Aerospatiale AS332 Super Puma

Derived from SA330 Puma

Construction Numbers

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C/NBuilt asYearHistory
1541 sa330b FR 1541 : sa330b AdlA; to Aerospatiale
FR F-WZAT : Aerospatiale SA.330R; conv to AS.331 prototype
2001 as332c 1979 FR F-WZJK : Aerospatiale, AS.332C type, first serial Super Puma; no+
CA C-GOOH : Ontario Hydro Jul91-May98
FR F-WQDA : as332c1 Aerospatiale, reser F-WQEG, conv to AS.3332C1 type, exp+
IT I-EMEB : Alieurope 1999-2003
NO LN-OBX : Airlift 2003
06oct12 pictured (pic1) (pic2) on a North Sea Oil Rig
repaint job at Vector Aerospace
Sep16 still at work
IS LN-OBX : Coast Guard; 2006-2009 loaned
2002 as332c 1980 CH HB-XNE : HELOG 1982-2000
CH D-HLOG : HeliTV 1998-2000;
DE D-HLOG : as332c1 Helog dd 2000. w/o 05mar07 midair collision with a DV-2+
2003 as332c CA C-GSLH : canc 1984; w/o ?
2004 as332L FR F-WIPE : Aerospatiale; conv AS.332M F-WZJN
FR F-ZBFK : as332m1 Securite Civile; to China
CN B-7953 : as332L1 China
2005 as332c FR F-WZLB : Aerospatiale; 11 pictured at LeBourget air show; to JA6+
JP JA6777 : as332L1 Tohoku Air Service (TAS) from Dec10, AS.332L1 type; s+
2006 as332c FR F-WXFS : Aerospatiale; to Chile
CL 71 : as332b1 AS332B d/d jan90. w/o 11dec02. ex F-WXFK
2007 as332c 1981 AT OE-GXB : Austria, test serial F-WTNW; to N332CH
CA C-GSEM : Sealand Helicopters 1986-1988
CO HK-3197X : Colombia, noted 1985 op by Sealand Helicopters
CA C-GSEM : Canadian Helicopters Ltd 1992-jan98
EC HC-BPE : Ecuador, rtn to C-GSEM
FR F-WQDZ : as332L Eurocopter France (or heli-union), conv to AS.332L
UK G-CHCA : Brintel Helicopters Jan98-Jun99
DK OY-HEO : Danish International Helicopters from Jun99, based Esbj+
DK OY-HEO : pictured at Aberdeen, Scotland
CA C-FYZD : CHC May09-Aug13
CA C-FYZD : Aug13 sold to Vector Aerospace and heading to Australia
AU VH-NYX : Bond Australia Sep13-Apr15
US N707VA : Wells Fargo Bank from May15
03aug17 at Airbus Helicopters facility at WMSZB (?)
2008 as332b EC E-460 : Ejercito; w/o 11abr99 near Peru border
2009 as332b CL H265 : Ejercito d/d 1982; dam 06dec84, repaired; 2010 noted; +
17 Mar 1998, seen at Aberdeen after overhaul by Bristow+
: Jan/Feb 2015 for sale Super Puma AS 332 1982 - Military+
2010 as332b EC E-461 : Ejercito from 1982; 2000s refurbished in France as AS53+
27sep15 pictured (pic1) during referendum at Manga Del +
Feb17 pictured (pic2) in Pastaza Province supporting in+
2011 as332b EC E-462 : Ejercito; 2013 still
2012 as332c CA C-GQRL : Hydra Management; ex N5789B; w/o 03oct87 crash during l+
2013 as332b AE 121 : Navy; ex F-WTNN
2014 as332b FR 2014 : AdlA PN
2015 as332c 1982 CA C-GQYX : Okanagan, canc Sep88
CA C-GQYX : Canadian Helicopters Ltd 1991-Jun98; lsd to P2-PHY, HC-+
PG P2-PHY : Papua New Guinea, lsd from C-GQYX
