Sikorsky S-76
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1978 to present

Air Logistics S-76

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    76-0085 s-76a 1980     N1547K: first reg May81; Air Logistics 1998-Dec02, to PR-NLF
Aeroleo Taxi Aereo PR-NLF: Aeroleo 2002, ex N1547K
    76-0735 s-76c 2008     N20380: S-76C++; Air Logistics Oct08-Jan09
Bristow G-CFPY: Bristow Jan/Jun 2009

Bristow Australia VH-TZL: Bristow Australia from Jun09
    76-0545 s-76c 2003     N20509: S-76C+; Air Logistics Nov03-Nov04
Bristow Helicopters Nigeria 5N-BGE: Bristow Nigeria from Nov04
    76-0732 s-76c 2008     N25740: S-76C++; Air Logistics Oct08-Jan09
Bristow G-CFPU: Bristow Jan/May 2009

Bristow Helicopters Nigeria 5N-BMI: Bristow Nigeria from May09

19jun14 Bristow Nigeria at Lagos

08apr15 at Cotonou, Benin
    76-0733 s-76c 2009     N2576R: S-76C++; Air Logistics Oct08-Mar09
Bristow G-CFPV: Bristow Mar/Sep 2009

Bristow Australia VH-ZFJ: Bristow Australia from Sep09 (Brilog Leasing)
    76-0705 s-76c 2008
    N2584Q: S-76C++; Air Logistics Feb/Sep 2008; N884AL ntu
Lider Taxi Aereo PR-LBA: Lider Taxi Aereo from Aug09
    76-0660 s-76c 2007     N45063: S-76C++; Air Logistics May07-Jun08
Bristow Helicopters Nigeria 5N-BKM: Bristow Nigeria from Jun08
    76-0664 s-76c 2007     N4508N: S-76C++ type; Air Logistics May07-Jan08
Bristow G-KAZD: Bristow Jan/Apr 2008

Caledonian Helicopters G-KAZD: Caledonian Helicopters April 01/03 2008

Malaysian Helicopter Sevices Aviation Berhad 9M-SPW: MHS Aviation from May08

Bristow Helicopters Nigeria 5N-BSC: Bristow Nigeria as of Sep15
    76-0666 s-76c 2007     N45140: S-76C++ type; Air Logistics Jul07-Feb08
Bristow G-CFDV: Bristow from Feb08

18dec12 pictured at Aberdeen, Scotland
    76-0109 s-76a 1980     N520AL: Air Logistics
- VH-EMX: Australia, to ZS-RHB

- ZS-RHB: South Africa, to N2398M

- N2398M: USA, to N520AL

Bristow G-BZJT: Bristow Jul00-Jan01

Bristow Helicopters Nigeria 5N-BCT: Bristow Nigeria from Feb01

Bristow US Llc N520AL: Bristow US Oct12-2013

- trainer: 01may14 to Canadore College, Ontario, Canada as helic+
    76-0175 s-76a 1981     N5446E: 13mar95 pictured at Patterson/Williams MAP, LA
- PT-HQJ: lsd from N5446E

- N5446E: Offshore Logistics at Lafayette, LA from Feb91; canc Se+

Aeroleo Taxi Aereo PT-YAU: Aeroleo from Oct95; w/o 22aug03 during training at Maca+
    76-0238 s-76a 1984     N701AL: Air Logistics; 13mar95 pictured at Patterson/Williams MAP, +
GM Leasing N1391: GM Leasing at Broussard, LA. Also reg as N701AL

Aeroleo Taxi Aereo PR-IMH: Aeroleo?
    76-0243 s-76a     N702AL: Air Logistics; 13mar95 pictured at Patterson/Williams MAP
Bristow US Llc N702AL: Bristow US from Aug98
    76-0266 s-76a 1984     N703AL: first reg Jun84; Air Logistics Aug98-Dec03, to PR-GPC
Aeroleo Taxi Aereo PR-GPC: Aeroleo, noted Jul11
    76-0189 s-76a 1981     N707AL: Air Logistics from Aug98, ex N989QS
- N989QS: RTS Helicopter Serv.Inc 1993

