EC.145 built in Japan

Model News

First Kawasaki BK117C2 to Japan National Police, 23-Mar-16 : Kawasaki Heavy Industries delivered the first BK117 C-2 (EC145) to the Japan National Police Agency. Will be deployed by the Kanagawa and Chiba Prefectural Polices.

Kawasaki BK117C2 to Ehime Prefecture Fire Department, 16-Mar-16 : Kawasaki delivered a BK117C2 (EC145) helicopter to the Ehime Prefecture to replace an older BK117C1. It is the 13th C2 model to be used for firefighting and disaster relief in Japan

Chunichi Shimbun Order BK117C-2, 07-Mar-07 : Chunichi Shimbun orders a BK117C-2 (EC145) helicopter, the first from a Japanese media agency

List of Operators of Kawasaki Heavy Industries BK117C-2

From Organisation with model BK117C-2
japan Keisatsu-chō
    bk117 1985/   
japan Fire and Disaster Management Agency
    bk117 1985/   
japan Japanese Newspapers and News Media
    bk117 1991/   
japan Doctor-Heli
    bk117 2000/   
Construction Numbers on database of BK117C-2


Construction Numbers

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4001 JP JA01BK : Aero Asahi d/d Nov02
4002 JP JA6910 : Kawasaki Bk.117C2; Doctor Heli
4003 JP JA117K : Kawasaki Mar02-Apr10; Central helicopter service from A+
4004 JP JA05CF : Channel 5; 03may11 pictured at Takayubaru
4006 JP JA6917 : Aero Asahi d/d Mar03
Tokai University Hospital ambulance, op by Aero Asahi C+
4008 JP JA01KF : Kawasaki City Fire Department d/d Feb05
4009 JP JA28HY : Hyogo Prefecture Emergency Management Air Corps from Fe+
4011 2008 JP JA612M : Japan FDMA, Miyagi Prefecture d/d Jan08; w/o Earthquake+
4012 JP JA05CP : Chunichi Shimbun Newspaper from Jul08; Manazuru mrks
4013 JP JA119K : Kagawa Disaster Prevention Air Corps from Oct08
4014 JP JA6923 : Doctor Heli
4015 JP JA6924 : Aero Asahi d/d May10;
JP JA6924 : Doctor-Heli
4016 JP JA298R : Ibaraki Prefecture Air Rescue from Aug10
4019 JP JA08CH : Nishi Nippon Airliners
4021 JP JA6927 : Doctor Heli
4022 JP JA32AR : Shimane Prefecture Disaster Air Corps
4027 JP JA21RH : Uchu Koku Kenkyu Kaihatsu, Chofu Feb13
4028 JP JA173A : Kawasaki Heavy Industries at Gifu Mar13
4032 JP JA21AR : Gifu Prefecture Disaster Prevention Air Corps from Aug1+
4035 JP JA33BK : Okayama City Fire Air Corps from Jan15
4036 JP JA291A : Fukui Prefecture Disaster Prevention Air Corps from May+
4037 JP JA117E : Ehime Prefecture Emergency Management Air Corps from Au+
4038 JP JA16KP : Kanagawa Prefectural Police from Oct15
4039 JP JA93CP : Chiba Prefectural Police from Dec15
24 C/N.