne DNS-2 c/n N-200, ff?; accepted USN as DNS-2 N-+
N-201 1960 US N-201 : Gyrodyne DNS-2 c/n N-201, ff?; accepted USN as DNS-2 N-+
N-202 1960 US N-202 : Gyrodyne DNS-2 c/n N-202, ff?; accepted USN as DNS-2 N-+
3 C/N.