Bell 210

Derived from 205

Bell 210

The Bell 210 is a refurbished UH-1H Huey (Bell 205) fuselage fitted with Bell 212 components: main rotor hub and blades, tail rotor, main and tail rotor support structure, transmission, rotating controls, and tail boom. Powered by a Honeywell T53-517B engine (1800 Shp) has a 15 seat capacity.

First flew on December 18, 2004 and received FAA certification on July 21, 2005. Capable of fulfill law enforcement, forestry, and firefighting missions, the Bell 210 was envisioned as a cheaper solution to new built aircraft. Only 4 aircraft were completed by Bell subsidiary Edwards & Associates although the Huey II upgrade kits were sold worldwide. It was a candidate for the US Army LUH program where it lost against the EC145 (later called UH-72A Lakota)

  210 News

Bell 210 Receives FAA Certification.

21-Jul-05 - The Bell 210 received FAA certification. To be available for commercial applications by end this year. It will also compete in the the US Army s Light Utility Helicopter (LUH) program
Bell 210 First Flight

Bell 210 First Flight

21-Dec-04 - The Bell 210 completed first flight on December 18, 2004, at the Bell subsidiary Edwards & Associates, located in Bristol, TN

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Construction Numbers

C/N Built as Year History
21001 2005 US N1052L,N210TN
21002 2007 US N1064Q,N210MA
21003 2008 US N41060,N510WW
21004 2008 US N41062,N610WW

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