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    Oil & Gas

    PHI Inc

    Established 1949 by Robert Suggs in Lafayette, Louisiana to support the offshore oil and gas industry. Nowadays they also provides Aeromedical services, pilot training and aircraft maintenance operating more than 250 aircraft of which, over 155 belongs to its oil and gas segment.
    With a broad range of joint ventures, partnerships and strategic alliances they has already operated in 43 countries including Australia, Israel, etc
    In 2017 became PHI International when PHI Inc acquired HNZ New Zealand Ltd (HNZ)

    List of Helicopter Operators

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    Rotary Wing Aircraft UnitCreatedDisband
        PHI Offshore1949 --
        PHI Air Medical1981 --
        Restructuring2019 2019

    Model Types

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      Kaman KARGO UAV2024
      AH H160 2023
      AH H145 / EC145T22017
      AH as3502015
      AW AW1392010
      EC EC1452010
      EC EC1352005
      Sikorsky S-922004
      Bell 407 1996
      EC AS350 Ecureuil1992
      Bell 4121981
      SNIA SA330 Puma1977??
      Sikorsky S-76
      Sikorsky S-62A
      Bell 206
      MBB Bk117

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