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    united kingdom Westland

    1973 to present

    Airframes assembled in UK as part of the 1967 Franco-British Agreement

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    C/NModBuiltID     In this OrgIn other Org

    1073 sa341g 1973     G-BAZL: Westland built, registered to Westland in May 1973.
    - G-BAZL: Reg Twyford Moors Helicopters in Sep 1973

    Jul 1974 at Greenham Common Air Show in Twyford Moors c+

    Reg FrazAir in May 1975, exported to France in Nov 1975

    - F-BXPG: to F-BXPG; to Italy

    - I-ATOM: ex F-BXPG, to I-ATOM; intend for export to France as F-+

    - G-EZEL: Reg G-EZEL in Dec 2000; reg cancelled May 2018, to Guer+

    - 2-GAZL: ex G-EZEL, to 2-GAZL
    1138 sa341g 1973     G-BBSI: Built at Westland c/n WA1138 ; sold Sep 1974
    1168 1974     G-BCHM: Aerospatiale-Westland SA321G Gazelle, c/n wa1168, ff:?; reg +
    Bristow G-BCHM: xfer Bristol Helicopters Ltd as G-BCHM, 28Nov83; xfer G+

    - YU-???: xfer Serbia as YU-???, 25Nov08.
    03 1970     XW276: Built by Sud Aviation; ex F-ZWRI; prototype for evaluation b+
    Ministry of Defence (MoD) XW276: Arrived by Aug 1974, left Farnborough by 1976

    to Electrical Research Association, Leatherhead on 14 J+

    Back to Farnborough on 26 Feb 1979

    Newark (Notts & Lincs) Air Museum XW276:

    to NEAM Usworth in Dec 1988 still there Jan 1996, still+

    d/d 1999; preserved at Winthorpe

    at Newark Air Museum, still there Mar 2018
    1321 ah.1 1975     XX399: ff 8 Jul 1975, dd 8 Aug 1975
    British Army XX399: AAC Gazelle AH.1 built by Westland

    noted in storage at RNAY Wroughton

    656 Sq, 9 REGT during Jul 1999

    671 Sq/D (and B) MW by Oct 2009

    AAC; stored./B

    pod noted at Bourne Park, Hurstbourne Tarrant, Hampshi+

    Royal Marines XX399: 3CBAS/E by 24 Jul 1979, 3CBAS/(C)E by Mar 1982 being ca+

    Royal Marines; 2000 847Sqn /D
    1581 ah.1 1976     XZ312: ff 8 Dec 1976, dd 24 Jan 1977
    British Army XZ312: AAC Gazelle AH.1 built by Westland

    664 Sq, 9 REGT during Jul 1999

    Pod only by Jun10

    Pod to RAF Centre of Aviation Medicine by Dec 2014
    1682 ah.1 1977     XZ338: 1st Gazelle built at Weston-super-Mare, ff 28 Oct 1977, dd 1+
    British Army XZ338: noted at HMS Raleigh on 28 Jun 1979

    ARWS / X planned to transfer to 3 CBAS but after it was+

    12+13may90 at North Weald Fighter Meet Airshow

    noted at Gutersloh.

    AAC Gazelle AH.1 built by Westland; 1998 661Sqn.

    1 REGT by 16 Jun 1999

    in flying display at RAF Cosford

    at Le Luc

    - G-CHZF: ex XZ338, to G-CHZF

    Malawi Army Air Wing MAAW-H23: sold to Malawi, via South Africa.
    1905 ht.3 1982     ZB625: 1st Gazelle of a second batch built at Oldmixon. ff Apr 1982+
    Royal Air Force ZB625: RAF HT.3

    2 FTS / N by May 1984

    2FTS. at Chivenor Air Day.

    QinetiQ ZB625: QinetiQ by 2010

    Ministry of Defence (MoD) ZB625: MoD ETPS at Boscombe Down by 2011

    - G-TSTR: The Gazelle Squadron Display Team Ltd Jun19-Oct20

    Nova Aerospace Ltd from Oct20

    pictured at RIAT 2022

    2012 ht.2 1984     ZB649: last Gazelle built by Westland at Oldmixon. dd RN on 3 Feb 1+
    Royal Navy ZB649: RN Gazelle HT.2 built by Westland; 13+14jun92 unknown s+

    RN Gazelle HT.2 built by Westland; 1994 705sqd/CU-43; t+

    London Helicopter Centres G-SIVJ: London Helicopter Centres Ltd Jun/Oct02 as G-CBSG

    Eastern Atlantic Helicopters G-SIVJ: private Oct02-Sep03

    Mandarin Aviation Sep/Oct 2003

    Eastern Atlantic Helicopters Oct03-Mar05

    - G-SIVJ: Skytrace (UK) Ltd from Mar05

    at Wolverhampton