1973 to present

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C/NModBuiltID     In this OrganisationIn other Org

    30683 1975     N140AL: Air logistics; w/o 04apr78 near Galveston, TX. 3 fatalities
    30688 1975     N141AL: Offshore Logistics Aug75-Jul80, to Mexico as?
    30817 1977     N16785: Offshore Logistics Jun92-May94
- XA-HEG: rtn N16785

- HK-3802X: Colombia, to XA-TOB

Heliservicio Campeche XA-TOB: Campeche, to C-FBWU

Eagle Copters C-FBWU: Eagle Copters Ltd Oct04-Feb08; conv to single engine Ho+

- C-GWDJ: Day & Johnston Helicopters at Copper Cliff, ON Feb08-De+

Day Aviation Services / William Day Construction Ltd at+

Wilderness Helicopters at Wawa, ON Apr11-Feb16

Jan15-Apr17, sold Bell 212; conv to Eagle Single, Fast +
    31147 1980     N24HS: Air Logistics from Mar96, to XA-AAC
Heliservicio Campeche XA-SZD: Heliservicio, ex XA-KUM


Eagle Copters C-FTXU: Eagle Copters Maintenance Mar04-Mar05

State of California N800DM: San Diego Fire Rescue Dept (SDFD) from Nov05
    30569 1973     N29AL: Air Logistics from Jul73; 13mar95 pictured at New Iberia, LA+
Bristow US Llc N29AL: Bristow Alaska Nov07-Nov11

Eagle Copters C-GNYI: Eagle Copters from Sep12
    30759 1976     N49688: Air Logistics (?)
- HC-BJQ: Ecuador

Canadian Helicopters Ltd C-GJDC: Canadian Helicopters Ltd Feb94-May96

- N21601: Crew Concepts Inc at Boise, ID Jun96-Jul98

Helisureste EC-GXG: Helisureste /H-01, noted Nov06

- OB-1973-P: Peru, rtn Spain

INAER EC-MDV: INAER/Babcock from Mar15

INAER Portugal EC-MDV: INAER Portugal / Babcock MCS Portugal; Jul17 used in DE+
    30826 1977     N5193: ex XA-HEH
    N62AL: Air Logistics; 13mar95 pictured at New Iberia, LA
- XA-HEH: Mexico, ex N16798, to N5193

- HK-3789X: Helicopteros del Valle, Ltda 1995; Aerolineas Petro+

- HK-4076X: to C-FBUA

Eagle Copters C-FBUA: Eagle Copters Oct04-Feb11

- C-FBUA: Heliqwest Aviation at Sturgeon County, AB Oct10

- N133WH: Winco Inc at Aurora, OR from Jun11
    30811 1976     N68AL: Air Logistics ?
Alpine Helicopters C-FALK: Alpine Helicopters Nov89-jun97

Eagle Copters C-GFOQ: Eagle Copters, Nov99-Dec00

- C-GFOQ: Panorama Helicopters Ltd at Ile Bizard, Quebec Dec00-Ma+

- HC-CBQ: Ecuador, to OB-1762

- OB-1762-P: Peru, reser OB-1813-P

Servicios Aereos De Los Andes OB-1813-P: Andes
    30934 1979     N68AL: Air Logistics from Mar96, to Colombia
Heliservicio Campeche XA-IUS: Campeche, to N68AL

- HK-4087X: to HC-CAY

- HC-CAY: Ecuador, rtn to US

- XA-TVM: Campeche?

- OB-1847-P: Peru

Great Slave Helicopters C-GBBP: Great Slave Helicopters from Jun10
    30818 1977     N69AL: Air Logistics Mar/Dec 1996, to Colombia as HK-?
Heliservicio Campeche XA-SQH: Campeche, ex XA-JEK, to N69AL

US Helicopters Inc N25UH: US Helicopter Inc Jul99



Blackcomb Helicopters C-GZHZ: Blackcomb from 26nov14
    30814 1977     N69AL: Air Logistics, to VH-LAM
Lloyd Helicopters VH-LAM: Lloyd Helicopters, noted 1985-1992

- SE-JBY: Sweden, rtn to VH-LAM

Canadian Helicopter Corporation C-FRWM: CHC Aug01-Feb02

- HC-CDD: Ecuador Mar03-Mar09

Canadian Helicopter Corporation C-FRWM: CHC Apr/Sep 2009

- C-FRWM: Elbow River Helicopters at Calgary, AB Nov09-Jan10

- C-GERW: Elbow River Helicopters from Jan10
    30869 1978     N71AL: Air Logistics Nov98-Apr00
- XA-NAH: Mexico, Bell serial N16949, to N25FJ

- HK-3989X: Colombia, to N71AL

Heliservicio Campeche XA-TRP: Heliservicio
    30672 1974     N72AL: Offshore Logistics , canc Mar94
Canadian Helicopter Corporation C-FRWI: CHC Mar94-Feb08

- 4L-?: Georgia, ex C-FRWI
    31225 1982     N874AL: Air Logistics Dec03-Jan04
Petroleum Air Services SU-CAA: PAS; to N4247M

Bristow G-BWLE: Bristow 1996-2000, ex N4247M, to XA-TRK

Heliservicio Campeche XA-TRK: Campeche 2000-2003; ex G-BWLE, to N874AL

Bristow Caribbean 9Y-BPT: Bristow Trinidad & Tobago 2004-

- OB-1856-P: Peru
    30821 1977     N91AL: Air Logistics from Jun77
State of California N91AL: Rogers Helicopters Inc from Jun93; 15mar96 pictured at +
    30829 1977     N93AL: Offshore Logistics Apr89-Mar94
- HK-3190X: Armero Colombia rescue 1985

- HK-3190: Colombia

Canadian Helicopter Corporation C-FRWL: CHC Mar94-Aug02

CHC South Africa ZS-RNR: South Africa from 2002; 2006 noted in Gabon; to Italy u+

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