EC HC-BOZ : Ecuador, lsd from C-GQYX
EC HC-BRH : Ecuador, lsd from C-GQYX
UK G-CHCB : Brintel Jun98-Jun99, AS332L type
DK OY-HHA : Danish International Helicopters Jul99-2002
DK OY-HHA : CHC Denmark, 2002-2008
BR PR-CHZ : BHS Taxi Aero, 2009-Sep11
CA C-GLNW : CHC Sep11-Mar12
JP JA6930 : Aero Asahi Corp from Apr12
2016 as332L 1982 US N6017L : noted 1988
US N170EH : ERA May-Dec 2005, ex N170ED, to G-CDTN
UK G-CDTN : CHC Dec05-Sep07, to D-HEGF
DE D-HEGF : BPol from 2007; conv AS332L1; ex N170EH,G-CDTN
2017 as332L 1982 CA C-GSLC : Sealand Helicopters, canc jan90
EC HC-BNC : Ecuador, rtn to C-GSLC
CA C-GSLC : Canadian Helicopters Ltd Oct/Nov 1990
Canadian Helicopters Ltd Oct94-Oct95
EC HC-BQJ : Ecuador, rtn again to C-GSLC
UK G-BWHN : Brintel Helicopters oct95-jun99
DK OY-HDT : Danish International Helicopters from Jul99
DK OY-HDT : CHC Denmark, canc 2008, based Esbjerg
DE D-HEGU : Bpol AS332L1 type from 2008, ex OY-HDT
27apr18 pictured at Berlin ExpoCenter Airport (BECA)
2018 as332L 1983 FR F-ODOS : to G-PUMG
UK G-PUMG : Bond Helicopters from Aug83
UK G-PUMG : CHC Scotia 2000-dec04
DE D-HEGD : BPol 2004, conv to AS332L1 type; May18 still
2019 as332c ID PK-PUF : IPTN; w/o 30apr90
2020 nas332c ID PK-PUG : IPTN c/n NSP2/2020
ID PK-PUG : Pelita Air Service at Pondok Cabe
2021 nas332c ID PK-PUH : IPTN c/n NSP3/2021
ID PK-PUH : Pelita Air Service at Pondok Cabe
: at Falcon Field Airport, Mesa, AZ for auction as proje+
2022 as332c ID PK-PUI : IPTN; w/o 06dec90
2023 as332L 1982 UK G-TIGB : Bristow Jan82-Aug07
AU VH-BWJ : Bristow Australia from Sep07
AU VH-BWJ : Fuselage hulk at Yalca North, East of Echuca, Vic, Aust+
2024 as332L 1982 UK G-BJYH : Bristow Mar/Apr 1982, test serial F-WTNJ
UK G-TIGC : Bristow from Apr82
pictured at Bristows Heliport, Dyce Airport ,Aberdeen +
25mar15 noted on lowloader at Newbury a34
AT ? : Tirol Helicopters Mayrhofen Austria by Dec19
2025 as332b EC E-463 : Ejercito; w/o 19aug95
2026 as332L 1982
FR F-WXFC : Manufacturer test serial; to UK
UK G-BJYI : Mar 1982 reg to Bristow; transferred to G-TIGD
UK G-TIGD : 15 Apr 1982 reg to Bristow Helicopters at Redhill
4 Jul 1983 departed NW Hutton platform for Aberdeen
Bristow d/d Apr82; w/o at Aberdeen Airport
I was one of the responders
2027 as332c OM A4O-HB : ORF; to air force
OM 616 : Oman air force; ex ORF A4O-HB
Reduced to spares by 2012
2028 as332L 1982 UK G-TIGE : Bristow Apr82-May15
02jun06 pictured (pic1) at Aberdeen
05mar07 pictured (pic2) again at Aberdeen
str at Norwich
picture at Norwich
pictured (pic3) departing by road from Norwich after a+
UK G-TIGE : Airbus Helicopters UK May/Dec 2015; wfu
UK G-TIGE : Feb16 preserved on display at the International Helicop+
pictured (pic4) at International Helicopter Museum.
