1972 to ??

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30165 205A-1 1974     N17AL: Air Logistics, test serial N59536
Bell Helicopter Canada C-GENZ: Bell Canada May87-Aug03

Great Slave Helicopters C-GSHG: Superior Helicopters Canada at Longlac, ON Dec03-May06

Great Slave Helicopters May06-Sep15

pictured (pic1) at Dryden Regional airport, Dryden, On+

- : Apr/Dec 2015 for sale Bell 205 - Utility Equipped Mach+

Guardian Helicopters C-GSHG: Guardian Helicopters Inc at Calgary, AB from Sep15
30105 205A-1 1972     N23AL: Air Logistics, to Dominican Republic
Air Force of the Dominican Republic 3023: FAD from 1983, reser HI-728SP

Campbell Helicopters C-FOAR: Campbell Helicopters at Clearbrook, BC Feb03-Jun07; a+

VIH Helicopters Ltd C-GVIJ: VIH Helicopters Jun07-Jan14

Aircraft was in an accident summer 2009 BER parted out
30106 205A-1 1972     N24AL: Air Logistics, to Dominican Republic
Air Force of the Dominican Republic 3024: FAD from 1983, reser HI-730SP

Bell Helicopter Canada C-GHUF: Bell Canada from 2000

- N687CC: Wells Fargo Bank Apr06-Jan07

Mustang Helicopters C-GHUF: Mustang Helicopters from Feb07
30121 205A-1     N25AL: Air Logistics, to CS-HDH
OMNI Aviation Group CS-HDH: Omni Portugal, to C-FDEO

Eagle Copters C-FDEO: Eagle Copters Dec04-May05

State of California N449RC: County Of San Diego Sheriff (SDCO) from Jun05; Firefigh+
30142 205A-1 1973     N26AL: Air Logistics ?
- C-GXLF: Quasar Helicopters at Vancouver, BC 1982?-Feb89

Frontier Helicopters C-GXLF: Frontier Helicopters Ltd at Abbotsford, BC Feb89-Feb91

- C-GXLF: Conair Group Inc at Abbotsford, BC Sep91-Dec01

HeliQwest C-FHQK: Heliqwest Aviation Inc at Sturgeon County, AB Jan02-Apr+

- N534HQ: Wells Fargo Bank Northwest NA Trustee May14-Nov17

HQ Trustee Llc at Broomfield, CO Nov17-Feb18

TVPX N534HQ: TVPX Aircraft Solutions Inc Trustee at North Salt Lake,+
30181 205A-1 1975     N27AL: Air Logistics, test serial N68AL; to Dominican Republic
Air Force of the Dominican Republic 3025: FAD, reser HI-727SP

Bell Helicopter Canada C-GPRR: Bell Canada from 2000

- C-GPRR: Rilpa Enterprises from Feb07
30182 205A-1 1975     N28AL: Air Logistics, test serial N69AL; to Dominican Republic
Air Force of the Dominican Republic 3026: FAD, reser HI-731SP

Bell Helicopter Canada C-GOLE: Bell Canada from 2000

Campbell Helicopters C-GOLE: Campbell Helicopters, noted Sep07; to C-GKVI

VIH Helicopters Ltd C-GKVI: VIH Helicopters from Mar08

Mustang Helicopters C-GKVI: Mustang Helicopters from Feb13