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First Commando Merlin Mk4 Delivered to Royal Navy, 24-May-18 : #commando UK Fleet Air Air took delivery of the first of 25 upgraded Commando Merlin Mk4 ( Merlin HC.4 ) to support the Royal Marines Commando Force

Latest Variant of the AW101 Makes Paris Debut, 15-Jun-09 : AgustaWestland, a Finmeccanica company, is pleased to announce that the latest variant of the AW101 medium lift helicopter is making its debut at Paris Air Show. The latest variant of the AW101 features new more efficient main rotor blades, new more powerful engines, a new cockpit display system and a new up rated tail rotor. These technology upgrades enable the AW101 to fly faster, further with more payload, whilst improving performance in extreme conditions, enhancing crew effectiveness in the cockpit and increasing mission capability. This latest version of the AW101 is already in production and available to export customers.

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    TV-2 vh-71 2007     G-17-002: Agusta-Westland EH-101 Mk.519, c/n TV-2, ff 03Jul07; del to +
    TV-3 vh-71 2008     G-17-003: Agusta-Westland EH-101 Mk.519, c/n TV-3, ff 27Feb08; del via+
    TV-4 vh-71 2008     G-17-004: Agusta-Westland EH-101 Mk.519, c/n TV-4, ff 19Mar08; retaine+
    TV-5 vh-71 2007     G-17-005: Agusta-Westland EH-101 Mk.519, c/n TV-5, ff 11Dec07; del via+
    PP-1 vh-71 2008     G-17-101: Agusta-Westland EH-101 Mk.519, c/n PP-1, ff 22Sep08; dpt Yeo+
    PP-2 vh-71 2008     G-17-102: Agusta-Westland EH-101 Mk.519, c/n PP-2, ff?; status unk.
    PP-3 vh-71 2008     G-17-103: Agusta-Westland EH-101 Mk.519, c/n PP-3, ff 29Nov08; del NAT+
    PP-4 vh-71 2009     G-17-104: Agusta-Westland EH-101 Mk.519, c/n PP-4, ff 13Jan09; del NAT+
    PP-5 vh-71 2009     G-17-105: Agusta-Westland EH-101 Mk.519, c/n PP-5, ff 28Apr09; del NAT+
    50012 mk510     G-17-510: AgustaWestland; Jun09 pictured (pic1) AW.101 type BERP IV bl+
AgustaWestland Italy I-AGWH: CIV01/510001/50012. G-17-510. To USA Oct04 for Team US1+
    50228 aw101.610     G-17-610: AgustaWestland UK test serial AW101 Mk610 for Algeria
Algerian National Navy AN-01: Algerian Naval Forces; UK G-17-610, ZR328
    50008 1990     G-OIOI: 03Apr18 pictured as US101 G-OIOI at RAF Museum, Hendon
    ZJ116: To RAF Brize Norton for air transportability trials, after O+
Westland PP8: First flew 24 April 1990. Was fittedout in civil config+

Westland G-OIOI: EH Industries (EHI) EH-101 Heliliner Nov88-Apr96, to ZJ+

Westland ZJ116: Intensive flight trials, with PP9 from Mar 1996, until +

To Aberdeen for reliability trials with PP9.

Ministry of Defence (MoD) ZJ116: MoD military serial; preserved RAF Museum Hendon
    50033 hc.3 1998     ZJ117: 2007 with AgustaWestland for BERP IV Flight Testing for the +
Royal Air Force ZJ117: RAF 50033/RAF01 f/f 24dec98 at Yeovil

1999 as /H301 at Le Bourget air show
    50149 hc.3 2001     ZJ127: hc.4 conv to fully marinised HC.4
Royal Air Force ZJ127: RAF 50149/RAF11 in 2003 /L 28Sqn.

25feb17 rear fuselage and tail boom seen in storage yar+

Royal Navy ZJ127: 08jul17 /L pictured at RNAS Yeovilton Air Day 2017
    50167 hc.3 2001     ZJ129: hc.4 May18 /N conv to HC.4 completed for delivery to 845 NAS
Royal Air Force ZJ129: RN; 01may05 as 28Sqn /N pictured (pic1) at Abingdon