2029 as332b AE 122 : Navy; ex F-WXFW
2030 as332L 1982 UK G-TIGF : Bristow Apr82-Nov12
UK G-TIGF : Vector Aerospace Ireland Nov12-Aug13
Vector Aerospace Ireland Nov14-Aug16
at Fleetlands flying around the Solent
PE OB-2065-P : Andes lsd Sep13-2014, to Canada
ZA ZT-RCG : Starlite from Sep16
2031 as332b ES HD.21-3 : EdA 803Esc 803-3; Sept03 participated in exercise Volca+
Sep16 still as 803-3
pictured training medevac at Santander
2032 as332L 1982 UK G-TIGG : Bristow Apr82-Apr12
1988 pictured (top) with G-TIGM ferried to Bangladesh t+
17Jan05 pictured (bot) at Aberdeen, Scotland
US N203VA : Well Fargo Bank from 08may12
Dec13 noticed at Mavana air support
2033 as332c US N5795P : USA 1982-1990
CH HB-XVY : HELOG 1990-2008; conv as332c1
at Monza Circuit, Italy
at Mallorca Son Bonet, Spain
CH HB-XVY : as332c1 Heliswiss from 2008
at Perpignan, France
at Willemstad Hato Intl, Curacao
at Bolzano, Italy
in Chile installaing towers to prevent avalanches at +
15may18 Emley Moor, UK Temporary TV mast installation
2034 as332L 1982 UK G-TIGH : Bristow d/d Apr82; w/o near Cormorant A platform, East+
2035 as332b ES HD.21-4 : EdA 1982; 2016 802 Esc
2036 as332L 1982 UK G-TIGI : Bristow Apr82-Mar06
MY 9M-BEM : Bristow Malaysia Mar06-Jun07
AU VH-BZC : Bristow Australia from Jul07
2037 as332c OM A4O-HC : ORF; to air force
OM 615 : Oman air force; ex ORF A4O-HC
2038 as332L 1983 UK G-PUMA : Bond Helicopters from Jan83, to CHC
UK G-PUMA : North Scottish Helicopters, noted Jun83
UK G-PUMA : CHC Scotia from 2000; canc 28jan11, to Canada
pictured at Aberdeen
CA C-GHYO : CHC from 2011, ex G-PUMA
2039 as332b ES HD.21-1 : EdA 802-01, test serial EC-ZAA; Escuadron 802; w/o 05no+
2040 as332c 1983 DK OY-HMF : Maersk Air 1983-1996, test serial F-WTNN, G-TIGT ntu
UK G-BWWI : Bristow Sep96-Apr12
US N204VA : Wells Fargo Bank from May12
pictured stripped of parts and sitting under a tarp at+
2041 as332b AE 123 : Navy; ex F-WXFX
2042 as332L 1982 UK G-TIGJ : Bristow Apr82-Jun92
Bristow Jun98-Nov12
pictured (pic1) at Norwich
AU VH-BHT : Bristow Australia Jul92-May98
UK G-TIGJ : Vector Aerospace Ireland Nov12-Oct13
PE : Andes lsd
ZA ZT-RCF : Starlite from Sep16; pictured (pic2) at Perpignan, Fra+
2043 as332b AE 124 : Navy; ex F-WTNW
2044 as332L 1982 UK G-TIGK : Bristow d/d Apr82; w/o hit by lightning over North Sea
2045 as332L 1982 UK G-TIGM : Bristow Apr82-2004
1988 with G-TIGG ferried to Bangladesh to support flood+
AU VH-BZU : Bristow Australia 2004; ex G-TIGM; 02feb06 picture at E+
Apr13 flying passengers between Port Moresby, Papua New+
2046 as332L DK OY-HMG : Maersk Air 1983-1996
UK G-BWMG : Bristow 1996-2004
Bristow Jan/May 2015
NG 5N-BGP : Bristow Nigeria 2004-2014
Delivered direct to Vector Aerospace, Fleetlands from +
