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Era Aviation Contract For Five Sikorsky S-76, 10-Feb-05 : ANAHEIM, California - Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation announced that Era Aviation, Inc. a subsidiary of SEACOR Holdings Inc. has selected the Sikorsky S-76 helicopter as one of its crew change aircraft for use in the Gulf of Mexico.

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C/NModBuiltID     In this OrganisationIn other Org

    76-0722 s-76c 2008     N2579P: S-76C++; ERA from Jun08/Oct10, reser N547WM
    76-0725 s-76c 2008     N2579T: S-76C++; ERA Dec08/Aug09, reser N531BH
    76-0682 s-76c 2007     N4511G: S-76C++; ERA Helicopters Jun08-Jan10
- VH-FLH: Flight Line Services Pty, Australia Mar10

Nyaman Air PK-FUE: Nyaman Air, 2011

Hevilift Aviation Indonesia PK-FUE: Hevilift, Indonesia as of Mar16
    76-0612 s-76c 2006     N512WC: S-76C++; ERA Helicopters Aug06-Aug08, test serial N8104J;
- VH-JYN: Jayrow Helicopters Pty, Australia Jun09, lsd from ERA

- VH-FLE: Flight Line Services Pty Mar10

Nyaman Air PK-FUD: Nyaman Air from 12mar10

Nyaman Air, 2011

Hevilift Sdn Bhd 9M-HLM: Hevilift, Malaysia as of Mar16
    76-0725 s-76c 2008     N531BH: ERA from Aug09
    76-0722 s-76c 2008     N547WM: ERA from Oct10
    76-0133 s-76a     N56EH: Era Leasing ?
- SX-HBE: Greece private Mar81-Jan85

- VR-BJF: Bermuda, VP-BJF

- VP-BJF: Bahamas, to N56EH

Helicopter Transport Services N76LP: Helicopter TRansport Service 1999-2004

New Zealand Rescue Helicopters ZK-IAL: NEST from Dec04

NEST. Tasked with Medevac of young baby from Blenheim o+

21nov16 pictured at its North Shore base, near Dairy Fl+
    76-0373 s-76a 1990     N573EH: ERA Helicopters from Jan09

- VR-CWH: to N76TH

- B-7317: rtn to N573EH
    76-0369 s-76a 1990     N574EH: ERA Helicopters from May05
- JA6640: S-76A+, to N622LH
    76-0366 s-76a 1990     N575EH: ERA Helicopters May05
- JA6616: to N621LH
    76-0222 s-76a 1981     N577EH: ERA Helicopters, Jun06
- N577EH: Wells Fargo Bank from Sep13, S-76A+ type

Oct14 on sale
    76-0274 s-76a 1984     N579EH: ERA Aviation from Jun01; w/o 23mar04 crash in Gulf of Mexic+
- N274TC: to ZS-RLG

- ZS-RLG: to N579EH
    76-0609 s-76c 2005     N616MR: S-76C++; ERA Mar/Nov 2006, test serial N8114Q; to 9Y-ERA
National Helicopter Services Ltd of Trinidad and Tobago 9Y-ERA: NHSL Trinidad and Tobago, lsd from ERA, to N928DZ
    76-0153 s-76a 1981     N886AH: ERA Helicopters from Mar12
- N42N: to N866M

- N866M: to N986AH

- N986AH: to N886AH
    76-0610 s-76c 2006     N905RD: S-76C++; ERA from Mar06, test serial N8109K
    76-0281 s-76a 1984     N911LV: ERA Leasing Jan10-Sep13
- N185S: to N395U

- N395U: to N911LV

- N911LV: Canal Air at Danbury, CT Jun06-Jan10

Wells Fargo Bank from Sep13
    76-0609 s-76c 2005     N928DZ: ERA from Nov11
National Helicopter Services Ltd of Trinidad and Tobago 9Y-ERA: NHSL Trinidad and Tobago, lsd from ERA, to N928DZ

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