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  • 1983 to 2000

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    List of Aircraft

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    C/NModBuiltID     In this OrgIn other Org

    2038 as332L 1983     G-PUMA: Bond Helicopters from Jan83, to CHC
    North Scottish Helicopters G-PUMA: North Scottish Helicopters, noted Jun83

    CHC Scotia G-PUMA: CHC Scotia from 2000; canc 28jan11, to Canada

    pictured at Aberdeen

    Canadian Helicopter Corporation C-GHYO: CHC from 2011, ex G-PUMA
    2075 as332L 1983     G-PUMB: Bond Helicopters from Jan83
    North Scottish Helicopters G-PUMB: 1984 North Scottish Helicopters

    CHC Scotia G-PUMB: CHC Scotia 2000-Nov10

    unk date pictured (top) at Aberdeen

    pictured (bot) at Aberdeen, Scotland

    CHC Scotia from Dec13

    Canadian Helicopter Corporation C-GJEB: CHC Nov10-Feb13

    CHC Helicopters Australia VH-LYS: CHC Australia Feb13-Dec13

    Coldstream Helicopters C-GRGJ: Coldstream Helicopters from Feb20
    2077 as332L 1983     G-PUMD: Bond Helicopters Ltd Jan83
    North Scottish Helicopters F-WXFD: North Scottish Helicopters; Jun83 as /118H still with +

    CHC Scotia G-PUMD: CHC Scotia 2000-aug08, to LN-OMK

    pictured at Aberdeen, Scotland

    Helikopter Service LN-OMK: Helikoper Service 2008-Sep10

    Canadian Helicopter Corporation C-FYPO: CHC Mar09-Dec12

    spotted in Halifax, NS

    Lloyd Helicopters VH-LYU: Lloyd Helicopters from Dec12 ( Heli-One Leasing ); Mar1+
    2091 as332L 1983     G-PUME: Bond Helicopters from Sep83, to CHC
    North Scottish Helicopters G-PUME: Managment Aviation Ltd (North Scottish Helicopters) fro+

    CHC Scotia G-PUME: CHC Scotia from 2000; pictured date unk (top) still in +

    pictured (bot) on background at Aberdeen. EC225 G-ZZSB+

    Chilean Navy 80: Naval d/d 04may12; ex G-PUME
    2018 as332L 1983     G-PUMG: Bond Helicopters from Aug83
    - F-ODOS: to G-PUMG

    CHC Scotia G-PUMG: CHC Scotia 2000-dec04

    German Federal Police (BPOL) D-HEGD: BPol, conv to AS332L1 type
    2101 as332L 1984     G-PUMH: Bond Helicopters Jun84-Oct99; 27sep95 emergency landing at L+
    North Scottish Helicopters G-PUMH: Managment Aviation Ltd (North Scottish Helicopters) Aug+

    Bristow G-PUMH: Bristow Oct99-May07

    German Federal Police (BPOL) D-HEGG: Bpol from Jun07, conv AS.332L1 type

    11dec18 15:38 EST over Frankfurt/Main

    outbound Berlin City southwards
    2170 as332L 1985     G-PUMI: Bond Helicopters Jan86, all red livery; 1999 to Bristow
    Bristow G-PUMI: Bristow 1999-2004, to PR-CFM

    Bristow 2005-28feb08

    Aborted take off from Aberdeen on 13 Oct 2006 due to fa+

    CHC Scotia G-PUMI: Sep02 noted still red livery and CHC logo

    Aeroleo Taxi Aereo PR-CFM: Aeroleo, from G-PUMI

    Bristow Helicopters Nigeria 5N-BKJ: Bristow Nigeria 2008, ex G-PUMI

    w/o 11dec09 heading to SeaBird Exploration seismic vess+

    - 5N-BKJ: Feb14, Port of Houston, Texas, USA enroute to Kansas. F+
    2123 as332L 1984     G-PUMJ: Bond Helicopters Dec89-May96, rtn to LN-OMI
    Helikopter Service LN-OMI: Helikopter Service 1984-1985

    British Airways Helicopters G-BLZJ: British Airways Jun/Oct 1985, rtn to LN-OMI

    British International Helicopters G-BLZJ: BIH Jul88-Jan89, rtn to LN-OMI

    Bristow G-BLZJ: Bristow Sep/Dec 1999, rtn to LN-OMI

    Bristow Nov12-May15; at Aberdeen, Scotland

    pictured (pic1) at Aberdeen

    12aug13 pictured (pic2) at Aberdeen

    Norsk Helikopter LN-OMI: Norsk Helikopter 2000-2009

    Bristow Norway AS LN-OMI: Bristow Norway Mar09-2012

    Airbus Helicopters UK G-BLZJ: Airbus Helicopters from May15

    2067 as332L 1983     G-PUMK: Bond Helicopters Mar90-Nov98
    Helikopter Service LN-OMF: Helikopter Service 1983-Mar90, test serial F-WXFP

    Helikopter Service Nov98-Jul99

    CHC Scotia G-PUMK: CHC Scotia Jul99-Apr04

    - G-PUMK: Heliworld Leasing Ltd Apr/May 2004

    Helikopter Service LN-OMF: CHC Helikopter Service from May04

    pictured at Aberdeen, Scotland

    at the Valhall QP platform, the North Sea, Norway

    at Stavanger-Sola
    2073 as332L 1983     G-PUML: Bond Helicopters Jul90-Nov98
    Helikopter Service LN-ODA: Helikopter Service 1983-1990

    CHC Helikopter Service Nov98-Jun99

    CHC Scotia G-PUML: CHC Scotia Jun99-Jan08

    German Federal Police (BPOL) D-HEGI: Bpol from 2008, ex G-PUML, conv AS332L1 type; 2010 pict+