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    VH-71 Kestrel


    AgustaWestland VH-71 Kestrel

    Manufacturer designation AW101-519

    On January 28, 2005 an EH.101 US built variant known as the US101 was selected in the VXX program, to provide the US Marine Corps with a new Presidential Helicopter Replacement. More than 200 suppliers in 41 states support Team US101, led by Lockheed Martin with teammates AgustaWestland and Bell Helicopter Textron. Suppliers include some of America s leading aerospace companies, such as General Electric, ITT, Northrop Grumman, Kaman Aerospace and Palomar Products. The first VH-71A Kestrel ready to transport the President was expected to be available in 2009, with the entire fleet of 23 US101 delivered to the Marines HMX-1 squadron by late 2014.

    In 2009 the contract was terminated arguing schedule delays, performance issues and above all final cost jumping from $6.5 to $13 billion.
    On May 15th 2009 NAVAIR instructed Lockheed Martin Systems Integration to stop work on the VH-71.
    On June 1st 2009 the US Navy announced the termination of the VH-71 System Development and Demonstration (SDD) program contract for the convenience of the US government. But members of both houses of the US Congress, as well as the Italian government, are raising objections to the cancellation.
    In June 2011, nine VH-71s were purchased for $164 million by Canada for use as spare parts for its fleet of AgustaWestland CH-149 Cormorant search and rescue helicopters.

    VH-71 Kestrel News

    Team Cormorant for CH-149 Mid-Life Upgrade, 27-Jun-17 : Lonardo and IMP announce addition of CAE, GE and Rockwell Collins as industrial partners of Team Cormorant to support the modernization of the Royal Canadian Air Force’s EH101/CH-149 Cormorant fleet

    Cormorant Fleet to be Expanded with VH-71, 29-May-17 : Leonardo and IMP to support RCAF CH-149 Cormorant Mid-Life Upgrade (CMLU) including the expansion of the fleet through the conversion of AW101-519 helicopters (ex U.S. Marine One VH-71)

    Sikorsky S-92 wins Marine One contract, 07-May-14 : Stratford, Connecticut - The U.S. Navy today announced that Sikorsky Aircraft, a subsidiary of United Technologies Corp., has been selected to build the next fleet of Marine One helicopters for the Office of the President.

    Northrop-Grumman & AgustaWestland AW101, 18-Sep-12 : Northrop Grumman Corporation and AgustaWestland, a Finmeccanica company announced today that they have signed a comprehensive teaming agreement to respond to anticipated requests for both the new Air Force Combat Rescue Helicopter and the Navy’s recently announced program to develop a new “Marine One” Presidential Helicopter.

    US Presidential VXX program acquisition delayed further, 27-Feb-12 : Presidential Helicopter Acquisition: Effort Delayed as DOD Adopts New Approach to Balance Requirements, Costs, and Schedule

    01-Jun-09 - VH-71 Terminated
    15-May-09 - VH-71 Stop Work Order Issued
    10-Jan-08 - VH-71 Begins U.S. Flight Testing
    05-Jul-07 - VH-71 Presidential Helicopter Test Aircraft completes maiden flight
    17-Nov-05 - First presidential test helo arrives at Pax River
    13-Jul-05 - Presidential helo is now VH-71A
    28-Jan-05 - US101 Selected BY US Navy for Presidential Helicopter Replacement Program

    List of Operators of AgustaWestland VH-71 Kestrel

    From Organisation with model VH-71 Kestrel
    united kingdom AgustaWestland UK
        EH101 2000/   

    Construction Numbers on database of VH-71 Kestrel


    Construction Numbers

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    PP-1 2008 UK G-17-101
    PP-2 2008 UK G-17-102
    PP-3 2008 UK G-17-103
    PP-4 2009 UK G-17-104
    PP-5 2009 UK G-17-105
    TV-2 2007 UK G-17-002
    TV-3 2008 UK G-17-003
    TV-4 2008 UK G-17-004
    TV-5 2007 UK G-17-005
    9 C/N.

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