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Offshore Logistics (OLOG) was founded by Burt Keenan in 1969. They began using helicopters in 1972: 20 by 1978, more than 140 by 1985. In 1996 OLOG bought 49% of Bristow Aviation. Nowadays Air Logistics is a worldwide cargo General Sales and Service Agent (GSSA). Branches first opened in the UK in 1994, Spain in 1997, France in 1998, Germany in 2000 and Ireland in 2001. As of 2012 has a fully owned network of 66 offices across 42 countries.


Air Logistics Fleet Renewal with 14 Bell 206L4, 26-Mar-03 : Air Logistics ordered 14 new Bell 206L-4 Long Ranger as part of the renewal fleet process

List of Helicopter Operators

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Rotary Wing Aircraft UnitCreatedDisband
    Air Logistics Gulf? --

Model Types

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  Bell 4071996
  Bell 4121981
  Sikorsky S-761978
  Bell 2121973
  Bell 2061972
  Bell 2051972??
  EC EC120

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