united kingdom Newark (Notts & Lincs) Air Museum

The Museum was founded in 1967 and formally opened in its newest guise on 14 Apr 1973, although plans were being made as far back as 1964, shortly after some wreckage from a Westland Wallace has been located near RAF Cranwell. Newark Air Museum is located on the site of the ex wartime RAF Winthorpe at what is now the Winthorpe Showground. The Museum is a registered charity and most income is derived from visitors at the gates.

Model Types

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  SNIA Gazelle11999
  Westland Wessex HC.211998
  Saunders Roe Skeeter11980
  Westland Whirlwind11980
  Bristol Type 171 Sycamore11980

List of Aircraft

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Sycamore 3 12891 1949WT933 : to Newark Air Museum Jun 1980. Still there Mar 1984, Mar 1996, Ma ...
Skeeter s2/5076 1958XL764 : Sold in 1975 and displayed at Nostell Priory.
: To Newark Air Museum in Jul 1980, where it wears the code, J.
: 18Jun05 pictured at Newark Air Museum
Whirlwind HAS.7 wa263 1959XM685 : Newark museum from 1980
: wears 771 Sq / 513 at Newark Air Museum, still there Mar 2018
Sioux wa359 1965XT200 : UK AAC colours, wears code /F at Newark Air Museum, still there M ...
Wessex HC.2 wa623 1968XV728 : Sold Jun 1998 from DARA Fleetlands to Newark Air Museum and arri ...
SA330E Puma 1095 XW208 : main fuselage section arrived by lorry during Feb 2018
: Mar18 undergoing restoration at Newark Air Museum
Gazelle 03 1970XW276 : to Electrical Research Association, Leatherhead by Apr 1976
: to NEAM Usworth in Dec 1988 still there Jan 1996, still Mar 1998.
: d/d 1999; preserved at Winthorpe
: at Newark Air Museum, still there Mar 2018

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