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2600 1992 GL OY-HGA : Air Greenland, SE-HGA ntu
2604 1992 CH HB-XYV : Helog 1992-Mar97, test serial F-WYMC
CA C-FZTA : Questral Helicopters Ltd at Bath, ON from Mar97; at Qu+
2608 1992 US N194EH : ERA Helicopters May05
w/o 05may16 at Dog sled camp, Norris Glacier, near June+
2615 1992 US N195EH : ERA Helicopters May05
2621 1992 BE OO-AKK : Heli-Jet Co, test serial F-WYML, ex OO-XKK pictured a+
UK G-BWAZ : Bellini Aviation Apr95-Jun97; to F-GPFE
IT I-FLAG : Eli Dolomiti 2000
IT I-FLAG : Airstar 2005
AT OE-XDR : Aerial Helicopter 2006; ex I-FLAG; to SE-JKB
SE SE-JKB : Heli i Arjeplog AB from Feb07
2622 1992 US N351HW : to N851HW
US N851HW : Hospital Wing Memphis; pictured at Le Bonheur Medical+
US N851HW : w/o during flight instruction at Mesa-Falcon Field, AZ
2627 1992 IT I-GLTS : Italy 1992-2007
AU VH-LFD : Australia from Oct07; pictured at Jandakot Airport, Pe+
Rotorco Pty Ltd at Albany Creek, QLD from Aug16
2630 1992 US N352HW : Hospital Wing Memphis; pictured at Memphis-Le Bonheur +
US N852HW : from 2000
2634 1992 IT I-PRID : Italy, to N816CE
US N816CE : Southern California Edison (SCE) Dec07-Apr11, reser N81+
US N991DW : Raven Aviation at Madera, CA from May11
Apr/Jun 2016 for sale Eurocopter AS350B-2 1992; Great C+
NZ ZK-HLS : Phoenix Trading 2002 Ltd from Jul16
2635 1992 SE SE-JCB : Cassel Aero AB 1992-1999, repl by SE-JEO
CA C-FPTG : Northern Mountain Helicopters Inc at Prince George, BC +
Vancouver Island Helicopters Mar01-Jan03
CA C-FPTG : Venture Helicopters Ltd at Calgary, AB Feb03-Apr04
Hi-Wood Helicopters Ltd at Okotoks, AB from Apr04
2637 1992 CH HB-XYS : Tui Air May92-Jul97
Heli Rezia AG Jul/Dec 1997
CH HB-XYS : Heli Chablais Jan98-Nov00
NZ ZK-HNG : New Zealand Dec00-Feb01
US N170PA : Zuni Llc Mar01-Oct08
AU VH-EGF : Australia from Oct08
PG P2-EGF : Papua New Guinea, rtn to VH-JFN
AU VH-JFN : National Helicopters Pty Ltd from May14
07feb18 apparent charter to National Parks and Wildlife+
2641 1992 DE D-HWPW : Germany, to F-GMCZ
FR F-GMCZ : Corse Helicopteres Mar94-Sep00
US N814EH : CFS Air
US N814EH : Evergreen Equity Inc at McMinnville, OR Jun06-Dec07
US N814EH : GC Air Llc at Danbury, CT Dec07-Sep13
US N814EH : Helifleet 2013-01 Llc Sep13-Mar17
Keystone Aviation at Anchorage, AK Mar17-Apr18
US N814EH : Alpha Aviation at Anchorage, AK from Apr18, pictured
2642 1992 FR F-WYMO : Eurocopter, to F-GJDF
FR F-GJDF : RTE /Réseau de Transport Electricité / Airtelis; pic+
2652 1992 DE D-HWPH : HELIX Flug at Neuenstein Heliport; at Faro Airport, Po+
AT OE-XXY : Austria from Nov98; to N789MB
US N213TH : USA, to N914EM
US N914EM : Ballard Aviation at Wichita, KA
US N914EM : Eaglemed Llc at Wichita, KS Aug09-Jan16
US N344AE : Air Evac EMS Inc at O Fallon, MO from Apr16
2653 1992 US N350BZ : USA, to N974AE
US N974AE : PHI Oct94
NZ ZK-HTB : New Zealand Jan/Feb 2012
NZ ZK-HOT : The Alpine Group Ltd at Wanaka from Feb12
2654 1992 US N60662 : American Eurocopter
US N93LG : Rocky Mountain Holdings Llc at Englewood, CO
US N937AM : East West Helicopter Inc at Harrison, OH from Oct14
US N937AM : Martin County Fire Rescue (MCFR) LifeStar Jul14-2015?
