Sikorsky S-61 H-3

HH-3A Big Mother


Sikorsky HH-3A Big Mother

Search and rescue variant for the US Navy converted from SH-3A. Modifications included armor, 7.62 mm miniguns, DECK-EDGE refueling capability, external fuel tanks and all ASW equipment removed. They were extensively used during the Vietnam War to rescue downed aircrews. Used by US Navy squadrons HC-7 and HC-9.

The US Air force used their own variant, the HH-3E Jolly Green Giant, based on the S-61R.

List of Operators of Sikorsky HH-3A Big Mother

From Organisation with model HH-3A Big Mother
usa US Navy
    S-61 H-3 355 1961/09

Construction Numbers

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61-014 US 148036 : hss-2 USN, redesig SH-3A Oct62; conv HH-3A, to HC-7
Jan70 It is believed was received by HC-7 Atsugi Japan +
1975 to HC-9 until Jul90 when HC-9 was disestablished a+
sh-3h 1989 SH-3H type HS-1 /AR-421
61-091 US 149682 : hss-2 USN; conv HH-3A; 14oct83 pictured with HC-9 Protectors;+
61-165 US 149896 : hss-2 USN; conv HH-3A; 03may73 Stricken from US Navy list
61-172 US 149903 : hss-2 USN; conv HH-3A; to civ
US N51953 : Siller Helicopters; ex 149903
61-182 US 149912 : hss-2 USN; conv HH-3A; to SH-3G type
sh-3g conv SH-3G; HC-1 w/o 14oct76
61-184 1963 US 149914 : hss-2 USN; conv HH-3A
sh-3g conv to SH-3G
US N5193Y : Silver Bay Logging Inc at Juneau, AK
Aircraft Guarantee Holdings & Trust Trustee at Houston,+
Oct12 at Miri, Malaysia
21mar16 undergoing maintanence at Seletar, Singapore
61-186 1963 US 149916 : hss-2 USN; conv HH-3A CSAR variant
US N3173U : s-61t Carson from Nov10; pictured (top) after conversion to S+
US N3173U : Siller from May11
US N3173U : 18aug14 pictured (bot) with County of Los Angeles, Depa+
61-195 US 149922 : hss-2 USN; conv HH-3A; HC-9; 1990 AMARC/9H0018
61-210 US 149933 : hss-2 USN; conv HH-3A; to civ
US - : Croman; ex 149933
? : 13sep15 at White City, Oregon disassembled in yard
61-235 US 151531 : hss-2 USN; conv HH-3A; w/o 26dec72; 1985 North Island trainin+
Hit mountain. 5 onboard and all survived w/1 minor inju+
61-272 1964 US 151552 : hss-2 USN redesig SH-3A 1962, d/d 1964; 1967 pictured (pic1+
conv HH-3A type Combat Search and Rescue; asg HC-7 in V+
1976/77 pictured (pic2) as HC-9 /NW-73 at Camp Pendleto+
US N81661 : Carson Helicopters from Apr96; conv S-61A type with a m+
US N561SC : Sky Cats Puma Corp at Billings, MT from Jul07; firefigh+
61-273 US 151553 : hss-2 USN; conv HH-3A; HC-9; 22may90 AMARC/9H0017
61-292 US 151556 : hss-2 Sikorsky HSS-2 c/n 61-292, ff:?; del USN as SH-3A 15155+
13 C/N.

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