Sikorsky S-55 H-19


The first of the five YH-19 prototypes capable of carrying ten passengers in addition to a crew of two first flew on 10 November 1949 and was characterized by a blunt-ended fuselage, which lacked the broad, triangular fillet connecting the fuselage to the tail boom which distinguished all the later series aircraft. Another characteristic of the YH-19 was the horizontal stabilizer applied to the starboard side of the tail, which was replaced in the production aircraft by two anhedral tail surfaces.

  List of Operators of YH-19

Years Model Org
1951/67 S-55 H-19 usa US Air Force

  Global Distribution of YH-19


Construction Numbers

C/N Year History
55-001 1950 US 49-2012,N2797
55-002 1950 US 49-2013
55-003 1950 US 49-2014,N68634
55-004 1950 US 49-2015,N74126
55-005 1950 US 49-2016

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