Aerospatiale SA315B Lama
switzerland Heli Bernina AG

Del'd: 3 - 1985 to present

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YearsUnitsbold : Current base of the Unit
2011/    Heli Bernina Samedan - Engadin - St. Moritz
1985/06Heli Bernina Samedan - Engadin - St. Moritz

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C/NBuiltID     In this OrganisationIn other Org

2167     HB-XPD: sa315b Heli Bernina 1986-2002; to VT-HIM
German Local Police D-HNRW: SA318C Alouette II; Polizei Nordrhein-Westfalen 1970-19+

Aerospatiale F-WIPE: 1983 conv SA.315 Lama 2167/22

HELOG HB-XPD: Helog Apr85-Apr86, ex D-HNRW, F-WIPE

- VT-HIM: Himalayan Heli-skiing, India; ex HB-XPD; w/o 30apr03 +
2595 1980     HB-XUA: w/o 30jun06 Klosters
Mexico Government XC-DOS: Mexico Gov, to ZK-HBR

- ZK-HBR: New Zealand, to F-GHCP

- F-GHCP: Fraissinet Aviation at Lausanne Jan/Apr 1989

HELOG HB-XUA: Helog 1998 lsd, rtn
1025     HB-ZMT: HeliBernina from mar11 ex OE-OXR
Wucher Helicopter OE-OXR: Wucher c/n 1025/34 original built as SE3130 toward HB-Z+