UK G-BWMG : Airbus Helicopters from May15; 20Apr16 noted at Vector +
UK G-BWMG : at fleetlands heliport, Vector Aerospace
did a couple of approaches at BOH this afternoon. Stil+
at Lanzarote, Canary islands, Spain orange/yellow live+
ML TZ-22H : Mali Air Force; 29dec16 on delivery flight in France
2047 as332c 1982 US N5800Z : Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority (AEE) from Jan85
Nov12 seen California north coast
Apr17 received overhaul by Heli-One
2048 as332L 1983 NO LN-OMD : Helikopter Service 1983-1997, test serial F-WXFA
CA C-GTCH : Cougar Helicopters Apr97-Nov06
CA C-GOSE : CHC Nov06-Sep13; to Vector Aerospace
AU VH-NYV : Bond Australia Sep13-2015
US N748VA : Wells Fargo Bank from May15
2049 as332b AE 125 : Navy; ex F-ZKCG
2050 as332L 1982 UK G-TIGL : Bristow from 1982 to 2004 toward D-HEGO
DE D-HEGO : BGS from 2004 to 2005; BPol from 2005; conv AS332L1
as332L1 type:AS332L1 100 years celebration Marineflieger
maintenance? at Stavanger, Norway
2051 as332b ES HD.21-5 : ex F-WXFA. to EdA.
EdA. w/o 20sep85
FR F-WXFA : Manufacturer test serial; to Spanish Air Force.
2052 as332b1 AE 126 : Navy; ex F-ZVMK
2053 as332L 1983 NO LN-OME : Helikopter Service 1983-1991, test serial F-WMHF
DK OY-HMH : Maersk Air 1991-1999
NO LN-OAW : CHC 1999-
AU VH-LHD : Australia May00-2006?
pictured (pic1) on arrival in Darwin, still in Maersk +
NO LN-OAW : CHC by Jun06
VH-LHD : United Nations Timor, op by CHC
pictured (pic2) in Darwin apart to depart for service +
AU VH-URY : Lloyd Helicopters Dec12-2017
in Australia working out of Truscott Airfield for Tota+
NO LN-OAW : CHC Helikopter Service from Mar17; Redningstjenesten (S+
Feb19 still
pictured (pic3) at Kristiansund
2054 as332b ES HD.21-2 : EdA 803-2; 25jul10 pictured (pic1) during the V Festiva+
pictured (pic2) at Albacete, ISAF mrks
asg 803 Esc participant in the International SAR meet+
Feb/Aug 2015 with 802 Sqn; Sep16 still as 803-2
2055 as332b ES HD.21-6 : EdA; 402Esc.
w/o 25sep07 803Esc in Badghis, Afghanistan
2056 as332L 1983 UK G-TIGN : Bristow d/d Feb83; w/o 22may89 Hong Kong, flew into a h+
2057 as332b FR 2057 : AdlA /PO; 1982-1998 asg ETOM 82 at Mururoa
pictured (top) during overhaul at Heli-Union, Paris
pictured (middle and bot) on static display at Evreux-+
EH01.044 /PO flew in parade Quatorze Juillet 2013
ES HD.21-15 : Ejercito del Aire from 2017; conv H215 for SAR 801 / 8+
2058 as332L 1982 CA C-GSLA : Toronto Helicopter Ltd at Markham, Ontario; Jun89 canc
BR PT-HRM : Brazil, rtn to C-GSLA
US N171EH : ERA Helicopters May/Nov 2005
UK G-CDSV : CHC Scotia Dec05-Feb09
AU VH-LOF : CHC Australia from 2009
CA C-GVCS : Coldstream Helicopters from Feb20
2059 as332L 1984 UK G-TIGW : Bristow Feb84-Feb99
