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C/NModBuiltID     In this OrganisationIn other Org

    52359 206l-4 2007     N110EH: Edwards and Assoc Inc at Bristol, TN, test serial C-FOPL; E+
- N110EH: Investment Capital Financing Llc at Tampa, FL Oct07-Jun+

TransCanada Corporation C-GTCP: TransCanada PipeLines Limited from Jun09
    418 206a     N1471W: ERA Helicopters Jul69-Aug76
    3296 206b-3 1981     N207EH: ERA, noted 1985
- N325JR: canc Feb13

- C-FBCW: Spearhead Aviation at Whistler, BC from Mar13
    45314 206l-1 1979     N210AH: ERA Aviation Jan/Mar 1996
- N124DB: to C-GGSX

Great Slave Helicopters C-GGSX: Great Slave Helicopters Jan/Nov 1990

- N93CH: to N210DB

- N210DB: to N210AH

- C-GCHZ: Custom Helicopters at St Andrews, Manitoba from Apr96
    45631 206l-1     N210EH: ERA, noted 1985
- VH-HJX: Australia, to N8061V

- N8061V: Joda Llc at Missouri 11apr01; w/o unk; canc as destroye+
    2966 206b-3     N226EH: ERA, noted 1985
- JA6185: to N988MA

- N988MA: Flying Pie Llc at Twin Falls, ID Oct08-Oct11; to Ecuado+
    2968 206b-3     N227EH: ERA, noted 1985
Air Logistics N167H: Air Logistics from Jan01; w/o 18aug05 Gulf of Mexico, 2+
    2977 206b-3     N228EH: ERA, noted 1985; w/o 15jun98
    3583 206b-3 1982     N2300Z: ERA Aviation Dec95-Jan96
Trans North Helicopters C-GTNX: Trans North Turbo Air Ltd at Whitehorse, Yukon Feb96-Ma+

- C-GTNX: Timberland Helicopters at Courtenay, BC Jul/Nov 1998

Quantum Helicopters Ltd C-GTNX: Quantum Helicopters 1999; canc Aug01
    802 206b-2 1972     N2954W: ERA Helicopters Jul72-Apr77
- C-GBHG: Centurian Helicopters, canc Jul83; Yellowhead Helicopte+

Slave Lake Helicopters C-GBHG: Slave Lake Helicopters, canc Jul86

- C-GBHG: Canwest Aviation, canc Dec91; Remote Helicopters (NWT) +

Centurian Helicopters at Calgary, Alberta from Oct07
    1742 206b-2 1975     N369EH: ERA, noted 1985
- N46160: to N304MH

- N304MH: to N204PA

- N204PA: Pathfinder Leasing Inc at Homer, AK from Sep02
    1310 206b-2 1974     N371EH: ERA, noted 1985
- N58M: Industrial Power Services Corp at Ware, MA from Sep05
    1315 206b-2 1974     N374EH: ERA, noted 1985
- N302SH: to N125TA

GM Leasing N125TA: GM Leasing Company at Broussard, LA from Jul08

01Mar15 pictured at Space Coast Regional Airport, Titu+
    1316 206b-2 1974     N375EH: ERA, noted 1985
- N222HA: National Helicopter Service And Engineering Co at Encin+
    1436 206b-2     N376EH: ERA, noted 1985
- N37747: to YV-419C

- YV-419C: Venezuela
    1437 206b-2 1974     N377EH: ERA, noted 1985
- N37746: to C-FHVK

Eagle Copters C-FHVK: Eagle Copters Maintenance Ltd Apr/Jul 1990

- C-FHVK: Heli Forex Inc at Val D Or, Quebec Jul/Aug 1990

Paragon Helicopter Services at Parry Sound, ON Jul/Se+

- ZS-ROO: South Africa
    1431 206b-2 1974     N378EH: ERA, noted 1985
- N35RP: B B Investments Inc at Yucaipa, CA from Jun07
    1421 206b-2 1974     N379EH: ERA, noted 1985
- N37748: to C-FHVO

Eagle Copters C-FHVO: Eagle Copters Maintenance Ltd Apr/Aug 1990

- C-FHVO: Heli Forex Dec93-Jun94

Les Helicopteres Abitibi Ltee Oct00-Dec06

Somiper Aviation at Montreal, Quebec Sep07-Feb09

G.D.G. Aviation at Trois-Rivières, Quebec Feb09-Feb11
    1418 206b-2     N380EH: ERA Helicopters Jul75-Nov77; w/o ?
    1627 206b-2 1975     N381EH: ERA, noted 1985
- N454MS: H D S Inc at Beech Grove, AR from Mar09
    1635 206b-2     N382EH: ERA, noted 1985; w/o 30aug94 Reed Inlet, near Gustavus, AK
    1653 206b-2 1975     N383EH: ERA, noted 1985
Eagle Copters C-GEAQ: Eagle Copters Apr/May 1988