2665 1992 US N911ES : Metro Aviation from Aug00
US N911ES : 2016 Baptist Health MedFlight backup aircraft; picture+
US N911ES : Metro Aviation by Dec18
2666 1992 US N99TV : to N6343Z
US N197BH : Nevada Helicopter Leasing at Henderson, NV from Dec01; +
2668 1992 UK G-BUJG : McAlpine Jun/Jul 1992
McAlpine Sep92-Mar99
UK G-HEAR : McAlpine Jul/Sep 1992
UK G-WKRD : Wickford Development Co Mar99-Feb03; Wickford Aviation +
Finlay Holdings Ltd Jan/Feb 2007
UK G-KELY : Kelly Sales and Services Donegal Ltd, Ireland Feb07-Aug+
UK G-VGMG : Arianne Developments Ltd Aug11-Feb12
pictured at Duxford for Helitech 2011
Airbourne Solutions Ltd Feb/Oct 2012
Lomas Helicopters at Lake Helicopter, Abbotsham, Bidefo+
w/o Jul16 landing accident
to USA as unk
CA C-GKIS : 6878687 Canada Inc at Plantagenet, ON from Jun19
2669 1992 DE D-HWPL : Germany, to HB-XZY
CH HB-XZY : Air Helog 1994-1995
DE D-HJOE : Heli Union 1996-1998
PT CS-HED : HeliBravo; Aug17 used in DECIF2017
2673 1992 JP JA6123 : Noevir Jan93-Dec99
CA C-GKHS : 528470 Alberta Ltd at Haines Junction, YK Feb/Jul 2000
UK G-CBHL : Bishop Avionics Ltd Jan02-Mar04
Helimac Ltd Mar04-Feb05
McRae Transport Feb/Jun 05
McRae Transport from Jun05; w/o 15sep07 Mouse Water Val+
2674 ES EC-FQH : DGT, to civ
ES EC-FQH : CoyotAir, noted 2004-2008
pictured (pic 1) at SAESA tarmac, Madrid Cuatro Vientos+
pictured (pic2) at SAESA tarmac, Madrid Cuatro Vientos+
KR HL9302 : South Korea 2008
2680 1992 US N181EH : ERA Helicopters May05
2681 1992 US N182EH : ERA Helicopters May05
2686 KR HL9181 : Korea Forest Service FP901
04oct18 at Gimpo Airport
2691 1993 US N6088B : United States Customs Service at Oklahoma City, OK from+
2699 1993 US N6095U : US Customs Service (CBP) from Oct93; w/o 29jul15 during+
2710 SE SE-JBX : to OH-HCG
FI OH-HCG : Heliflite; ex SE-JBX
2717 1993 US N72HP : OSHP Nov93-Jun06
US N810H : State of Ohio Department of Transportation from Jun06
2723 1993 US N6103X : CBP from 1993
2727 DE D-HMMW : S.P. Luftbild GmbH Sep93, test serial F-WYMT
PT D-HMMW : HeliBravo 2002
PT D-HMMW : Everjets, lsd from SP for DECIF2017; 02aug17 pictured a+
2728 1993 US N60928 : American Eurocopter
US N94LG : Rocky Mountain Holdings at Englewood, Co
US N350FS : 5 Star Grand Canyon Helicopter Tours Llc at Boulder, NV+
Discovery Helicopters at Boulder City, NV from Jan17
2738 1993 CA C-GOGL : Ministry Of Natural Resources Province Of Ontario (OMNR+
2741 1993 US N353HW : to N853HW
US N853HW : Hospital Wing, Memphis Medical Center, TN; Life Star no+
US N911KU : Topeka Air Ambulance Inc at Topeka, KS Jan05-2016; Lif+
CA C-GBXB : Héli/Express Inc at Québec, QC from Jul16
2749 1993 CA C-GOGJ : Ministry Of Natural Resources Province Of Ontario (OMNR+
CA C-GOGJ : Custom Helicopters at St Andrews, Manitoba from May11
pictured at St. Andrews Airport, MB going back into th+
2752 1993 US N183EH : ERA Helicopters May05
2766 FR F-WYMI : Eurocopter France, to I-MEDT
IT I-MEDT : EliMed Friuli, noted 2004
NP 9N-AKA : Fishtail Air from Mar12
24oct14 crash at Dolpa
ambulance; w/o 08aug16 at Betani jungle of Madanpur, Nu+
2767 1993 CA C-FHAD : Les Helicopteres Abitibi Ltee Apr94-Dec03
CA C-FHAD : AS350B2-SD2 Héli Technik Inc at Val DOr, Quebec Dec03-Feb06, SD2 t+
Héli Technik Inc Feb/Jul 2006 as C-FLUK
CA C-FLUK : Expedition Helicopters from Jul06; Jun20 still
2768 1993 US N747WB : ERA Helicopters, May05
2771 1993 US N60951 : American Eurocopter, canc Jan02
CA C-GSLY : Skyline Helicopters Feb02-Aug06
CA C-GSLY : Northern Air Support Ltd from Sep06
2773 1994 FR F-OGVR : BNP Lease Jan94-Jan00, F-GJIP ntu
UK G-BYZE : private Feb00-Aug05
NZ ZK-IAX : New Zealand 2005-?