AU VH-BHH : Bristow Australia from Mar99
2060 as332L 1984 UK G-TIGX : Bristow d/d Feb84; Oct84 to C-GQLS
CA C-GQLS : Universal Helicopters; w/o crashed at St. Johns Airp+
2061 as332L 1983 UK G-TIGO : Bristow d/d Feb83; Jun01 loan PP-MIM; Aug01 rtn; Apr08 +
09may06 pictured at Aberdeen
BR PP-MIM : Jun-Aug 2001 in Brazil, lsd from G-TIGO
AU VH-BYV : Bristow Australia from Apr08, ex G-TIGO
2062 as332b ES HD.21-7 : EdA 1982; 802 Esc, pictured unk; w/o 22oct15 40m SW off+
2063 as332L 1983 CA C-GSLE : Toronto Helicopters, canc Aug89
Canadian Helicopters Ltd, canc Sep90
Canadian Helicopters Ltd Mar/Sep 1995
UK G-BSOI : Bristow Sep90-Aug93, ex C-GSLE; pictured at Aberdeen, +
UK G-BSOI : Brintel Aug93-Feb95, to CHC
Brintel Oct95-Jan01
UK G-BSOI : CHC Scotia Jan01-Feb02, to Denmark, Mar02 rtn UK, to A+
DK G-BSOI : CHC Denmark Feb02
AU VH-LHJ : Lloyd offshore Helicopters from Apr02
AU VH-LHJ : CHC Australia from Feb05; LLoyd Offshore Helicopters no+
: Feb18 to be parted out and scrapped in Norway
2064 as332L 1983 UK G-TIGP : Bristow d/d Mar83; loan to CITIC; 2005 to VH-BZF
CN G-TIGP : 2003 loan from Bristow; to VH-BZF
AU VH-BZF : Bristow 2005; ex G-TIGP
2065 as332b ES HD.21-8 : EdA 1982; Sep16 still 802 Esc
2066 as332b ES HD.21-9 : EdA; S332B type asg 802Esc
2003 803 Esc 803-9; Sep16 still
2067 as332L 1983 NO LN-OMF : Helikopter Service 1983-Mar90, test serial F-WXFP
UK G-PUMK : Bond Helicopters Mar90-Nov98
NO LN-OMF : Helikopter Service Nov98-Jul99
UK G-PUMK : CHC Scotia Jul99-Apr04
UK G-PUMK : Heliworld Leasing Ltd Apr/May 2004
NO LN-OMF : CHC Helikopter Service from May04
pictured at Aberdeen, Scotland
at the Valhall QP platform, the North Sea, Norway
at Stavanger-Sola
2068 as332b ES HT.21-1 : EdA 402-10 VIP; conv to SAR
ES HT.21-01 : 05/08Oct15 as /803-13 at TLP 2015-3 in Albacete
AS332B1 type, asg 803Esc, pictured at Base Aerea San +
2069 as332L 1983 CA C-GSLJ : Sealand Helicopters, canc Jan90
BR PT-HRN : Brazil, rtn to C-GSLJ
EC HC-BNB : Ecuador, rtn to C-GSLJ
CA C-GSLJ : Canadian Helicopters Dec90-Jul91
US N189EH : ERA Jul/Oct 1991
UK G-BUZD : Brintel Nov93-Aug00
UK G-BUZD : CHC Scotia Aug00-May11
CA C-FCPM : CHC May11-Jun16; canc
2070 as332b 1983 AR AE-525 : Ejercito 70 "Teniente Primero Garcia", test serial F-WK+
2071 as332L 1983 FR F-WTNW : Aerospatiale to G-TIGR
UK G-TIGR : Bristow helicopters Mar83 to Nov05, ex F-WTNW to D-HEGT
pictured at Aberdeen, Scotland
DE D-HEGT : Bpol; conv AS332L1
as332L1 23 Bundespolizei
2072 as332b 1983 AR AE-526 : Ejercito 72 "Teniente Merani"; 05oct86 pictured (pic1) +
As of sep09 for overhaul at Heli Union at Toussus Le No+
23apr12 arrived at Buenos Aires port after 3 years in F+
01may14 pictured (pic3) at Buenos Aires
Aug16 video at Uspallata, Mendoza during Ejercicio Bice+