2007 28Sqn /N

Royal Navy ZJ129: 08jan16 846Sqn /N at Nantes direction South

08jan16 846Sqn /N at Bordeaux direction Spain

HC.3I type; 10jan16 visit to Gibraltar with ZJ121.
    50007 1989     ZK101: Cold weather trials in Canada Dec 1999 - c Feb 2000
AgustaWestland Italy PP7: Military utility variant first flew 18 December 1989. D+
    50138 mk518 2005     ZK112: Merlin Mk.518, c/n 50138/KHI01, reg G-17-518, f/f 15/02/2005+
Japanese Navy 8651: Westland built kit c/n 50138
    50229 aw101.610     ZR329: UK test serial AW101 Mk610 for Algeria
Algerian National Navy AN-02: Algerian Naval Forces d/d 23may11; UK G-17-611, ZR329
    50230 aw101.610     ZR330: UK test serial AW101 Mk610 for Algeria
Algerian National Navy AN-03: Algerian Naval Forces; UK G-17-612, ZR330
    50231 aw101.610     ZR331: UK test serial AW101 Mk610 for Algeria; 31may11 pictured at +
Algerian National Navy AN-04: Algerian Naval Forces d/d 14feb12; UK G-17-613, ZR331
    50232 aw101.610     ZR332: UK test serial AW101 Mk610 for Algeria
Algerian National Navy AN-05: Algerian Naval Forces d/d 24may11; UK G-17-614, ZR332
    50239 AW101 640     ZR334: AgustaWestland, for Saudi Arabia; 06dec13 pictured at Yeovil+
Ministry of Defense HMH-1: Saudi VIP
    50240 AW101 640     ZR335: AgustaWestland, for Saudi Arabia
Ministry of Defense HMH-2: Saudi VIP

10nov15 at Mardan Palace, Muratpaşa/Antalya, Turkey
    50241 AW101 VVIP 2013     ZR336: AW101 643 type for Turkmenistan
Turkmenistan Airliners EZ-S714: Turkmenistan Airliners d/d 29mar13
    50245 AW101 VVIP 2012     ZR337: AW101 643 type for Turkmenistan
Turkmenistan Airliners EZ-S715: Turkmenistan Airliners d/d 16jun12; 05aug12 rtn to UK

11mar17 10:00 at 9001 ft over Leuven, Belgium heading S+

12mar17 at Łódź, Poland for refueling
    50242 AW101 641     ZR338: jul12 AgustaWestland./IND 01
Indian Air Force ZW-4301: India Air Force d/d 18dec12, test serial ZR338; Jan14 s+
    50243 AW101 641     ZR339: AgustaWestland UK jul12 /IND 02
    50244 AW101 641 2012     ZR340: jul12 AgustaWestland./IND 03
Indian Air Force ZW-4303: India Air Force d/d 28dec12, test serial ZR340; Jan14 s+
    50246 AW101 641 2012     ZR341: IND04 UK test serial AW101 Mk641 for India
Indian Air Force ZW-4304: India Air Force d/d 21dec12, test serial ZR341; Jan14 s+
    50247 AW101 641     ZR342: IND05 UK test serial AW101 Mk641 for India; 30oct12 pictured+
    50248 AW101 641 2012     ZR343: IND06 UK test serial AW101 Mk641 for India
    50251 AW101 641     ZR344: IND07 UK test serial AW101 Mk641 for India as ZW-4307. Contr+
Nigerian Air Force 280: Nigeria Air Force VIP Aug14

30sep14 pictured at Newquay before delivery

01oct14 parked at the Diamond Hangar, Stansted Airport,+
    50252 AW101 641     ZR345: IND08 UK test serial AW101 Mk641 for India
Nigerian Air Force 281: Nigeria VIP; w/o 24nov16 pictured (pic2); crashed on l+
    50253 AW101 641     ZR346: IND09 UK test serial AW101 Mk641 for India
    50254 AW101 641     ZR347: IND10 UK test serial AW101 Mk641 for India as ZW-4310. Contr+
- 4K-Ai010: Azerbaijan
    50255 AW101 641     ZR348: IND11 UK test serial AW101 Mk641 for India
    50256 AW101 641     ZR349: IND12 UK test serial AW101 Mk641 for India
    50249 AW101 642 2013     ZR350: AgustaWestland, VIP for Argelia; 13nov13 pictured (pic1) at +
Algerian Air Force 7T-WVB: Algerian airforce VIP 2014; 05dec13 refuel stop at Perp+

02jul16 picture (pic2) in refuel stop at Perpignan, Fra+
    50250 AW101 642 2013     ZR351: AgustaWestland, for Algeria; 20nov13 pictured at Yeovil
Algerian Air Force 7T-WVD: Algerian airforce VIP 2014; 05dec13 refuel stop at Perp+
    50257 hh-101a 2014     ZR352: AgustaWestland UK, AMI/CSAR01; 04feb14 pictured (pic1) at Ye+
Italian Air Force MM81864: AMI 15-01

04sep15 pictured (pic4) at Udine city, 55th Anniversary+

03oct15 at Trapani for Exercise Trident Juncture 2015 ;+

07oct15 pictured (pic5) at Cervia airport, Associazione+

09oct15 15° Stormo Cervia, Italy

04sep17 pictured (pic6) at Targi Kielce, Poland for MSP+
    50258 hh-101a 2014     ZR353: AgustaWestland UK, AMI/CSAR02
Italian Air Force MM81865: AMI 15-02 Jun14
    50265 AW101 612 2017     ZZ102: AgustaWestland Yeovil Feb17
Royal Norwegian Air Force 0265: Second Norwegian AW101; 19jan18 pictured departing Yeov+