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    Bell VH-1N


    VIP military variant

    List of Operators of Bell VH-1N

    From Organisation with model VH-1N
    usa US Marine Corps
        6 1971/92

    Construction Numbers on database of VH-1N


    Construction Numbers

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    31618 US 158277 : UH-1N USMC; VIP in 1972 prior delivery HMX-1 VH-1N
    back to UH-1N type; 2000s with HMM-263
    stored at Cherry Point
    US ? : USAF by 2017 ?
    asg 1st HS at Joint Base Andrews; This aircraft wa+
    31619 US 158278 : UH-1N USMC; VIP in prior delivery HMX-1 VH-1N
    to HMT-303?; 2004 Yuma H&HS /5Y at MCAS Yuma, AZ
    US 158278 : , detached from NAS Guantanamo and was flown aboard USS+
    hh-1n USN, date unk pictured as HC-16 /BF-103 at NAS Pensacol+
    31636 US 158551 : hh-1n USMC HMX-1; conv to HH-1N; NAS Fallon base flight Longh+
    This aircraft is now at Battleship Memorial Park. Dan i+
    This one was a green top aircraft. Had United States Ma+
    31637 US 158552 : USMC VH-1N white top; 1973/74 pictured with HMX-1 over+
    hh-1n conv to HH-1N; to HMT-303 as /QT-412; 2009 was at AMA+
    emergency landing at Merced Muni/Macready Field. 1 fat+
    31638 US 158553 : hh-1n USMC VH-1N; conv to HH-1N; w/o 28mar02 as /DD at NAWS +
    LCdr Jason Bayer and AD-2 Charles Chaco lost their live+
    31639 US 158554 : USMC; HMX-1 VH-1N white top; 28may87 pictured (top) in +
    hh-1n conv to HH-1N unk; 20nov09 pictured (bot) as /5Y-03 res+
    Feb10 HH-1N SAR asg Yuma H&HS
    Oct11 still as MCAS Yuma SAR
    HH-1N type asg Yuma H&HS /5Y-03
    Feb15 HH-1N type Yuma H&HS./5Y-03
    still as Yuma H&HS /5Y-03 at MCAS Yuma
    31641 US 158556 : 2 May 1999 HH-1N at NAS Fallon Air Show 1999 as Base Fl+
    hh-1n USMC; VH-1N green top; conv to HH-1N; w/o 08 NAS Fallon
    31642 US 158557 : USMC; HMX-1 VH-1N white top; 1989 to AMARC
    2 May 1999 HH-1N at NAS Fallon Air Show 1999 as Base Fl+
    As of Febr 2010, assigned to Yuma H&HS as HH-1N SAR
    hh-1n conv to HH-1N rescue helo; 06may10 pictured as /5Y-05 a+
    type:HH-1N Yuma H&HS./5Y-03
    still as SAR MCAS Yuma H&HS /5Y-05
    1/48 Model Kit
    8 C/N.