2073 as332L 1983 NO LN-ODA : Helikopter Service 1983-1990
UK G-PUML : Bond Helicopters Jul90-Nov98
NO LN-ODA : CHC Helikopter Service Nov98-Jun99
UK G-PUML : CHC Scotia Jun99-Jan08
DE D-HEGI : as332L1 Bpol from 2008, ex G-PUML, conv AS332L1 type; 2010 pict+
2074 as332L 1983 NO LN-OLA : Helikopter Service, test serial F-WTNI
NO LN-OLA : AS Lufttransport
CA C-GVCH : Cougar Helicopters May02-Jul07
CA C-GOSI : CHC Jul07-Feb14
US N377MS : 2011-Feb12, rtn to C-GOSI
KY VP-CHO : CHC Cayman Islands from Feb14; reg to be confirmed, no+
at Seaforth Docks in Liverpool England now waiting to+
17:50hs has left Seaforth Docks and is now at Liverpoo+
12hs pictured landed at Budapest-Ferihegy and left the+
landed at Tuzla, Romania for offshore operation
, to be scrapped at Heli-One in Stavanger, Norway
2075 as332L 1983 UK G-PUMB : Bond Helicopters from Jan83
UK G-PUMB : 1984 North Scottish Helicopters
UK G-PUMB : CHC Scotia 2000-Nov10
unk date pictured (top) at Aberdeen
pictured (bot) at Aberdeen, Scotland
CHC Scotia from Dec13
CA C-GJEB : CHC Nov10-Feb13
AU VH-LYS : CHC Australia Feb13-Dec13
CA C-GRGJ : Coldstream Helicopters from Feb20
2076 as332b ES HD.21-10 : EdA 802-04
w/o 19mar14 Esc802 during night training 31m SE Morro J+
2077 as332L 1983 UK F-WXFD : North Scottish Helicopters; Jun83 as /118H still with +
UK G-PUMD : Bond Helicopters Ltd Jan83
UK G-PUMD : CHC Scotia 2000-aug08, to LN-OMK
pictured at Aberdeen, Scotland
NO LN-OMK : Helikoper Service 2008-Sep10
CA C-FYPO : CHC Mar09-Dec12
spotted in Halifax, NS
AU VH-LYU : Lloyd Helicopters from Dec12 ( Heli-One Leasing ); Mar1+
2078 as332L UK G-TIGT : Bristow 1983-2008 to VH-BXZ
AU VH-BXZ : Bristow 2008; ex G-TIGT
2079 as332L 1983 CA C-GSLK : Sealand Helicopters 1983-12aug89
US N172EH : ERA Aviation at Anchorage, AK Jul/Dec 1989
CA C-GCHI : Canadian Helicopters Ltd Jan/Feb 1990
UK G-BRWE : Bristow Feb90-Jul91
AU VH-BHX : Bristow Australia from 1991; Oct15 still
Dec15 last Bristow AS332 in service
2080 as332f ID PK-XSE : IPTN; to Indonesian Navy
ID HU-440 : TNI-AL
2081 as332b ES HT.21-2 : EdA 402-11 VIP; conv to SAR
ES HT.21-02 : 05/08Oct15 as 803-14 at TLP 2015-3 in Albacete
2082 as332L 1983 NO LN-OLB : Helikopter Service, test serial F-WKQA,
Helikopter Service, to G-CIOI
DK OY-HMJ : Maersk Air 1996-1999
UK G-CIOI : Vector Aerospace from Mar15
DE D-HBGL : GHS 2016
2083 as332L 1983 NO LN-OLC : Norsk, test serial F-WKQB, LN-ONE ntu
Norsk 1996, to G-CEYJ
JP JA6782 : ITC Aerospace Japan, rtn to LN-OLC
UK G-CEYJ : Bristow Dec07-Sep08
AU VH-BYT : Bristow Australia from Sep08, noted May
2084 as332L1 US N58025 : Aerospatiale USA, test serial F-WKQB
US N721SW : Golden Nugget Casino, noted May84
