Hughes YAH-64



Hughes YAH-64

First Flew on September 30, 1975 , the Hughes YAH-64 was winner of the US Army Advanced Attack Helicopter competition (AAH). McDonnell Douglas acquired Hughes before the AH-64A production model deliveries began

Derivatives & Versions

Mc.D.D AH-64A Apache 1982 AH-64 development began under Hughes as the Model 77 in 1973. In Jan 1984, McDonnell Douglas aquired Hughes, just before AH-64A deliveries to the ...
Prototype Hughes YAH-64 first flew 30 Sep 1975 and eventually won a US Army advanced attack helicopter competition. Tandem seat, all weather, day ...

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Construction Numbers

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C/NBuilt asYearHistory
1 US 77-23258 : Hughes YAH-64 prototype

1 C/N.

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