KR HL9170 : Aero Peace, South Korea; w/o 16nov17 at Boseong-gun
2775 1994 US N71HP : OSHP Jan95-Dic19
US N271HP : NS Air Leasing Llc at Wilmington, DE from Jan20
2777 1993 US N975AE : PHI Air Medical Oct94-2013, ex N6095S
NZ ZK-HRV : The Helicopter Line Ltd, New Zealand from Jan14
pictured recovering to Glentanner heliport, beside Lak+
2781 1994 US N350PD : University of North Dakota (UND) at Grand Forks Jan/Nov+
CA C-GAVQ : Great Slave Helicopters Nov99-Jan00
CA C-GAVQ : Discovery Helicopters at Atlin, BC Jan/Jun 2000
Bailey Helicopters at Delta, BC Jun00-Jun02
CA C-GAVQ : Les Helicopteres Abitibi Ltee at La Sarre, QC Jun02-Apr+
CA C-GAVQ : Quantum Helicopters at Terrace, BC May/Jul 2010
CA C-GAVQ : Slave Lake Helicopters Jul/Nov 2010
CA C-GAVQ : Heliqwest Aviation at Sturgeon County, AB Nov10-Apr11
CA C-GAVQ : Custom Helicopters at St Andrews, MB Apr11-Jun12
CA C-FCHO : Custom Helicopters at St Andrews, MB from Jun12; Jun20 +
2789 1994 US N350EX : American Eurocopter, to N801KF
US N801KF : Kbbd Llc at Los Angeles, CA Mar05-Aug12
US N350ST : AS350B2-SD2 Soloy Aug12-Dec16, conv to AS350B2-SD2
Rota Aviation Consulting Llc at Gleenwood Springs, CO f+
2797 1994 US N351SL : Utah DPS
US N351SL : Jan/Mar 2014 for sale Eurocopter AS350B-2 1994, For Auc+
US N352FS : 5 Star Grand Canyon Helicopter Tours Llc at Boulder Cit+
Discovery Helicopters at Boulder City, NV from Jan17
2798 1994 US N352SL : Salt Lake County Sheriffs Dept, noted 1997
State of Utah from Jun01, DPS; 16dec14 damage Wayne Cou+
Jan19 still
2799 1997 AT OE-XCH : Hubi-Fly Helikopterschule GMBH at Voslau, Austria, test+
2804 1994 US N972BH : Nevada Helicopter Leasing at Henderson, NV from May03; +
2813 US N350BH : Baptist Health MedFlight / Baptist Medical Center at Li+
2814 DE D-HCOL : Meravo, test serial F-WYMI
PT D-HCOL : Everjets, lsd; as /24, operated for Portuguese Gov d+
pictured at Cachopo, Algarve
2817 1994 US N6098S : to N96LG
US N96LG : to N105HN
US N105HN : Merryl Lynch Business Financial Services at Chicago, IL+
GE Business Financial Services at Danbury, CT from Aug0+
Apr09 Charleston Area Medical Center. West Virginia Uni+
US N105HN : pictured as /LifeNet4 at Walterboro, South Carolina
US N105HN : Island Express Holding Group at Van Nuys, CA Oct17-Nov1+
US N355EX : Island Express Holding Corp at Van Nuys, CA reg Mar18 +
2823 1994 US N185EH : ERA Helicopters May05
2825 1994 UK G-PROB : McAlpine Feb/Jun 1995
UK G-PROB : Prodrive Ltd Jun95-Nov00
Proflight Ltd Nov00-Jun01
Irvine Aviation Jun01-Mar09
CH HB-ZKY : AS350B2-SD2 heliswiss Apr09-Jul12, conv to SD2 type
type SD2 Heliswiss at Bern
CH HB-ZKY : Swiss Helicopter from Jul12
2827 US N60972 : RTS Helicopter Services at Montvale, NJ Jan/May 1995
DE D-HERI : S.P. Helicopter Service GmbH Oct05
PT D-HERI : HeliBravo 2005
PT D-HERI : Everjets, lsd SP for DECIF2017; 11jul17 pictured as /42+
based at Pernes
2834 1994 CA C-GOGN : Ministry Of Natural Resources Province Of Ontario (OMNR+
2835 1994 JP JA6145 : Alpine Dec94-Dec05
US N204HN : pictured unk
US N204HN : Air Methods Mar06-Jul16
PA HP-1932HA : Panama from Jul16
