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    C/NModBuiltID     In this OrgIn other Org

    33 206a 1967     HB-XCP: xfer John Von Neumann, Switzerland as HB-XCP, 03May68; conv +
    Bell Helicopter N7833S: Bell 206A cn33, ff:?; reg Bell Helicopters as N7833S, 1+
    266 206a 1968     HB-XCT: Bell 206B-2 JetRanger II cn266, ff:?; del Transcommerce Leas+
    - I-TINO: xfer Italy as I-TINO, 20Dec74; reg canx unk
    287 206a 1968     HB-XDB: Bell 206A cn287, ff:?; xfer Aeroleasing / Cornfeld Bernhard,+
    - I-NYCO: xfer Italy as I-NYCO, 20Feb75
    235 206a 1968     HB-XDD: xfer Heliswiss AG, Switzerland as HB-XDD, 24May70; dbr at Bo+
    - 5R-MVK: Bell 206A cn235 ff:?; del Madagascar as 5R-MVK, unk
    578 206a 1970     HB-XDH: Bell 206A cn578, ff:?; del Heliswiss AG as HB-XDH, 16Mar71;
    - OY-HSD: xfer Denmark as OY-HSD for opns in Greenland, 10Jun85

    - EC-ENU: sold to Iceberg Agricola, Spain as EC-ENU, 03Mar89

    - HB-XDH: xfer Helitrade AG, Switzerland as HB-XDH, 23Jul92

    - EC-GQH: xfer Spain as EC-GQH, 26Sep97
    3091 206b-3 1980     HB-XSI: Heliswiss Sep87-Aug92
    - N604PA: ex N604PD

    Air Grischa Helikopter AG HB-XSI: Air Grischa Aug92-Nov94

    Air Grischa Mar/Aug 1999

    Heli Gotthard AG HB-XSI: Heli Neuchatel Aug96-Apr97

    Heli Gotthard Aug99-Apr05

    heliswiss iberica sa EC-GNO: Heliswiss Iberica May97-Jul98
    484 206a 1969     HB-XXH: xfer Heliswiss / Helitrade AG as HB-XXH, 03Oct90
    - N112FL: Bell 206A cn484, ff:1969; del US as N112FL, unk; conv B+

    - C-GFAJ: xfer Canada as C-GFAJ, unk

    Eliticino / Tarmac HB-XXH: xfer Sirius AG / Helitrade Agas HB-XXH, 23Nov90

    xfer Eliticino SA as HB-XXH, 19Apr91

    - I-ETBR: xfer Italy as I-ETBR, 06Oct95; suffered minor dmg when +
    4373 206b-3 1995     HB-ZLO: Heliswiss Schweizerische Helicopter AG Oct11-Jul12
    - D-HGMS: Heliteam Süd, 1995, test serial C-FEXW

    Motorflug D-HGMS: MOTORFLUG Baden-Baden GmbH at Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden Ai+

    Swiss Helicopter AG HB-ZLO: Swiss Helicopter AG Jul12-Feb17

    Motorflug D-HMFB: MOTORFLUG Baden-Baden GmbH for Bundeswehr at Bückeburg+

    German Army Aviation D-HMFB: Bundeswehr training at Bückeburg from , op by Motorflu+