Bristow US Llc N707AL: Bristow US
    76-0277 s-76a     N708AL: Offshore Logistics at Lafayette, LA Jul93-Oct95
Aeroleo Taxi Aereo PT-YAY: Aeroleo taxi aereo
    76-0278 s-76a 1984     N709AL: Air Logistics; 13mar95 pictured at Patterson/Williams RAP, L+
Bristow US Llc N709AL: Bristow / Air Logistics Aug98-Jan15

- N709AL: Apr15 Owned by Arrow aviation LLC at Broussard, LA
    76-0279 s-76a 1984     N710AL: Air logistics; 13mar95 pictured (top) at Patterson/Williams +
Aeroleo Taxi Aereo PR-EDA: Aeroleo Taxi Aereo
    76-0280 s-76a 1984     N712AL: first reg Sep84; Air Logistics Aug98-Dec02; 14mar95 pictured+
Aeroleo Taxi Aereo PR-LCL: Aeroleo taxi aereo
    76-0221 s-76a 1982     N717AL: Air Logistics from Jun97; canc Aug10
Chilean Army CCECH: Ejercito d/d Jan83, test serial N15466; VIP for August+

Bristow G-BWIM: Bristow Oct95-Apr97, ex CC-ECH to N717AL
    76-0723 s-76c 2008     N723Y: Keystone S-76C-2; Air Logistics Jun08-Feb09
- PR-LCT: Banco Bradesco, Brazil

Lider Taxi Aereo PR-LCT: Lider Taxi Aereo Oct12
    76-0759 s-76c 2009     N759L: Keystone S-76C-2 Dec08; Air Logistics Mar/Dec 2009
Lider Taxi Aereo PR-LDB: Lider Taxi Aereo 2010-2016

Bristow US Llc N887BG: Bristow US from May16
    76-0031 s-76a     N768AL: Air Logitics; 13mar95 pictured at Patterson/Williams MAP, LA
Sikorsky Helicopters N768AL: Sikorsky since Dec04
    76-0048 s-76a 1980     N769AL: Air Logistics
Sikorsky Helicopters N769AL: Sikorsky from 2004
    76-0529 s-76c 2002     N861AL: Air Logistics Dec02
cfs air llc N861AL: Cfs Air from Jan06
    76-0540 s-76c 2003     N864AL: S-76C+; Air Logistics Jul/Nov 2003
Bristow Helicopters Nigeria 5N-BGD: Bristow Nigeria from Nov03

w/o 12aug15 crashed into Lagos Lagoon, approaching Mur+
    76-0580 s-76c 2004     N868AL: Air Logistics Jan05
cfs air llc N868AL: CFS Air Jan06-Aug13

Bristow US Llc N868AL: Helifleet 2013-01 Llc at Danbury, CT from Aug13; Bristo+
    76-0591 s-76c 2005     N869AL: S-76C+; Air Logistics Jun05-Jan06
Bristow Helicopters Nigeria 5N-BIL: Bristow Nigeria 2006
    76-0606 s-76c 2006
    N870AL: Air Logistics from Jan06, test serial N8119N
Bristow US Llc N870AL: Bristow US Jan06-Dec17
    76-0639 s-76c     N873AL: Air Logistics, Jan07-Jan10
Heliservicio Campeche XA-HST: Heliservicio, to be confirmed

Bristow US Llc N493KC: Bristow US Mar/Jul 2013

Bristow Helicopters Nigeria 5N-BQK: 19aug13, S-76C++ operated by Bristow Nigeria

19jun14 Bristow Nigeria at Lagos
    76-0645 s-76c 2006     N878AL: S-76C++ type; Air Logistics Dec06-Apr07
Bristow G-CEKR: Bristow Apr/Aug 2007

Caledonian Helicopters G-CEKR: Caledonian Helicopters August 08/09 2007

Malaysian Helicopter Sevices Aviation Berhad 9M-SPT: MHS Aviation
    76-0652 s-76c 2007     N879AL: S-76C++; Air Logistics, test serial N4504G
Bristow Malaysia 9M-SPU: Bristow Malaysia ?

Bristow US Llc N879AL: Bristow Us May08-Jan11

Bristow Helicopters Nigeria 5N-BNN: Bristow Nigeria 2011, ex N879AL
    76-0679 s-76c 2007     N882AL: S-76C++; Air Logistics Mar08-2009
Lider Taxi Aereo PR-LDD: Lider Taxi Aereo Jul09-Sep15

Bristow US Llc N891BG: Bristow from Mar15

28jan17 at West Houston Airport, TX for children from +

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