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  • 1996 to present

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    C/NModBuiltID     In this OrgIn other Org

    53469 2001     N110AL: Air Logistics ?, test serial N91364
    PJ Helicopters N110AL: P J Helicopters Inc at Red Bluff, CA Jul07-May13

    PJ Helicopters N407PJ: P J Helicopters Inc at Red Bluff, CA from May13
    53480 2001     N405AL: Air Logistics Aug01
    Bell Helicopter N40414: Bell Apr01

    Bristow Helicopters Nigeria 5N-BSU: Bristow Nigeria by 2015

    Bristow US N405AL: Bristow US Llc at New Iberia, LA from Jun16
    53491 2001     N408AL: Air Logistics LA Nov01
    Bristow Helicopters Nigeria 5N-BSV: Bristow Nigeria 2011?

    Bristow US N408AL: Bristow US Llc at New Iberia, LA from May18
    53494 2001     N409AL: Air Logistics Jun01-Jan10 , test serial N9182V
    Bristow US N409AL: Bristow US Feb10-May15

    - N409AL: Copter Lease Llc Trustee at Albuquerque, NM May/Jun 201+

    Eagle Copters C-FLCI: Eagle Copters Jun15-Apr16, conv to 407HP

    Eagle Copters Australasia VH-EPU: Eagle Copters Australasia from Apr16

    Heli Niugini Ltd VH-EPU: Heli Niugini, Papua New Guinea, lsd Eagle Copters by Ja+
    53046 1996     N416AL: Air Logistics at New Iberia, LA canc Apr05, test serial N111+
    Heliservicio XA-UEB: Heliservicio Campeche 2005-2013

    Great Slave Helicopters C-FNAK: Northern Air Support (2012) Ltd at Kelowna, BC Apr13-Fe+

    Great Slave Helicopters from Feb14

    Sahtu Helicopters; w/o 19jul18 Forced landing in Macken+
    53054 1996     N417AL: Air Logistics
    Bristow US N417AL: Bristow US Jul/Aug 2010

    - P2-HCA: Papua New Guinea, ex N417AL
    53069 1996     N436AL: Air Logistics from Nov96
    Bell Helicopter N58236: Bell, test serial C-FZKE

    Bristow US N436AL: Bristow US May01-May15

    GM Leasing N311RL: GM Leasing at Broussard, LA from Mar15; w/o 28jun15 blo+
    53141 1997     N437AL: Air Logistics, to Australia as unk
    Bristow US N437AL: Bristow US Jul/Aug 2010

    Hevilift Ltd P2-HCB: Hevilift; w/o 22jul15, N of Ok-Tedi mine site
    53203 1997     N477AL: Air Logistics at New Iberia, LA Aug98-Feb10
    Bristow US N477AL: Bristow US Llc at New Iberia, LA Feb10-May15

    - N662RL: Wells Fargo Bank Northwest NA Trustee at Salt Lake City+

    State of Utah N662RL: Bank of Utah Trustee at Salt Lake City, UT from Aug18
    53230 1997     N537AL: Air Logistics
    State of Utah N537AL: Bank of Utah Trustee Sep/Dec 2011

    Heli SGI PK-ZGA: Heli SGI
    53265 1998     N617AL: Air Logistics
    Bristow US N617AL: Bristow from May98
    53366 1999     N687AL: Air Logistics Oct99-Feb10
    Bell Helicopter N6302B: Bell May99

    Bristow US N687AL: Bristow US from Oct10
    53374 1999     N697AL: Air Logistics Jun/Sep 1999
    Bristow US N697AL: Bristow US from Oct99
    53227 1997     N727AL: Air Logistics, test serial N298RS
    Bristow Helicopters Nigeria 5N-BST: Bristow Nigeria ?

    Bristow US N8489B: Bristow US from May18
    53037 1996     N796RV: Air Logistics, Bell serial N1098Y
    Bell Helicopter Canada C-FEXW: Bell Canada test serial, to N1098Y

    - RP-C2468: lsd from N796RV

    - XA-TYR: Aeroanahuac-Alliance, rtn to N796RV

    Venice Louisiana, on contract

    Bristow US N796RV: Bristow US from May05

    GM Leasing N3811: Gm Leasing Company Llc at Broussard, LA Aug16
    53150 1997     N847AL: Air Logistics, test serial N407XS
    Bristow US N487AL: Bristow from Aug14
    53144 1997     N911AL: Air Logistics ?
    Bell Helicopter N70829: Bell May97, test serial C-GBUB

    Air Methods N911AL: Air Methods Corp at nglewood, CO from Jul02; N404LL ntu

    State of Colorado N911AL: AirLife of Greeley ( now North Colorado Med Evac ); pi+

    Air Methods N911AL: Air Methods from Jan18