Aerospatiale Gazelle

SA341G Gazelle


Civil variant powered by an Astazou IIIA engine. The SA341G was the first helicopter to obtain single-pilot IFR Cat 1 approval in the US. Cabin modified to allow an additional 8in/20cm legroom for the rear passengers

List of Operators of Aerospatiale SA341G Gazelle

From Organisation with model SA341G Gazelle
germany Landespolizei
    Gazelle 1972/90
united kingdom Westland
    Gazelle 1973/   
united kingdom Newark (Notts & Lincs) Air Museum
    Gazelle 1 1999/   
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Construction Numbers

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03 1970 UK XW276 : Gazelle Built by Sud Aviation; ex F-ZWRI; prototype for evaluat+
UK XW276 : Arrived by Aug 1974, left Farnborough by 1976
to Electrical Research Association, Leatherhead on 14 J+
Back to Farnborough on 26 Feb 1979
UK XW276 :
to NEAM Usworth in Dec 1988 still there Jan 1996, still+
d/d 1999; preserved at Winthorpe
at Newark Air Museum, still there Mar 2018
1014 1973 DE D-HMTC : Polizei Nordrhein-Westfalen (NRW) from 1973 to 1989 tow+
FR F-GGPH private : ex D-HMTC airport Toussus le Noble
1020 YU YU-HBB : Soko Yugoslavia
Serbia Police, note Apr96
RU RA-1233G : w/o 19sep14 crashed in Gulf of Finland, Vasilievski Isl+
1022 1972 CF-CCZ : Canada, to N67058
JP JA9164 : Japan, to N505HA
US N505HA : USA 1994; Orange State Helicopters at Wesley Chapel, FL
Southern Aircraft Consultancy Inc Trustee at Cornwall, +
pictured at Ursel open door Fly-in 2015, Belgium
w/o crashed during take-off at Kortrijk-Wevelgem Airpo+
1042 1972 CF-BBN : Canada, to N65146
US N65146 : to C-GDUG
CA C-GDUG : Great Lakes Helicopters, noted Jul78
CA C-GDUG : Tercier Motors at Bonnyville, AB 1984; Northland Helico+
US N341AS : Avia Export Llc at Lewes, DE from Aug11
Southern Aircraft Consultancy Inc, UK from Jun13; pict+
Attended 50th anniversary fly-in at Middle Wallop
1057 1973 CF-GCE : Canada, to C-FGCE
CA C-FGCE : to N9042U
US N9042U : USA; N341NA ntu, to C-GEJE
CA C-GEJE : J T Thomas Aviation Ltd at Smithers, BC Jun87-Nov88
ES EC-EQU : Spain, test serial EC-309, to F-GOSO
FR F-GOSO : France; at Stapleford, UK
YU YU-HES : Serbia; 2012 in Tebay Cumbria, UK
1073 1973 UK G-BAZL : Westland built, registered to Westland in May 1973.
UK G-BAZL : Reg Twyford Moors Helicopters in Sep 1973
Jul 1974 at Greenham Common Air Show in Twyford Moors c+
Reg FrazAir in May 1975, exported to France in Nov 1975
FR F-BXPG : to F-BXPG; to Italy
IT I-ATOM : ex F-BXPG, to I-ATOM; intend for export to France as F-+
UK G-EZEL : Reg G-EZEL in Dec 2000; reg cancelled May 2018, to Guer+
2-GAZL : ex G-EZEL, to 2-GAZL
1087 KZ UP-LA246 : to be confirmed; w/o 25feb17 in Kazakhstan
1095 1974 DE D-HOPL : Polizei Niedersachsen, based Hannover/Langenhagen; late+
noted at Hannover airport, Langenhagen
SE SE-HUN : from 23jan03, as 2012 only Gazelle reg in Sweden; Odin +
1098 1973 UK G-BBHW : to G-IZEL
UK G-WDEV : ex G-IZEL; w/o 10jan12 at Churchfields Industrial Estat+
1110 1974 DE D-HMTD : Polizei Nordrhein-Westfalen (NRW) 1974-1988
FR F-GIGN : MTS Helicopteres Sep88-May90
US N708EZ : USA unk, to RP-C1110
RP RP-C1110 : Philippines Dec01
US N341DT : Southern Aircraft Consultancy Inc Trustee from May16
1136 1974 US N32PA : Equibank; to G-BKLU
UK G-GAZI : 20jul03 pictured at Northampton Mens Own Rugby Club in +
UK G-KANE : 2011
1138 1973 UK G-BBSI : Built at Westland c/n WA1138 ; sold Sep 1974
Sep 1974 to McAlpine Helicopters, Luton; w/o 27 Apr 197+
wreckage removed from McAlpine hangar at Luton by .
1154 1974 US N102PR : USA May75, to N700SH
US N700SH : Southern Aircraft Consultancy Inc Trustee at Penzance, +
pictured at Semmerzake ATCC Open Door, Belgium
1187 1974 US N87712 : USA 1975-1982
UK G-SFTG : Specialist Flying Training Ltd Dec82-Jan86
UK G-RALE : Malcolm Wilson (Motosport) Ltd Jan86-Sep88
UK G-GAZA : Stratton Motor Company (Norfolk) Ltd Jun92-Oct98
attended 50th anniversary fly-in at Middle Wallop
The Auster Aircraft Company Ltd from Oct98
1188 1974 US N341WC : French Aircraft Agency Inc at Ft Lauderdale, FL Jan88-N+
1225 1975 US N31PA : Savine Bussines Mach reg Feb75
