Enstrom 480


Derived from 280


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C/NBuilt asYearHistory
5006 1995 US N911WF : USA, to C-GYRP
CA C-GYRP : York Regional Police (YRP) /Air1 May00-Sep02
CA C-GZVB : Eurocopter Canada Oct02-Jul03
CA C-GZVB : Rede-Choppers Investments at Lethbridge, AB Jun/Aug 20+
US N911WF : Greenery Llc at Wilmington, DE
5022 1996 BF XT-480 : Burkina Faso, reser XT-BOK
XT-BOK : Burkina Faso
UK G-TRUD : Ardore Ltd Feb01-Jan02
Sussex Aviation Jan02-Aug11
BG LZ-VID : Fortuna Air, Bulgaria; w/o 09sep16 Cherna skala, near K+
5034 1998 UK G-IGHH : George Henry Harding Housemakers Dec98-Jan04; private J+
Axecroft Ltd Jan06-Nov07
Raw Sports Ltd from Nov07; w/o 09sep15 at Church Farm, +
5035 US N8630X : to N704G
US N704G : Bell Farms Inc at Wilmington, DE from Mar01; expired Ma+
5052 480B 2003 US N480MS : 2008-09 Netherlands
Rac Services Inc at Dover, DE from Apr11
May/Aug 2014, sold Enstrom 480B 2003, King Color Moving+
5076 480B 2005 ZA ZS-RCU : South Africa, to UK as ?
US N480EA : Eahot Inc Trustee at Wilmington, DE from Jan16
03may16 pictured at Denham
5078 480B US N480PD : Enstrom 2005
ZA ZS-RXC : South Africa from Mar05
5079 480B 2005 US N305RB : Eagle Helicopters & Aviation Inc at Laverne, CA
Ocean Reef at Wimberley, TX Apr/Sep 2007
Century London Llc at Houston, TX Sep07-May09
Joda Llc at Chesterfield, MO Aug10-Dec14
Aerointer SRL at Fayetteville, GA from Dec14
04feb14 at Puntacana, Dominican Republic
5080 480B 2005 US N480PD : At Heli-Expo 2008, Houston TX, 24-26 Feb. Plaquemines +
US N480PD : Enstrom, conv Guardian type; 11feb12 pictured at HeliEx+
US N571QX : Great Lake Exploration Inc at Menominee, MI from Apr12
5083 480B 2005 UK G-TRYX : Eastern Atlantic Helicopters Ltd Jul/Aug 2005; Atryx A+
UK G-TRYX : 28sep11 pictured (top) at Helitech 2011, Duxford, UK
16sep13 pictured (bot) at Shoreham
CZ G-TRYX : DSA at Kbely, Czech Rep from Jun14
5084 480B 2005 UK G-ENHP : Eastern Atlantic Helicopters Aug/Sep 2005
UK G-ENHP : private at Salisbury from Sep05
07oct15 pictured at London Helitech 2015
04Oct17 pictured (pic2) at Excel London for Helitech 20+
5085 480B 2005 BR PR-ECF : Brazil, to N669EM
US N669EM : Bringer Corp at Doral, FL Sep/Dec 2010
AV8 Inc at Dover, DE from Jan11; 11feb12 pictured at He+
5086 480B 2005 US N102FT : Family Tree Corp at Denver, CO 2011
JP JA727D : Abiko Sangyo from Apr13
5098 480B 2006 IN VT-DEP : Venture Aviation, India, to N307RL
US N307RL : New Course Aviation at Golden, CO from Nov13
29dec14 at Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic
Aug16 now based heliport near Punta Cana Airport. All b+
5101 480B 2006 US N420LE : 30jun12 Pasadena Police IMPACT, at Hansen Dam Park
5110 480B 2007 US N480W : Bank of Utah Trustee at Salt Lake, City from Jul07
US N480W : w/o 10may17 in mountainous area near Fundres, Bolzano, +
5120 480B US N480PP : N480pp Inc Trustee at Wilmington, DE from Mar09
16sep13 pictured at Shoreham, UK
5135 480B 2010 US N883CH : JMH Helicopters at Dripping Springs, TX from Dec10; 11f+
US N117PM : Herzog Aviation at Portland, OR from May14
5136 480B 2011 US N9575 : Enstrom
TH 5136 : RTA d/d Aug.2011 ; ex N9575
5137 480B 2011 US N9609 : Enstrom
TH 5137 : RTA d/d Aug.2011 ; ex N9609
5138 480B 2011 US N4924 : Enstrom
TH 5138 : RTA d/d Aug.2011 ; ex N4924
5140 480B 2011 US N4824 : Enstrom; to RTA
TH 5140 : RTA; ex N4824
5157 480B 2013 US N480PD : Enstrom from Sep13
5164 480B US N491ZE : Enstrom Jun13, to LV-FQP
AR LV-FQP : CCREP, Puerto San Martín, Santa Fe, Argentina
30sep13 pictured (pic1) at Rosario airport during engin+
13aug14 pictured (pic2) at inauguration of Police helip+
5165 480B US N460EH : Enstrom, Jun13
AR LV-FQO : Cooperativa de Trabajos Portuarios Ltda (CCREP), Puerto+
19may14 pictured at Rosario
5239 ON SALE 2017 US N486SH : Sharkeys Helicopters at West Lebanon, NH from Feb17
th-480b 2011 JP 62351 : JGSDF JG-2351 d/d 11mar11
th-480b JP 62352 : JGSDF JG-2352 d/d Nov11
th-480b JP 62353 : JGSDF JG-2353 Nov12
th-480b JP 62354 : JGSDF JG-2354 Nov12
th-480b JP 62355 : JGSDF JG-2355 Dec12
th-480b JP 62356 : JGSDF JG-2356 Dec12
th-480b JP 62357 : JGSDF JG-2357 Jan13
th-480b JP 62358 : JGSDF JG-2358 May13
th-480b JP 62359 : JGSDF JG-2359 Oct13
th-480b JP 62360 : JGSDF JG-2360 Oct13
th-480b JP 62361 : JGSDF JG-2361 Oct13 /SU
th-480b JP 62362 : JGSDF JG-2362 Nov13 /SU
th-480b JP 62363 : JGSDF JG-2363 Nov13 /SU
th-480b JP 62364 : JGSDF JG-2364 Nov13 /SU
th-480b JP 62365 : JGSDF JG-2365 Jan14 /SU
th-480b JP 62366 : JGSDF JG-2366 Jan14 /SU
th-480b JP 62367 : JGSDF JG-2367 Mar14 /SU
th-480b JP 62368 : JGSDF JG-2368 May14 /SU
th-480b JP 62369 : JGSDF JG-2369 May4 /SU
th-480b JP 62370 : JGSDF JG-2370 May14 /SU
th-480b JP 62371 : JGSDF JG-2371 Oct14 /SU
th-480b JP 62372 : JGSDF JG-2372 Oct14 /SU
th-480b JP 62373 : JGSDF JG-2371 Nov14 /SU
th-480b JP 62374 : JGSDF JG-2374 Nov14 /SU
th-480b JP 62375 : JGSDF JG-2375 Jan15 /SU
th-480b JP 62376 : JGSDF JG-2376 Jan15 /SU
th-480b JP 62377 : JGSDF JG-2377 Mar15
th-480b JP 62378 : JGSDF JG-2378 Mar15
th-480b JP 62379 : JGSDF JG-2379 Mar15
th-480b JP 62380 : JGSDF JG-2380 Mar15
56 C/N.

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