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C/NModBuiltID     In this OrganisationIn other Org

    61-807 S-61N 1978     LN-OQB: Helicopter Service, to G-BZSN
CHC Scotia G-BZSN: CHC Scotia Apr/Sep 2001

CHC Ireland EI-RCG: CHC Ireland from Sep01

Irish Coast Guard EI-RCG: Irish Coast Guard 2001-2013

- ?: USA by 2015
    61-758 s61n.mk2     LN-OQE: Helikopter Services toward EC-717
- EC-717: oct94 ex LN-OQE toward EC-FZJ

Maritime Safety Agency EC-FZJ: SASEMAR; ex LN-OQE,EC-717

    61-759 S-61N 1977     LN-OQI: Sikorsky S-61N-61, c/n 61-759, ff:? del Offshore Oil as LN-O+
    61-764 S-61N 1977     LN-OQM: Helikopter Service, noted Aug04
- LN-OQM: Sikorsky S-61N-68 reg D-HOSA ntu; WIKING d/d 11Apr77

Air Greenland OY-HGZ: Air Greenland, noted Aug06

Canadian Helicopter Corporation C-FUBW: CHC May08-Apr10

EP Aviation N408WC: Ep Aviation from Jan11
    61-776 s61n.mk2 1977     LN-OQO: Helicopter Service, to G-BXAE
CHC Scotia G-BXAE: Bond Helicopters Jan/Mar 1997,

CHC Ireland EI-MES: CHC Ireland from Mar97

Irish Coast Guard EI-MES: Ireland Coast Guard, op by CHC; 11jun11 pictured at the+

Canadian Helicopter Corporation C-GSVO: CHC from Aug12

Carson Helicopters N493RC: Carson from Jun13
    61-816 S-61N 1978     LN-OQU: Helikopter Service AS, Stavangar as S-61N LN-OQU. To G-CBKZ +
CHC Scotia G-CBKZ: CHC Scotia Apr/Oct 2002

CHC Ireland EI-CXS: CHC Ireland from Oct02

Irish Air Corps 257: Irish Air Corps, lsd from CHC

Irish Coast Guard EI-CXS: Irish Coast Guard, op by CHC

- ?: USA by 2015

- -: Mar16-Mar17, sold Sikorsky S61N 1978; SAR configured, +
    61-817 s61n.mk2     LN-ORC: Offshore Helicopters, Bergen; Helikopter Service d/d 1980; +
CHC Ireland EI-GCE: CHC Ireland

Irish Coast Guard EI-GCE: Irish coast guard, noted 2007

CHC Ireland EI-GCE: Jan14 being dismanteled with EI-SAR at Weston, Dublin
    61-361 S-61N 1966     LN-ORH: Helikopter Service, to EC-115

Maritime Safety Agency EC-FMZ: SASEMAR, pictured (pic1)

Carson Helicopters N408FS: Carson Apr/Jun 2010, N611HU ntu; conv to S-61T Triton

EP Aviation N408FS: EP Aviation from Jun10

Oct13 at FOB Shank, Afghanistan

18may16 picture (pic2) at FOB Dahlke, Afghanistan
    61-715 S-61N 1974     LN-OSJ: Helikopter Services from 01Feb74; 1999 rebrand CHC Helikopt+
Sikorsky Helicopters N53094: Sikorsky S-61N-44

Coulson Aircrane C-FLHA: Coulson Aircrane Sep/Nov 2006

Croman Corp N614CK: Croman from Dec06
    61-738 s61n.mk2 1974
    LN-OST: CHC Helikopter Service, noted 2001-2004
MidtNorsk Helikopterservice LN-OST: MidtNorsk Helikopterservice from 07feb75, S-61N-46 type

- YV-164C: Venezuela, ex LN-OST

- ZS-RXI: South Africa, ex YV-164C

- YV235T: Venezuela, noted Dec07

EP Aviation N408RC: Ep Aviation from Dec10
    61-740 s61n.mk2 1974     LN-OSU: Helicopter Service, to OY-HDO
Air Greenland OY-HDO: Greenlandair Gronlandsfly Iceland 2002, lsd from CHC He+

CHC Scotia G-CBWC: CHC Scotia Oct02-Apr03

CHC Ireland EI-CZN: CHC Ireland from May03

Irish Coast Guard EI-CZN: Irish Coast Guard 2003-2013, op by CHC

- ?: USA by 2015

- -: Mar/Sep16, sold Sikorsky S61N 1974; SAR configured ex-I+
    61-756 s61n.mk2 1976     LN-OSX: Helikopter Service; 04jul91 pictured (pic1) at Schiphol, Net+
Maritime Safety Agency EC-FVO: SASEMAR; date unk pictured (pic2)

28aug16 as /Helimer 210 pictured (pic3) in Lanzarote tr+
    61-475 s61n.mk2 1970     LN-OSZ: Helicopter Service from 30mar76; w/o 23nov77 enroute from S+
All Nippon Helicopter JA9513: All Nippon Airways 1972, Sikorsky Serial N6984R 04jan71

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Sloane AW139 Service for Isles of Scilly from 2019

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