2839 1994 US N187EH : ERA Helicopters May05
2843 1995 DK OY-HJC : Uni-Fly A/S 1995-1997
NO LN-ORH : Heli-Team AS; w/o 10jun02 Norsk
2844 1994 US N186EH : ERA Helicopters May05
2844 1994 US N186EH : ERA Helicopters 1994-Jun15
NZ ZK-IEP : New Zealand from Sep15
Heli Tours Ltd from Jul16
pictured at Pukaki airport
2850 1996 CA C-FWCH : Eurocopter Canada 1996
CA C-FBHC : West Coast Helicopters Maintenance & Contracting Ltd at+
Bailey Helicopters Ltd at Fort St John, BC from Dec01
2855 1995 CA C-FYCF : Eurocopter Canada May/Nov 1996
US N963SA : SAF Ltd at Lihue, HI from Nov96; Safari Helicopters, pi+
2856 1995 CA C-FXAP : Eurocopter Canada Nov95-Dec97
US N43MH : to N725SG
US N725SG : ERA Helicopters from Oct06
2865 1995 US N944PT : Eagle Helicopters at Spokane, WA; canc Aug04
ZA ZS-RZM : Starlite, ex N944PT
2873 1995 US N732AE : PHI Jan96-Dec11
US N732AE : Air Evac Services Inc, noted Dec03
CA C-GVWB : Aurora Helicopters from May12
2874 1995 US N324V : Riverbend Enterprises Inc at Idaho Falls, ID, ex N4007J
Heliblack Llc at Van Nuys, CA Jul07-Jun15
US N29HD : Helinet Aviation Services at Van Nuys, CA from Apr16
2876 1995 US N982BH : Nevada Helicopter Leasing Llc at Henderson, NV from May+
Blue Hawaiian
2878 1995 FR F-WQDC : Eurocopter re registered to F-WQDL
FR F-WQDL : Eurocopter toward PH-PLA
NL PH-PLA : POLITIE from 1995 to 2002
NL PH-PLA : Heli Holland from 2002 to 2003 to SE-JHL
SE SE-JHL : malmskogens helikopter leasing from 2003
2880 1995 FR F-WQDE : Eurocopter France
NA V5-HTJ : Namibia Police, to ZS-RWY
ZA ZS-RWY : Netcare 911
KE 5Y-EXF : Everett Aviation
TZ 5H-EXF : Tanzania (Everett?), to F-HOVH
FR F-HOVH : France by Sep15
SE SE-JPF : HeliAir Sweden AB from Feb16
2883 1995 US N613TV : KTVK TV Inc at Dallas, TX Aug07-Feb08; w/o 27jul07 mid-+
2884 1995 NL PH-PLB : POLITIE 1995-2002
NL PH-PLB : Heli Holland 2002-2003
US N884SH : SDH Capital Holdings Llc at Las Vegas, NV May03-Sep15; +
at Las Vegas, op by Sundance
US N350VA : Moro Aircraft Leasing at Two Rivers, AK from Oct15
2888 RP RP-2042 : Philippine National Police, ex RP-C2042, test serial F-+
2889 1995 US N992BH : Nevada Helicopter Leasing at Henderson, NV from Jul03; +
2902 TH 18302 : KASET
2903 1995 US N4027K : American Eurocopter
US N194BH : Nevada Helicopter Leasing Llc at Henderson, NV
US N872SH : Aris Aviation Group at Boulder City, NV from Nov14
2904 1996 US N4027Q : American Eurocopter
DK OY-HEY : Grønlandsfly, Air Greenland A/S 1996-2002
US N894NA : Roberts Aircraft Co at Cheyenne, WY Nov02-2020
US N894NA : Native Air / NextCare ambulance by 2012
US N894NA : Trans Aero Helicopter Services; 01oct18 hard landing at+
US N894NA : Howe Aviation Llc at Mesa, AZ from Mar20
2905 TH 18303 : KASET
2907 1995 US N4031L : PHI from Sep96
US N4031L : National Science Foundation op by PHi; picture near Mc+
2915 1996 UK G-BWYA : McAlpine Jun/Aug 1996
UK G-WHST : Hawkrise Ltd Oct96-Dec07
Keltruck Ltd Dec07-Apr13
Kelair (IOM) Ltd Apr13-Feb16; pictured at Tatenhill
Jan/Mar 2016 for sale Eurocopter AS350B-2 1996. Always +
Cheshire Helicopters Ltd Feb16-Jul18