- C-GEAQ: Vancouver Helicopters Jul95-Apr96

Heli-Star Inc at La Tuque, Quebec Apr98-Nov00
    1674 206b-2 1975     N385EH: ERA Helicopters; w/o 19apr85 at Valdez, AK; canc Nov90
    1677 206b-2 1975     N386EH: ERA, noted 1985
- N38653: to C-FHVG

- C-FHVG: from Jul90
    1682 206b-2 1975     N387EH: ERA, noted 1985
- N3776D: to C-FHUY

- C-FHUY: from Jun93
    1695 206b-2 1975     N389EH: ERA, noted 1985
- N37741: Jack Harter Helicopters at Lihue, HI from May90; w/o 23+
    1696 206b-2 1975     N390EH: ERA, noted 1985
- N422R: private Port Alsworth, AK Apr95-Jul10; sep12 exp
    45108 206l 1977     N400EH: ERA Aviation; w/o 18oct01 at Anchorage, AK. 3 fatalities; No+
    45109 206l 1977     N402EH: ERA, noted 1985
- C-GHBY: Hudson Bay Helicopters at Yellowknife, NT Feb/Jun 2003

Great Slave Helicopters C-GHBY: Great Slave Helicopters from Jun03
    45113 206l 1977     N403EH: ERA Aviation May89-Mar03
- C-FBHV: Bailey Helicopters at Fort St John, BC Mar03-Mar13; w/o+
    45114 206l 1978     N404EH: ERA, noted 1985
- N404EH: Blue Sky Llc at Anchorage, AK from Mar08; Mar11 exp
    45115 206l 1977     N405EH: ERA Aviation Jun89-Jan03
Great Slave Helicopters C-FGSG: Great Slave Helicopters from Feb03

w/o 27jul14 crashed into a lake 28m E Ekati Diamond Min+
    45183 206l-1 1978     N406EH: ERA, noted 1985
- N38980: to N48BJ

- N48BJ: ntu N200ES, to N406EH

- N518RL: MSI Helicopters at Albuquerque, NM from Mar13
    45020 206l     N49723: ERA Helicopters Jan77-Aug80
    19 206a 1967     N504EH: ERA, to be conf
Bell Helicopter N7819S: Bell 1967, conv to 206B

- N504EH: Executive Helicopter Inc at Chicago, IL Jul76-Apr80

- C-GLVJ: Canada, many owners, 1980-2015

- N504EH: Alpine Helicopter Service Inc at Woodbridge, CA from 26+
    3012 206b-3     N512EH: ERA, noted 1985
- JA6186: to N2464X

- N2464X: Global X Group at Wilmington, DE Mar/May 2008

national army of guyana GDF-1: Guyana
    45421 206l-1 1980     N513EH: ERA, noted 1985
PHI Inc N593AE: PHi from Nov99; w/o 02feb06 at Chesterfield, IN ; Feb1+
    45358 206l-1     N514EH: ERA, noted 1985
- N1084S: Easton Aviation at Lasalle, CO from Nov94; w/o unk; Sep+
    45364 206l-1 1980     N515EH: ERA, noted 1985
- N38Q: Helicopters Inc at Cahokia, IL from Jul87
    45416 206l-1     N516EH: ERA, noted 1985
Air Logistics N516EH: Air Logistics; 13mar95 pictured at New Iberia, LA

Rotorcraft Leasing Company N516EH: Rotorcraft Leasing Inc at Broussard, LA from Apr03; Ju+
    45424 206l-1     N517EH: ERA, noted 1985
- N1084T: to N517EH

- TG-BAI: Guatemala, to TG-KYS



- TG-TOR: Guatemala
    45426 206l-1 1980     N518EH: ERA, noted 1985
- N1084V: to N518EH

- N206CM: to N206MH

- N206MH: Trinity Aviation at Georgetown, TX Jul09-May10; to Nami+
    45429 206l-1 1980     N519EH: ERA, noted 1985, test serial N1084Z
GM Leasing N519EH: GM leasing Co at Broussard, LA from Sep02

- N519EH: w/o 01feb17 at Carson City Airport, NV
    3020 206b-3     N520EH: ERA, noted 1985; Mar90 canc, to Venezuela as ?
    3014 206b-3 1980     N521EH: ERA, noted 1985
- N233HA: to N314RT

- N314RT: Rotorcraft Technologies Inc at Broussard, LA from Feb99
    2989 206b-3 1980     N577AH: ERA Aviation Jan/Mar 1996
- N1086Z: to N577AH

- C-GPWR: Pacific Western Helicopters at Prince George, BC
    1028 206b-2 1973     N58006: ERA Helicopters Jul75-Apr77
Midwest Helicopters C-GBHF: Midwest Helicopters at Winnipeg, Manitoba canc May83

Eagle Copters C-GBHF: Eagle Copters from Feb88
    1025 206b-2     N58011: ERA Helicopters Jun73-Aug80

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