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PHI Inc S-92

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PHI S-92 Real-Time HUMS by Metro Aviation, 07-Mar-17 : Heli-Expo 2017 Outerlink Global Solutions, a Metro Aviation company, announced that a PHI’s S-92 demonstrated in-flight, real-time Health and Usage Monitoring Systems (HUMS) data to its operations control center

HNZ / PHI Joint Venture in Australia, 01-Dec-16 : PHI will supply up to four S-92 helicopters for offshore services out of Broome in Australia for the INPEX-led Ichthys LNG Project.

PHI first Rig Approach customer flight in S-92, 13-Nov-13 : BOOTHVILLE, La. and HOUMA, La. - Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation and PHI Inc. announced today the completion of the first operational flights of the new "Rig Approach" system, a first of its kind functionality on the S-92 helicopter that provides helicopter operators with an automated approach to offshore rigs and platforms.

PHI Reaches 20K Fleet Hours with S-92, 03-Dec-07 : LAFAYETTE, Louisiana - Sikorsky Aircraft Corp. customer PHI, Inc. achieved 20,000 fleet hours with the Sikorsky S-92® helicopter. Sikorsky Aircraft is a subsidiary of United Technologies Corp.

Sikorsky Honors PHI as First S-92 Operator to Reach 10K Fleet Hours, 16-Nov-06 : LAFAYETTE, Louisiana - Sikorsky Aircraft Corp. today celebrated a milestone by PHI, Inc., as the Louisiana-based company became the first operator in the world to achieve 10,000 fleet hours with the Sikorsky S-92 helicopter. Sikorsky Aircraft is a subsidiary of United Technologies Corp.

First Production S-92 Heads to Work, 23-Sep-04 : The first production Sikorsky S-92 helicopter begins offshore operations for PHI in the Gulf of Mexico


YearsUnitsbold : Current base of the Unit
2004/    PHI Offshore Phi Harahan Heliport
Amelia Heliport
Phi Fourchon Base Heliport
Sabine Pass PHi
Port OConnor PHI Heliport
Theodore PHI Heliport
PHI Intracoastal City Heliport

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C/NModBuiltID     In this OrganisationIn other Org

    92-0006 2004     N192PH: PHi 2004-Jun14, conv to S-92A
Bond Aviation Group G-VIND: Bond Offshore Helicopters from Jun14

20feb15 at Aberdeen, Scotland

Babcock International G-VIND: Babcock Mission Critical Services Offshore Ltd from Apr+
    92-0008 s-92a 2004     N292PH: PHi 2004-2014
- N292PH: Bond Offshore Helicopters; Nov14 at Aberdeen, Scotland

Bond Aviation Group G-VINF: Bond Offshore Helicopters 09/22 Dec14; return to N292PH+

16jun15 pictured (pic1) at Aberdeen, Scotland

18jun15 pictured (pic2) at Aberdeen, Scotland

08aug16 at Aberdeen

Babcock International G-VINF: Babcock Mission Critical Services Offshore Ltd from Apr+
    92-0015 2005     N392PH: PHi 2005
    92-0016 2005     N492PH: PHi 2005
    92-0027 s-92a 2005     N592PH: Petroleum Helicopters 2005
    92-0028 s-92a 2005     N692PH: Petroleum Helicopters 2005
    92-0037 s-92a 2006     N792PH: Petroleum Helicopters 2006
    92-0038 s-92a 2006     N892PH: Petroleum Helicopters 2006
Sikorsky Helicopters N8092S: Sikorsky, to N892PH
    92-0073 s-92a 2007     N921PH: PHI Jan08-Aug15
Canadian Helicopters Ltd C-GNZV: Canadian Helicopters Ltd from Aug15; HNZ titles PHI liv+
    92-0067 s-92a 2007     N921PH: Petroleum Helicopters 2007, to N465VL
Evergreen Helicopters N465VL: Vertilease Llc at Billings, MT from Oct07; Op by Evergr+

nov09 at Dubai International
    92-0096 s-92a 2008     N922PH: PHi from Nov11
Canadian Helicopters Ltd C-GNZH: Canadian Helicopters Ltd from Aug15; HNZ titles PHI liv+
    92-0104 s-92a 2009     N923H: PHI from Dec16
    N923PH: PHI 2009-2016
HNZ Australia Pty Ltd VH-IPK: HNZ Australia from Jan17; Jan17 arrived by sea as N923+
    92-0116 s-92a 2009     N924PH: PHI Aug09-Dec16
    N924R: PHI from Dec16
HNZ Australia Pty Ltd VH-IPX: HNZ Australia from Mar17; Dec16 arrived by sea as N924+
    92-0118 s-92a     N925PH: PHI from Sep09
    92-0121 s-92a     N926PH: Petroluem Helicopters 2009
    92-0122 s-92a 2009     N927PH: PHi , test serial N2148A
    92-0149 s-92a 2011     N928PH: PHI Inc from Oct11
Sikorsky Helicopters N149LY: Sikorsky 2011

- N928PH: Wells Fargo Bank Northwest
    92-0151 s-92a 2011     N929PH: PHi from Jan12; 11feb12 pictured at HeliExpo 2012, Dallas, T+
Sikorsky Helicopters N2199M: Sikorsky 2010
    92-0160 s-92a 2011     N930PH: PHi from from Jan12
Sikorsky Helicopters N160H: Sikorsky 2011
    92-0161 s-92a 2011     N931PH: Phi from Jan12
Sikorsky Helicopters N161U: Sikorsky 2011
    92-0164 s-92a 2011     N932PH: Phi from Mar12
Sikorsky Helicopters N194V: Sikorsky 2011
    92-0165 s-92a 2011     N933PH: PHi from Apr12
Sikorsky Helicopters N165U: Sikorsky 2011
    92-0178 s-92a 2012     N935PH: PHi from Oct12
Sikorsky Helicopters N178F: Sikorsky 2012
    92-0180 s-92a 2012     N936PH: PHi
Sikorsky Helicopters N980A: Sikorsky 2012
    92-0201 s-92a 2013     N937PH: PHi from May13
    92-0202 s-92a 2013     N939PH: PHi from May13
    92-0206 s-92a 2013     N940PH: PHi from Oct13, ex N206YL
    92-0210 s-92a 2013     N941PH: PHi from Oct13, ex N210FD
    92-0217 s-92a 2013     N942PH: PHI Inc from Nov13
Sikorsky Helicopters N217Y: Sikorsky 2013
    92-0218 s-92a 2013     N943PH: PHI Inc from Nov13
Sikorsky Helicopters N218PY: Sikorsky
    92-0238 s-92a 2014     N944PH: PHI, test serial N238WT
    92-0246 s-92a 2014     N945PH: PHI, test serial N246EC
Sikorsky Helicopters N246EC: Sikorsky toward N945PH
    92-0252 s-92a     N946PH: BB&T Equipment Finance Corp Feb15; PHI offshore
    92-0256 s-92a 2014     N947PH: PHI, test serial N256G
Sikorsky Helicopters N256G: Sikorsky toward N947PH
    92-0260 s-92a     N948PH: PHI, test serial N260LC
    92-0264 s-92a     N949PH: PHI, test serial N264D
    92-0274 s-92a 2015     N950PH: PHI, test serial N274Z
    92-0293 s-92a 2015     N951PH: US Bank NA from Jul16, test serial N293Q; PHI offshore
    92-0055 s-92a 2007     N992PH: PHi from Aug07, test serial N4502G
Canadian Helicopters Ltd C-GNYZ: Canadian Helicopters Ltd from Aug15; HNZ titles PHI liv+

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