07sep17 hit by objects thrown by crowd at Oaxaca airp+
2085 as332m AE 127 : Navy; VIP; ex F-WTNV
2086 as332L 1983 UK G-TIGS : Bristow d/d Mar83
2087 as332L 1983 US N58023 : USA, to N77GY
US N25AN : Trump Airlines, VIP ~1990
FR F-WQEP : Eurocopter France, reserial F-WQDU
UK G-CHCC : Brintel / BIH Aug98-Aug00
FR F-WYMR : Eurocopter France, AS332L1 type
CN B-7959 : CITIC noted jun08
2088 as332b 1983 AR AE-527 : Ejercito 88 "Sargento Segura" d/d sep86; out of service+
2089 as332L 1984 UK G-TIGY : Bristow Aug/Dec 1984
CA C-GQCO : Okanagan 1984-1988; lsd Universal Helcptopters Newfound+
JP JA9690 : Aero Asahi Mar00
landing incident at Toyama Airport. no damage
2090 as332m AE 128 : Navy; VIP
2091 as332L 1983 UK G-PUME : Managment Aviation Ltd (North Scottish Helicopters) fro+
UK G-PUME : Bond Helicopters from Sep83, to CHC
UK G-PUME : CHC Scotia from 2000; pictured date unk (top) still in +
pictured (bot) on background at Aberdeen. EC225 G-ZZSB+
CL 80 : Naval d/d 04may12; ex G-PUME
2092 as332L 1984 CA C-GSLO : Sealand Helicopters Ltd 1984-Jul87
EC HC-BMZ : Ecuador, to G-BRXU
UK G-BRXU : Bristow 1990-1991, to VH-BHV
Bristow 1995-2004, to 5N-BGO
Bristow from Dec12; at Aberdeen, Scotland
pictured at Aberdeen
str at Norwich
AU VH-BHV : Bristow 1991-1995
NG 5N-BGO : Bristow Nigeria 2004
2093 as332b FR 2093 : AdlA; 1982-1998 ETOM 82 at Mururoa
1998 based at BA114 Aix les Milles at return of Tahiti
5jun05 Istres air show unit unknown./PP

Oct11 pictured (pic1) as /PP
May15 asg EH01.044 /PP
pictured (pic2) as /PP with Santé Armées (Service de+
ES : Ejercito del Aire from 2017; conv H215 for SAR 801 / 80+
2094 as332f ID PK-XSF : IPTN; to Indonesian Navy
ID HU-441 : TNI-AL
2095 as332L 1984 FR F-WMHF : Aerospatiale, G-PUMG ntu
US N5803C : ERA, noted 1985
JP JA9660 : reg 1987; Nakanihon Air Service from 1992
2096 as332L 1984 UK G-TIGU : Bristow Jan84-Aug99
AU VH-BHK : Bristow Australia from aug99; 2011 still; wfu
2097 as332L JP JA9635 : Asahi; w/o 26sep10 at Yaku-shima Island, Kagoshima Pref+
2098 as332f ID PK-XSG : IPTN; to Indonesian Navy
ID HU-442 : TNI-AL; w/o oct87
2099 as332L 1984 UK G-TIGV : Bristow Jan84-Jan89,
NO LN-OPF : Norsk Jan89-Jan91
UK G-TIGV : Bristow Jan91-Aug95
NO LN-ONC : Norsk Aug/Nov 1995
UK G-TIGV : Bristow Nov95-Mar96
NO LN-ONC : Norsk Mar96-Jun98
UK G-TIGV : Bristow Jun98-Jul12
UK G-TIGV : Vector Aerospace Ireland Jul/Nov 2012 (maint)
UK G-TIGV : Bristow Nov12-Apr14
logged 29807 total flight hours
pictured (pic1) at Aberdeen
UK G-TIGV : Vector Aerospace Apr14-Nov19
18apr18 10:50hs flew over Bognor Regis, West Sussex, UK
CA C-FFCL : Horizon Helicopters Ltd at Whitehorse, YK from Jan20
conv to FireCat for firefighting; pictured (pic2) arriv+

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