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    Able to Overhaul PHI Bell 206 and 407, 16-Mar-15 : Able Aerospace Services and PHI Inc have signed agreement assigning all of PHI’s Bell 206L and 407 component overhaul and exchange work to Mesa, Arizona-based Able.

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    C/NModBuiltID     In this OrgIn other Org

    45356 206l-1 1980     N1071B: PHI Jan90-Apr94, to Venezuela
    - YV-897C: Venezuela, to CC-CNB

    - CC-CNB: Helifire Chile; w/o 30oct13 hit powerlines during aeria+
    45415 206l-1 1980     N10814: PHI
    - YV542T: Venezuela, rtn N10814

    GM Leasing N10814: GM Leasing Co at Broussard, LA by 2006; Jan19 still
    314 206a     N1408W: PHI; conv 206B; 1985 to UK
    - C-GWDH:

    - ZS-HMV:

    - G-BLZN: 1985-2011 several owners; to G-SUET

    Aerospeed Ltd G-SUET: Aerospeed Ltd from 30Mar11

    - G-SUET: 16 pictured at Norwich
    192 206a 1968     N143PA: Bell 206A cn192 ff:?; xfer Petroleum Helicopters as N143PA, +
    51130 206l-3 1985     N205FC: reg Mar85; Phi Inc at Lafayette, LA by Jul02
    State of Louisiana N205FC: Arrow Aviation Company Llc at Broussard, LA Oct14-Dec15

    GM Leasing N205FC: GM Leasing Co Llc at Broussard, LA from Dec15
    45721 206l-1 1982     N20898: PHI Jan00-Feb07
    Grant Kenny Aviation VH-TMA: Grant Kenny Aviation Mar/Oct 2007

    McDermott Aviation VH-FUY: McDermott Aviation Oct07-Apr13?

    - VH-RLU: Australia unk Apr13-Jun15

    - VH-TWO: Ausjet Helicopters Pty Ltd at St Essendon Fields, VIC f+

    pictured (pic1) at Wagga Wagga Airport

    pictured (pic2) at Wagga Wagga Airport
    51131 206l-3 1985     N214PH: Phi Inc, test serial N4835
    - N206UK: Orlando Aircraft Sales Llc at Orlando, FL Nov16
    51575 206l-3 1992     N215PH: PHI; ex XA-SFW
    SACSA XA-SFW: SACSA; ex N5096N; to N53119
    51556 206l-3 1992     N225PH: PHI Inc Jun96-Jul16
    Niagara Helicopters C-FLYG: Niagara Helicopters Mar93-Jun96, test serial N206LL; to+

    - N225RH: San Juan Aviation Llc at Wilmington, DE Jul16-Jul18

    Solar Sky Aviation Llc at Bellevue, WA from Jul18

    working in Vernon, BC
    51540 206l-3 1991     N231PH: PHI from Jul02
    45279 206l-1 1979     N2764F: PHI Inc Oct94-Jul06
    McDermott Aviation VH-FUQ: McDermott Aviation from Feb07
    45411 206l-1 1980     N306PH: PHI Air Medical Apr02-Oct14; N606PH ntu
    - YV-908C: Venezuela, ex N1081T; to N11027

    - XA-RRH: Mexico, rtn to N11027

    State of Louisiana N306PH: Arrow Aviation Co Llc at Broussard, LA Oct14-Dec16

    17may15 Cedar Lee Middle School, Bealeton, VA going tow+

    GM Leasing N306PH: GM Leasing Co Llc at Broussard, LA from Dec16
    51512 206l-3 1991     N3107N: PHI Inc, Sep96-Sep15
    - N3107N: San Juan Aviation at Wilmington, DE from Sep15

    Nov15-Jan16 for sale Longranger 206L-3 1991. 15011 TTAF+
    206 206a 1968     N4059G: Bell 206A cn206 ff:?; reg Bell Helicopters as N4059G, unk; x+
    267 206a 1969     N4710R: Bell 206A cn267, ff:?; reg Bell Helicopters as N4710R, unk; +
    45421 206l-1 1980     N593AE: PHi from Nov99; w/o 02feb06 at Chesterfield, IN ; Feb10 can+
    ERA Helicopters N513EH: ERA, noted 1985
    51609 206l-3 1992     N6160Y: PHI Dec92-Apr11
    Bell Helicopter N6160Y: Bell, test serial C-FOYN

    - YV531T: Venezuela, to N6160Y

    GM Leasing N6160Y: GM Leasing Co Llc at Broussard, LA from Aug12
    160 206a     N644PH: Bell 206A cn160 ff:?; del Petroluem Helicopters as N644PH, u+
    114 206a     N688PH: Bell 206A cn114, ff:?; reg Bell Helicopters as N?????, unk; +
    - N125GW: xfer US as N125GW, unk; conv Bell 206B-2, unk

    - C-GSHJ: xfer Canada as C-GSHJ, unk
    52296 206l-4 2004     N7896X: PHI Inc at Lafayette, LA Feb/Dec 2016
    Bell Helicopter N7896X: Bell

    - N7896X: Exxon Mobil Corp at Houston, TX 2004-Feb16

    State of Louisiana N216MH: Meridian Helicopters at Broussard, LA from Dec16; on d+

    circling above Jersey City, NYC
    40 206a 1967     N7943S: xfer Petroleum Helicopters as N7943S, 1967; w/o crashed in G+
    Bell Helicopter N7943S: Bell 206A cn40, ff:?; reg Bell Helicopters as N7943S, 1+
    520 206a     N7979S: 206b-2 xfer Petroleum Helicopters, Inc as N7979S, unk; conv Bell 20+
    - N17S: Bell 206A cn520, ff:?; del US as N17S, unk
    560 206a 1970     N8176J: 206b-2 Bell 206A cn560, ff:?; del Petroleum Helicopters as N8176J, +
    - N8176J: sold private US as N8176J, 29Apr78; wfu & reg canx 08Ja+
    558 206a     N8178J: Bell 206A cn558, ff:?; reg Bell Helicopters as N8178J,unk; d+
    51508 206l-3 1991     N8592X: PHI
    Bell Helicopter N8592X: Bell, test serial C-FLKE

    - N8592X: Apple International Inc at Blountville, TN Nov06-Mar07

    Custom Helicopters C-GCHG: Custom Helicopters Ltd at St Andrews, MB from Mar07-Sep+
    51403 206l-3 1990     N979BH: PHI Dec95-Oct12
    - N979BH: private at Scottsdale, AZ Oct12-Dec18

    TVPX N979HB: TVPX Aircraft Solutions Inc Trustee at North Salt Lake,+