Sikorsky S-70 H-60

S-70A-27 Black Hawk


export SAR version for the Hong Kong Government Flying Service

List of Operators of Sikorsky S-70A-27 Black Hawk

From Organisation with model S-70A-27 Black Hawk
usa Sikorsky Helicopters
    S-70 H-60 1974/   
hong kong Royal Hong Kong Auxiliary Air Force
    2 1992/93
hong kong Government Flying Service
    S-70 H-60 3 1993/02
usa BHH Leasing Llc.
    S-70 H-60 3 2004/   
Construction Numbers on database of S-70A-27 Black Hawk


Construction Numbers

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70-1825 1992 HK HKG-22 : HKAAF HKG-22 d/d 02mar93, ferry serial VR-HZI, reser B-+
HK VR-HZI : GFS ex HKG-22 rereg B-HZI
HK B-HZI : Hong Kong HKG-22
US N80586 : Sikorsky 09oct03-May05; flew back from HK on An-124 RA+
US N135BH : Bhh Leasing at Pensacola, FL from May05
70-1835 1992 HK HKG-23 : HKAAF HKG-22 d/d 1993, ferry serial VR-HZJ, reser B-HZJ+
HK VR-HZJ : GFS ex HKG-23 rereg B-HZJ
HK B-HZJ : Hong Kong HKG-23
US N80459 : Sikorsky Oct03-May05
US N136BH : Bhh Leasing at Pensacola, FL from May05
70-2127 1995 HK VR-HZK : GFS rereg B-HZK
HK B-HZK : Hong Kong 1993-2003
US N80584 : Sikorsky Oct03-May05
US N137BH : Bhh Leasing at Pensacola, FL from May05
3 C/N.