AgustaWestland EH101



AW101 643, Commercial VIP variant

Model News

First AW101 VVIP Delivered to Turkmenistan, 18-Apr-13 : AgustaWestland, a Finmeccanica company, is pleased to announce the delivery of the first AW101 VVIP helicopter to Turkmenistan Airlines.

List of Operators of AgustaWestland AW101 VVIP

From Organisation with model AW101 VVIP
united kingdom AgustaWestland UK
    EH101 2000/   
turkmenistan Turkmenhowayollary
    2 2013/   
nigeria Nigerian Air Force
    EH101 2 2014/   
indonesia tentara nasional indonesia angkatan udara
Construction Numbers on database of AW101 VVIP


Construction Numbers

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50241 2013 UK ZR336 : AW101 643 type for Turkmenistan
TM EZ-S714 : Turkmenistan Airliners d/d 29mar13
50243 UK ZR339 : AW101 641 AgustaWestland UK /IND 02
IND 002 ZW-4302 already IAF Scheme then Cancelled
Originally order for the Indian Air Force; pictured (p+
pictured (pic2) at Newquay
50245 2012 UK ZR337 : AW101 643 type for Turkmenistan
TM EZ-S715 : Turkmenistan Airliners d/d 16jun12; 05aug12 rtn to UK
11mar17 10:00 at 9001 ft over Leuven, Belgium heading S+
at Łódź, Poland for refueling
50248 2012 UK ZR343 : AW101 641 IND06 UK test serial AW101 Mk641 for India
IND 006 ZW-4306 already IAF Scheme then cancelled
conv to VVIP type
04sep14 pictured as transport from UK Prime Minister Da+
50251 UK ZR344 : AW101 641 IND07 UK test serial AW101 Mk641 for India as ZW-4307. +
IND 007 (ZW-4307) Primer scheme colors at Westland firm
NG 280 : Nigeria Air Force VIP Aug14
pictured (pic1) at Newquay before delivery
parked at the Diamond Hangar, Stansted Airport, London
NG NAF 543 : pictured (pic2) (pic3) unk
50252 UK ZR345 : AW101 641 IND08 UK test serial AW101 Mk641 for India
IND 008 (ZW-4308) Primer scheme colors (then cancelled)
pictured (pic1) at Newquay airport
14.49 landed at Battersea Heliport, London and stayed +
NG 281 : Nigeria VIP; w/o 24nov16 pictured (pic2); crashed on l+
6 C/N.

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