united kingdom Bond Aviation Group

Bond Aviation Group
Bond was founded in 1961 and first entered the offshore market in 1972.
They own North Scottish Helicopters
From 1994 merged with Norwegian Helikopter Service
From 1999 part of CHC Scotia when they bought Helikopter Service
From 2011 part of Avincis Group
On 2013 opens Australian subsidiary
May 2014, parent company Avincis bought by Babcock International

April 2016, Bond rebrand to Babcock Mission Critical Services

  Units within this Organisation

Bond Air Services
Bond Offshore Helicopters20012016

helicopter   Model Types

AW AW18920152016
AH H145 / EC145T220152016
AH H135 / EC135T320152016
Sikorsky S-9220132016
AW AW13920112016
EC Super Puma/Cougar20012016
EC AS365 Dauphin 220012016
EC EC13520002016
SNIA AS332 Super Puma19832000
SNIA SA365 Dauphin 21981
MBB Bo1051977??

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