at Lelystad, Netherlands, modified as a camera ship fo+
Toppesfield Ltd from Jul18
2916 1996 US N4055L : DHS CBP
2918 1996 US N4034Q : PHI op for the National Science Foundation in Antarctic+
US N4034Q : National Science Foundation at McMurdo, Antarctica op b+
US N4034Q : Air Resources Helicopters at Santa Ana, CA Jun01-Feb04
CA C-GHHV : Highland Helicopters Ltd from Apr04
2919 1996 US N4036H : PHi from Sep96
US N4036H : NSF, op by PHI; National Science Foundation titles, red+
2924 1998 FR F-OHNT : to N40584
US N40584 : ERA Helicopters from Mar12, pictured
2931 1996 US N964SA : SAF Ltd at Lihue, HI from Jan97; Safari Helicopters
2933 1996 US N4059W : United States Customs Service at Oklahoma City, OK fro+
2936 1996 US N40363 : USA, Sep96
US N4TV : Coastal Helicopters Inc for Van Nuys, CA from Dec02
at Las Vegas
NBC TV4 Channel; 17 pictured at Phoenix Deer Valley Air+
present at SCE' seminar for first responders about fl+
2946 1996 JP JA6191 : Japan, test serial F-WQDO; to N80GH
US N409EM : Ballard Aviation at Wichita, KS
US N409EM : Eaglemed Llc at Wichita, KS Aug09-Nov15
US N346AE : Air Evac EMS Inc at O Fallon, MO from Dec16
w/o at Ponca City Regional Airport, OK
2950 1996 US N4074E : American Eurocopter 1996
GL OY-HGL : Grønlandsfly, Air Greenland A/S 1997-2004
US N4074E : Roberts Aircraft Co at Granite Cannon, WY Dec04-Nov19
US N4074E : Helinet Aviation Services Llc at Van Nuys, CA from Nov1+
2952 1996 CA C-GMAN : Heli-Manicouagan Inc at Baie-Comeau, QC Mar97-Feb98
MX XA-KUZ : Pegaso ?, rtn N702EC
US N702EC : Metro Aviation from Apr08
US N911VA : South Texas Emergency Care Foundation at Harlingen, TX +
US N355GL : Garmin from Jul15
2954 1996 US N188EH : ERA Helicopters May05
2957 1996 US N350SH : Sundance Helicopters Inc Mar97-2014?
US N351HN : Heli-Parts Nevada Llc at Boulder City, NV Apr/Aug 2014
US N351HN : 5 Star Grand Canyon Helicopter Tours at Boulder City, N+
2974 1997 US N190EH : ERA; w/o 18aug13 stuck powerlines near Healy, Alaska
2976 1997 US N196EH : ERA Helicopters May05
2983 1997 US N197EH : ERA Helicopters from Dec97; w/o 17mar99; Mar03 canc as +
CA C-GSSS : 4064381 Canada Inc at Val D Or, Quebec Nov07-Apr08
Expedition Helicopters at Cochrane, ON from Apr08
2984 1997 AU VH-PHB : NSW Police from Aug99; /PolAir3
pictured at Wagga Wagga Airport
2998 1997 CA C-GAWV : Heli-Max Ltd / Heli-Max Limitee at Trois-Rivieres, QC J+
CA C-GAWV : Heli-Inter Inc at St-Honore, QC Apr98-Jun06
CA C-GAWV : Mustang Helicopters Inc at Red Deer, AB Aug06-Jun08
CA C-GAWV : Helicraft 2000 Inc at St-Hubert, QC Jul08-Jun09
Héli-Excel Inc at Sept-Iles, QC Jun09-Apr10
Heli-Inter Inc at St-Hubert, QC Apr10-Sep18
CA C-GSKV : Selkirk Mountain Helicopters Ltd at Revelstoke, BC from+
3004 1997 US N40466 : Phi 1997-2002, reser N945AE
US N945AE : Phi May02-Apr14
NZ ZK-HSO : The Helicopter Line Ltd at Queenstown, NZ from Sep14
3015 1997 US N4043L : United States Customs Service from Jun98; DHS from Jul1+
3020 1997 US N4048L : United States Customs Service from Jun98; DHS CBP from +

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