Sikorsky S-70 H-60

EH-60A QuickFix


Sikorsky EH-60A QuickFix

US Army UH-60A modified for electronic warfare (EW) intended to locate, classify and disrupt enemy signal traffic. Prototype YEH-60A first flew September 1981. Tracor Aerospace eventually converted 66 airframes between April 1986 and September 1989. Upgraded as EH-60C. The EH-60B was intended to carry the Stand-Off Target Acquisition System (SOTAS) radar under the cabin but was cancelled.

List of Operators of Sikorsky EH-60A QuickFix

From Organisation with model EH-60A QuickFix
usa US Army Aviation
    S-70 H-60 1978/   

Construction Numbers on database of EH-60A QuickFix


Construction Numbers

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70-955 US 84-24019 : US Army
70-969 US 84-24022 : US Army
70-974 US 84-24023 : US Army
70-999 US 85-24465 : US Army
70-1042 US 85-24474 : US Army
17 Sep 1999, EH-60A 4/278th CAV
70-1100 US 86-24566 : US Army
70-1120 US 86-24570 : EH-60A Del US Army
17 Sep 1999, EH-60A 4/278th CAV
70-1132 1986 US 86-24572 : US Army
US N160PA : commercial Pickering Aviation at Corinth, TX from Aug18
12jun19 flown into Ardmore Airport, New Zealand after b+
Kahu Helicopters at Whakatane, NZ from Jun19
70-1189 US 87-24659 : US Army
US N160KA : commercial Unical Defense at City of Industry, CA from Aug18
70-1196 US 87-24660 : US Army
1988-? Served with 4/2 ACR; Operations Desert Shield/S+
Jun17 EH-60A type asg TN ARNG at Smyrna, TN
10 C/N.

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