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united kingdom Bond Offshore Helicopters

Bond Aviation Group

Bond Offshore Helicopters Bond Aviation Group

In addition to their regular flights on the North Sea, since 2006 they operated two dedicated, specially-modified Eurocopter Super Puma AS332L2 Mark II helicopters made available under a long-term contract with BP to provide 24-hour airborne search-&-rescue and medical evacuation for its workforce in a unique UK North Sea system known as Jigsaw.

On April 2016, rebrands to Babcock Mission Critical Services Offshore

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  News about Bond Offshore Helicopters

Babcock Received Two Brand New S-92

Babcock Received Two Brand New S-92

07-Jun-16 - An Antonov An-124 delivered two S-92 helicopters to Babcock Mission Critical Services Offshore from the Philadelphia plant to Glasgow Prestwick Airport and then continued by road to Aberdeen
Bond Launched Aberdeen New Route Via Sumburgh

Bond Launched Aberdeen New Route Via Sumburgh

16-Dec-15 - Bond Offshore Helicopters launched new service to take passengers to offshore Oil and Gas facilities in the Northern North Sea from Aberdeen via new facilities at Sumburgh Airport, Shetland.
Bond Offshore Launches New SAR Service

Bond Offshore Launches New SAR Service

09-Dec-15 - Bond Offshore Helicopters has launched a new service that allows sick or injured passengers, now including those who can’t wear a lifejacket, to be brought back to shore by helicopter.
Bond Wins Contract from PSE Kinsale in Ireland

Bond Wins Contract from PSE Kinsale in Ireland

28-Nov-15 - Bond has agreed a new five-year contract with PSE Kinsale Energy for offshore helicopter support in Ireland
Heli-One to Perform Bond Helicopters H225 Check

Heli-One to Perform Bond Helicopters H225 Check

01-Sep-15 - Norway s Heli-One, CHC s maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) division, has been chosen by Bond Offshore Helicopters for the EC225LP / H225 G-REDR 9,000 hour G check.
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2001/16Aberdeen / DyceEGPD
??/16Norwich AirportEGSH

helicopter   Models

Years Models
2012/16 S-92
2011/16 AW139
2001/16 Super Puma/Cougar
2001/16 AS365 Dauphin 2

