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  • Aerospatiale AS332 Super Puma

    Derived from SA330 Puma

    Aerospatiale AS332 Super Puma

    Developed from the successful SA.330, the Super Puma first flew on 13 September 1978. Fitted with twin 1330kW Turbomeca Makila 1A turbine engines, composite rotor blades, improved landing gear and modified tail fin, the Super Puma has been made in short (B civ / C mil), Naval (F Frigate) and long (L civ / M mil) fuselage versions.

    From 1990 produced by Eurocopter

    AS332 Super Puma News

    HCare Support for SAF Aerogroup Super Pumas, 09-Nov-22 : European Rotors 2022 SAF Aerogroup ( ex Starlite and SAF Helicopters ) signs Airbus customer support HCare In-Service contract for fleet of four AS332 (H215) and one EC225 (H225) Super Puma helicopters

    Japan First Helicopter with Sustainable Aviation Fuel, 06-Jun-22 : #SAF Airbus and Nakanihon Air (NNK) performed Japan’s first ever helicopter flight powered with sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) . An AS332L1 / H215 Super Puma flew 30 minutes from Nagoya to Aichi Prefecture

    Japan Nakanihon Orders H215 Super Puma, 09-Sep-20 : Nakanihon Air from Japan ordered an H215 / AS332L1e helicopter for utility and aerial work. The H215 is the latest Super Puma variant equipped with a full glass cockpit with a 4-axis autopilot

    Spain Super Pumas Ready Against COVID-19, 27-Apr-20 : #coronavirus On March 2020 Spain launched Operation Balmis involving more than 57,000 troops of all branches of the armed forces to fight the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Air Force’ Super Pumas at Cuatro Vientos Madrid remains ready for medical evacuations

    Super Puma for COVID-19 Patients in Northern Norway, 10-Apr-20 : #coronavirus Norwegian operator Lufttransport using an AS332L1 Super Puma (former Icelandic Coast Guard) fitted with the EpiShuttle isolation stretcher to carry Coronavirus (COVID-19) patients in northern Norway

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    Derivatives & Versions

    atlas Oryx
    AS332B Super Puma 1979 First military version
    AS332F Super Puma 1979 Frigate, the naval anti-submarine and anti-ship version
    AS332C Super Puma 1980
    AS332L Super Puma 1980
    AS332M Super Puma 1982
    IPTN nas332 super puma 1983 License produced in Indonesia, airframes listed under Aerospatiale AS332.
    NAS332C Super Puma 1983 NAS332C produced under license by IPTN in Indonesia.
    AS332B1 Super Puma 1984
    AS332C1 Super Puma 1984
    AS332F1 Super Puma 1984
    AS332L1 Super Puma 1984 Civilian variant for 19 passengers powered by 2 Turbomeca Makila 1A1. Intialled called Mk1. Production continued as Eurocopter AS332L1 after 1992 ...
    AS332M1 Super Puma 1984
    EC Super Puma/Cougar 1992 Eurocopter inherits all Aerospatiale products in 1990. Military variants of the AS 332 Super Puma were renamed AS 532 Cougar. Rebuilt airframes ...

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