Airbus Helicopters VSR700

UAVs Derived from Guimbal Cabri G2

  • Airbus Helicopters VSR700
  • Airbus Helicopters VSR700

A light military rotary-wing tactical unmanned aerial vehicle, the VSR700 is being developed jointly by Airbus Helicopters and Helicopteres Guimbal, the original manufacturer of the civil-certified Cabri G2 helicopter from which the VSR700 is derived.

Model News

Airbus VSR700 Drone First Flight, 12-Nov-19 : #VSR700 Airbus VSR700, an unmanned helicopter developed from the Guimbal Cabri G2 as the next generation drone for naval use, completed its first flight in Southern France. A Cabri modified as an optionally piloted demonstrator first flew in 2017

VSR700 Demonstrator Flies Unmanned, 23-Dec-18 : #VSR700 The Guimbal/Airbus VSR700 completed unmanned flight at Istres airbase (BA125) in southern France to comply with future regulatory rules. Based on the Cabri G2, the demonstrator has been flying autonomously since May 2017

French Naval Helicopter Drone Demonstrator, 11-Jan-18 : France awarded contract to Airbus and Naval Group to develop a tactical helicopter drone demonstrator to be operated aboard warships

VSR700 Rotary Wing UAV, 26-Oct-17 : The VSR700 drone, based on Guimbal Cabri G2 single-engine, diesel-powered helicopter, being offered by Airbus for the new French Navy medium-sized frigates

VSR700 Demonstrator First Autonomous Flights, 19-Jun-17 : Paris Air Show 2017 The VSR700 demonstrator, a modified Cabri G2, started autonomous flight trials. The actual VSR700 prototype first flight is scheduled for 2018.

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Construction Numbers

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C/NBuilt asYearHistory
2001 Cabri G2 FR F-WBGD : Cabri G2 Cabri G2, Airbus VSR700 demonstrator
2002 Cabri G2 2017 FR F-WVSR : Cabri G2 Cabri G2, Airbus VSR700 demonstrator f/f May17 pictured+
FR F-ZWSR : Airbus VSR700 demonstrator; pictured (pic2) at BA125 +
2019 FR ? : Airbus VSR700 prototype f/f 08nov19 at a drone test cen+
3 C/N.

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