Bond Offshore Helicopters List of helicopters

C/N VersionBuiltIn this Org In other Org
2955 h225 2015 G-CIWF : Bond Offshore Helicopters Nov15-Apr16
Airbus Helicopters Germany D-HTIN
Babcock International G-CIWF
31322 aw139 2011 G-PERA : Bond Offshore Helicopters from Mar11 at Aberdeen, on lsd from Era Group
: Bond Offshore Helicopters; 05 pictured (pic1) at Norwich
ERA Helicopters N819JA
Babcock International G-PERA
ERA Helicopters N819JA
41261 aw139 2011 G-PERB : Bond Offshore Helicopters from May11, on lsd from Era Group pictured at N+
AgustaWestland USA N389SH
Babcock International G-PERB
ERA Helicopters N615DJ
41270 aw139 2012 G-PERD : Bond Offshore Helicopters Mar12; Dyce, Aberdeen
: Bond Offshore Helicopters from 31may13, based at Norwich
AgustaWestland USA N359SH
Norsk Helikopterservice LN-OEA
Babcock International G-PERD
Offshore Helicopter Services G-PERD
2818 ec225lp 2011 G-PUMR : Bond Offshore Helicopters Ltd Jan/Sep 2012, test serial F-WJXN
Milestone Aviation G-PUMR
Omni Taxi Aereo PR-OHH
Air Center Helicopters N554AC
6879 as365n3 2009 G-REDE : Bond European Aviation Oct09-Sep12; Bond Offshore Helicopters Sep12-Aug13
Heli-Union F-HUAJ
6884 as365n3 2009 G-REDF : Bond from Oct09; Bond Offshore Helicopters from Sep12
Babcock International G-REDF
6907 as365n3 2010 G-REDG : Bond Offshore Helicopters reg May10; 21 pictured (pic1) at Norwich
Babcock International G-REDG
Heligo Charters Pvt VT-HLM
6911 as365n3 2010 G-REDH : Bond Offshore Helicopters from May10
Babcock International G-REDH
2608 as332l2 2004 G-REDJ : Bond Offshore Helicopters from May04
Babcock International G-REDJ
2610 as332l2 2004 G-REDK : Bond Offshore Helicopters from Jun04, test serial F-WWOM
Babcock International G-REDK
Babcock Spain EC-NBR
2612 w/o 2009 as332l2 2004 G-REDL : Bond Offshore Helicopters from Jul04; w/o 01apr09 crash aprox 11 nm North +
2614 w/o 2021 as332l2 2004 G-REDM : Bond Offshore Helicopters from Jul04
Babcock International G-REDM
Babcock Spain EC-NBT
2616 as332l2 2004 G-REDN : Bond Offshore Helicopters from Aug04, test serial F-WQDH
Babcock International G-REDN
2622 as332l2 2005 G-REDO : Bond Offshore Helicopters Sep05-Apr16; "Jigsaw" SAR aircraft
Eurocopter France F-WWOH
Babcock International G-REDO
2634 as332l2 2005 G-REDP : Bond Offshore Helicopters Nov05-Apr16; "Jigsaw" SAR aircraft, pictured
Eurocopter France F-WWOB
Babcock International G-REDP
Babcock Spain EC-NPO
2699 ec225lp 2008 G-REDR : International Aviation leasing Ltd from Jun08; op by Bond Offshore Helicop+
Babcock International G-REDR
Babcock Spain EC-NSK
2701 ec225lp 2008 G-REDT : Bond Offshore Helicopters at Aberdeen in red livery Sep08-2016
Babcock International G-REDT
2732 ec225lp 2009 G-REDV : Bond Offshore Helicopters Jun09-May15, test serial F-WWOH, red livery; 20+
ERA Helicopters N781TC
Air Center Helicopters N781TC
Air Center Helicopters N510AC
2734 Scrapped ec225lp 2009 G-REDW : Bond Offshore Helicopters Aug09-Feb15, test serial F-WJXQ; 11may12 made a +
Eurocopter France F-WJXQ
Airbus Helicopters France
31398 aw139 2012 G-VINB : Bond Offshore Helicopters from 31oct12; pictured at Norwich
Babcock International G-VINB
31478 aw139 2013 G-VINC : Bond Offshore Helicopters d/d Apr13 leasing from LCI, test serial I-RAII
: pictured based at Norwich for Bond Offshore Helicopters operating in non-+
AgustaWestland Italy I-RAII
Lease Corporation International -
Babcock International G-VINC
Babcock Australia VH-NLT
92-0006 s-92 2004 G-VIND : Bond Offshore Helicopters from Jun14
PHI Inc N192PH
Babcock International G-VIND
Offshore Helicopter Services G-VIND
92-0008 s-92a 2004 G-VINF : Bond Offshore Helicopters 09/22 Dec14; return to N292PH; Bond from Apr15
PHI Inc N292PH
- N292PH
Babcock International G-VINF
Offshore Helicopter Services G-VINF
Heli-One LN-ODB
92-0207 s-92a 2013 G-VING : Bond Offshore from Nov13, test serial N207RJ
Babcock International G-VING
Milestone Aviation G-VING
92-0220 s-92a 2013 G-VINI : Bond Offshore Helicopters Mar/Jun 2014; pictured (pic1) on delivery by An-+
Sikorsky Helicopters N220Q
- N220Q
Norsk Helikopterservice LN-OEE
Babcock International G-VINI
Offshore Helicopter Services G-VINI
41355 aw139 2013 G-VINJ : Bond Offshore Helicopters from Dec13
AgustaWestland USA N605SM
Lease Corporation International -
Babcock International G-VINJ
Babcock Australia VH-NLU
92-0223 s-92a 2013 G-VINK : Bond Offshore Helicopters from Apr14
- N223P
Babcock International G-VINK
Macquarie Rotorcraft G-VINK
Lider Taxi Aereo PR-JKK
92-0226 s-92a 2013 G-VINL : Bond Offshore Helicopters from May14
Sikorsky Helicopters N226Z
Babcock International G-VINL
Lider Taxi Aereo PR-JKM
2942 h225 2014 G-VINM : Bond Offshore Helicopters from Feb15
Babcock International G-VINM
Milestone Aviation N594AC
Air Center Helicopters N594AC
92-0182 s-92a 2012 G-VINP : Bond Offshore from Jun15
Sikorsky Helicopters N982P
Norsk Helikopterservice LN-OED
Babcock International G-VINP
Offshore Helicopter Services G-VINP

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