Aerospatiale AS332 Super Puma

AS332C Super Puma


List of Operators of Aerospatiale AS332C Super Puma

From Organisation with model AS332C Super Puma
oman Oman Royal Flight
    AS332 Super Puma 3 1982/05
united kingdom Bristow
    AS332 Super Puma 1982/14
denmark Maersk Air
    AS332 Super Puma 1983/99
canada CHC
    AS332 Super Puma 1984/   
kuwait al-Quwwat al-Jawwiya al-Kuwaitiya
    AS332 Super Puma 1984/??
chile Armada de Chile
    AS332 Super Puma 4 1990/   
malaysia Tentara Udara Diraja Malaysia
    1 1990/93
united kingdom Brintel Helicopters
    AS332 Super Puma 1993/01
norway Airlift AS
    AS332 Super Puma 1996/   
denmark Danish International Helicopters
    AS332 Super Puma 3 1999/02
denmark CHC Denmark
    AS332 Super Puma 5 2002/08
oman Silāḥ al-Jaww as-Sulṭāniy ‘Umān
    AS332 Super Puma 2005/   
switzerland Heliswiss International AG
    AS332 Super Puma 2008/   
australia Babcock Australia
    AS332 Super Puma 2 2013/15

iceland Landhelgisgæsla Íslands
    AS332 Super Puma
japan Aero Asahi Corporation
    AS332 Super Puma
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2001 1979 FR F-WZJK : Aerospatiale, AS.332C type, first serial Super Puma; no+
CA C-GOOH : Ontario Hydro Jul91-May98
FR F-WQDA : as332c1 Aerospatiale, reser F-WQEG, conv to AS.3332C1 type, exp+
IT I-EMEB : Alieurope 1999-2003
NO LN-OBX : Airlift 2003
06oct12 pictured (pic1) (pic2) on a North Sea Oil Rig
Mar15 repaint job at Vector Aerospace
Sep16 still at work
IS LN-OBX : Coast Guard; 2006-2009 loaned
2002 1980 CH HB-XNE : HELOG 1982-2000
CH D-HLOG : HeliTV 1998-2000;
DE D-HLOG : as332c1 Helog dd 2000. w/o 05mar07 midair collision with a DV-2+
2003 CA C-GSLH : canc 1984; w/o ?
2005 FR F-WZLB : Aerospatiale; 11jun81 pictured at LeBourget air show; t+
JP JA6777 : as332L1 Tohoku Air Service (TAS) from Dec10, AS.332L1 type; 20+
2006 FR F-WXFS : Aerospatiale; to Chile
CL 71 : as332b1 AS332B d/d jan90. w/o 11dec02. ex F-WXFK
2007 1981 AT OE-GXB : Austria, test serial F-WTNW; to N332CH
CA C-GSEM : Sealand Helicopters 1986-1988
CO HK-3197X : Colombia, noted 1985 op by Sealand Helicopters
CA C-GSEM : Canadian Helicopters Ltd 1992-jan98
EC HC-BPE : Ecuador, rtn to C-GSEM
FR F-WQDZ : as332L Eurocopter France (or heli-union), conv to AS.332L
UK G-CHCA : Brintel Helicopters Jan98-Jun99
DK OY-HEO : Danish International Helicopters from Jun99, based Esbj+
DK OY-HEO : 30sep08 pictured at Aberdeen, Scotland
CA C-FYZD : CHC May09-Aug13
CA C-FYZD : Aug13 sold to Vector Aerospace and heading to Australia
AU VH-NYX : Bond Australia Sep13-Apr15
US N707VA : Wells Fargo Bank from May15
03aug17 at Airbus Helicopters facility at WMSZB (?)
2012 CA C-GQRL : Hydra Management; ex N5789B; w/o 03oct87 crash during l+
2015 1982 CA C-GQYX : Okanagan, canc Sep88
CA C-GQYX : Canadian Helicopters Ltd 1991-Jun98; lsd to P2-PHY, HC-+
PG P2-PHY : Papua New Guinea, lsd from C-GQYX
EC HC-BOZ : Ecuador, lsd from C-GQYX
EC HC-BRH : Ecuador, lsd from C-GQYX
UK G-CHCB : Brintel Jun98-Jun99, AS332L type
DK OY-HHA : Danish International Helicopters Jul99-2002
DK OY-HHA : CHC Denmark, 2002-2008
BR PR-CHZ : BHS Taxi Aero, 2009-Sep11
CA C-GLNW : CHC Sep11-Mar12
JP JA6930 : Aero Asahi Corp from Apr12
2019 ID PK-PUF : IPTN; w/o 30apr90
2022 ID PK-PUI : IPTN; w/o 06dec90
2027 OM A4O-HB : ORF; to air force
OM 616 : Oman air force; ex ORF A4O-HB
Reduced to spares by 2012
2033 US N5795P : USA 1982-1990
CH HB-XVY : HELOG 1990-2008; conv as332c1
09sep06 at Monza Circuit, Italy
May07 at Mallorca Son Bonet, Spain
CH HB-XVY : as332c1 Heliswiss from 2008
07feb09 at Perpignan, France
27feb14 at Willemstad Hato Intl, Curacao
29may15 at Bolzano, Italy
Apr18 in Chile installaing towers to prevent avalanche+
15may18 Emley Moor, UK Temporary TV mast installation
2037 OM A4O-HC : ORF; to air force
OM 615 : Oman air force; ex ORF A4O-HC
2040 1983 DK OY-HMF : Maersk Air 1983-1996, test serial F-WTNN, G-TIGT ntu
UK G-BWWI : Bristow Sep96-Apr12
US N204VA : Wells Fargo Bank from May12
21may16 pictured stripped of parts and sitting under a +
2047 1982 US N5800Z : Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority (AEE) from Jan85
Nov12 seen California north coast
Apr17 received overhaul by Heli-One
2109 MY M36-01 : w/o 31dec93 Kampong Telok, Sg Petani, Kedah enroute fro+
2110 FR : Ground test vehicle, not registered
2117 KW 544 : Kuwait air force; w/o 27oct93
2124 KW 545 : Kuwait air force; w/o 02aug90
2126 KW 546 : Kuwait air force
2130 KW 541 : Kuwait air force
2133 KW 542 : Kuwait air force
2134 KW 543 : Kuwait air force
27 C/N.