General Air Transport Corp reg Feb78; May78 serial N76+
US N895SC : BT Equipment Leasing Inc reg Dec77
CA C-FBRM : Coulson Aircrane Ltd reg Jun89; ; serial F-GHGO alloca+
MC 3A-MPR : P. Ravarino reg Apr93 w/o 07apr98 crashed after roll ov+
1262 1975 US N47278 : USA, test serial F-WXFN
US N369PL : Stonewood Corporation, to C-GWLI
CA C-GWLI : Canada, to C-GTDE
CA C-GTDE : Northland Helicopters Alta at Winterburn, AB, to G-SFT+
UK G-SFTF : Specialist Flying Training Ltd at Carlisle Airport -Feb+
FR F-GDXX : France private 1987-1999
at Ceyzeriat
at Toussus Le Noble
CA C-GEPX : Auto Meilleur Ltee at Mont-Laurier, QC Apr99-Feb19
US N341ZL : Towards 2000 Inc at Burbank, CA from Mar19
1277 1976 VE YV-54CP : Venezuela, to N4491L
US N4491L : USA, canc Mar89
ZA ZS-HUR : South Africa, to G-WMAN
UK G-WMAN : private UK Aug99-Nov06
YU YU-MAN : Serbia, to HA-LFJ
HU HA-LFJ : Hungary
1294 1975 DE D-HAIR : Polizei Nordrhein-Westfalen (NRW) from 1975 to 1988/90?+
1295 1975 US N47316 : USA, test serial F-WKQH
US N444JJ : to N4QQ
US N4QQ : to N4DQ
UK G-BKLW : Helicopter Services Ltd Jan83-Apr86
UK G-MANN : International Trust Corp, Isle of Man Apr86-Jun87
Helicopters UK Ltd Jun87-Aug88
Fraser House Aug88-Sep92
First City Air Sep92-Oct02
MW Helicopters Oct02-Oct04
MW Helicopter Nov08-Jul14
UK G-MANN : private Oct04-Nov08
YU YU-HVZ : Serbia private; Sep14 pictured near Best (along highway+
1301 UK G-HTPS : ex G-BRNI; to G-OCMJ
HU HA-LFM : ex G-OCMJ; 05aug06 pictured in National Helicopter Cham+
1307 1977 US N341SC : Shamrock Coal Co at Knoxville, TN Jun77-Nov82. To Franc+
UK G-BKLV : Helicopter Services Ltd Feb83-Dec87
UK G-UTZY : Davinci Aviation Ltd Dec87-May95; M Wood Haulage Labden+
MW Helicopters Jul95-Jun98
UK G-UTZY : Goldcalm Ltd Jul98-Feb01
Animal Air Ambulance Rescue Service Ltd Feb01-Apr02
UK G-UTZY : Richer Jet Ltd Apr02-Jan04; 20jul03 pictured at Northam+
Gold Air International Ltd Jan/Mar 2004
UK G-OLDH : Air Partners Private Jets Ltd Mar04-Feb08; Gold Aviatio+
MW Helicopters from Jul12
1308 US N341JT : canc May88
CA C-FWYN : Coulson Aircrane canc Jan91
FR F-GHGU : w/o 01oct97 at Clermont-Ferrand, France
1320 US N49508 : USA, to N905X
US N905X : to N905XX
US N905XX : to F-GEHF
FR F-GEHF : France; at Toussus Le Noble; Jun98 still
YU YU-HEY : at Fishburn, Morgansfield
attended 50th anniversary fly-in at Middle Wallop
30apr19 at Leighton buzzard, lu74tb
1363 1977 RP RP-C787 : Philippines, to C-GONG
CA C-GONG : Hélibellule Inc at Blainville, QC Oct07-Aug16
US N2FW : Comanche Maverick Air Llc at Houston, TX from Aug16
1410 1977 US N49526 : USA, to C-GXTW
CA C-GXTW : Apex Helicopters at Saskatoon, SK 1977-1982
Northland Helicopters Alta Ltd at Winterburn, AB Oct88-+
Rotor Breeze Aviation Ltd at Bonnyville, AB Feb/May 199+
US N901B : Red Carpet Helicopters at Edgewater, FL 2005
ACHMAC Aviation Llc at Orlando, FL Jul06-Jul15
International Air Services Inc Trustee at Carson City, +
attended 50th anniversary fly-in at Middle Wallop
1413 1978 YU YU-HBO : Yugoslavia, to G-BRNH
UK G-BRNH : European Helicopters Sep/Nov 1989
UK G-UZEL : Nov89-Feb12, various private owners
HU HA-LFT : From Feb12, reg and based at Gamston, UK; pictured at +
1509 1978 US N401S : M W Helicopters USA 1978-2004
UK G-CDJT : MW Helicopters -Aug07
UK G-CDJT : SIMLOT, Malta Aug07-Dec11
US N340SM : Southern Aicraft Consultancy Trustee, UK from Dec11
at Zurich-Kloten, Switzerland
landed Temple Lake, Kimberley Road, Nuthall Nottingham+
23jun18 07:56 hs flying south over Milton Keynes
1584 1978 US N125ME : 1978 as N90040 ; Teufel Nursery Inc at Portland, OR. n+
US N150SF : Safe Flight Instrument Corp at White Plains, NY. noted +
US N158SF : unk, 2001-2003
US N150SF : Safe Flight Instrument Corp at White Plains, NY Nov03-M+
Lestralaur Llc at Seattle, WA Mar04-Mar12
Southern Air Craft Consultancy Inc at Suffolk, UK d/d 2+
at London Southend
12sep15 seen Doncaster Racecourse
08apr17 seen over Cheshire
27jun17 departed Leicester Racecourse
at Cheltenham Racecourse
25aug18 seen over Sheffield
27apr19 Temple lake, Nottingham, UK
30 C/N.

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