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C/NModBuiltID     In this OrganisationIn other Org

    1403 as350d 1981     N138EH: ERA, noted 1985
- N5783D: to N138EH

- N317LT: M B Aircraft Llc at Cincinnati, OH Jul04-May05

- C-FFBM: Taiga Helicopters (1993) Ltd at Whitecourt, AB from May+
    1411 as350d 1981     N139EH: ERA, noted 1985
- N5781E: to N139EH

- N139EH: LW Winter Helicopters at Ukiah, CA, canc Dec98

- C-GEMJ: Heli-Spar Helicopters (1994) Ltd at Chilliwack, BC Dec9+

conv to 350BA type; Quebec Helicopteres at St-Mathieu-D+

- VP-CIH: Helico Store Intl, Cayman Islands from Jun05
    1456 as350d 1981     N140EH: ERA, noted 1985
- N5791R: to N140EH

solaire helicopters 9M-HMB: Solaire helicopters; conv to 350B type; conv to 350BA t+

Helistar 9M-RSQ: Helistar, noted Oct10

- G-JOZI: Aero Maintenance Ltd at Walton Wood airfield, UK Jul1+

WW Medical Facilities Ltd from 24may17

30may17 19:30hs landed Liverpool John Lennon

03jun17 Teesside A174 private field near Thornaby-on-Te+

04jun17 pictured hovering over runway 10 at Breighton

06may18 in the lawn at Swinton Park Hotel, Masham

08jul18 landed at Swinton Park Hotel North Yorkshire
    1460 as350d     N141EH: ERA Helicopters from Jul82; w/o 11jul83 at Dutch Harbor, AK.+
    1444 as350d 1981     N142EH: ERA, noted 1985
- N5787C: to N142EH

Eurocopter USA N35SV: Aerospatiale Helicopter Corp at Grand Prairie, TX Mar91+

- C-FPHN: Pegasus Helicopters at New Glasgow, New Scotia Sep92-F+

Eurocopter Canada C-FPHN: Eurocopter Canada Feb/Mar 1993

- C-FPHN: Skytech Aviation at Orillia, ON Apr/Jul 1993; Questral +

Taiga Helicopters (1993) Ltd at Whitecourt, AB from Apr+
    1450 as350d 1981     N143EH: ERA, noted 1985; w/o 20jul89 Long Beach, CA; Dec89 canc
    2065 as350b 1988     N159EH: ERA Helicopters, to N110TV
helicopters inc N110TV: Helicopters Inc at Cahokia, IL Nov07, AS350BA type; Cha+

helicopters inc N12KZ: Helicopters Inc at Cahokia, IL Nov07-Mar12

TRK Helicopters C-GTXK: TRK Helicopters at Langley, BC from Apr12
    2071 as350b     N160EH: ERA Aviation from Apr89; w/o 15jun89 at Puntilla Lake, AK. 1+
    2144 as350b 1988     N161EH: ERA Helicopters May05, conv to B1, then B2
    2147 as350b 1988     N162EH: ERA Helicopters May05, conv to B1 then B2
    2185 as350b1 1989     N165EH: Era Helicopters May05; w/o 29oct11 crash 6m SW Iliamna, Alas+
    2194 as350b1 1989     N166EH: ERA Helicopters May05, conv to B2 type
    2264 as350b1 1989     N178EH: ERA Helicopters May05
    2505 as350b2 1991     N191EH: ERA Helicopters; 18apr12 near Valdez, Alaska tail rotor sepa+
    2582 as350b2 1991     N192EH: ERA Helicopters May05
    2599 as350b2     N193EH: ERA Helicopters May05
    1288 as350d 1980     N216EH: ERA Helicopters, to N369SF
- N369SF: to N103TV

- N103TV: to N37SH

- N37SH: to N61TV

- N61TV: Sterling Corp at Philadelphia, PA from Aug86, AS350B ty+
    1183 as350d 1980     N350EH: ERA, noted 1985
- N35998: to N350EH

Viking Helicopters C-GVHM: Viking Helicopters at Les Cedres, Quebec Jun88-Aug96

Canadian Helicopters Ltd C-GVHM: Canadian Helicopters, Eastern Div Aug96-Sep98

Eurocopter Canada C-GVHM: Eurocopter Canada Sep98-Mar02; w/o ?
    1295 as350d     N351EH: ERA Helicopters, test serial N3612M; noted unk date; canc Ma+

- ZK-HJQ: conv AS.350BA, ex C-FBXE; Glacier Helicopters New Zeala+
    1297 as350d 1981     N352EH: ERA, noted 1985
- N3611U: to N352EH

Viking Helicopters C-GVHB: Viking Helicopters Jun88-Feb91

Canadian Helicopters Ltd C-GVHB: Canadian Helicopters Dec00-Jan08

- C-GVHB: Heliproducts Industries Jan/May 2008; conv to AS.350B2 +

Wood Buffalo Helicopters C-GYWB: Aurora Helicopters at Fort McMurray, AB from Jun08
    1338 as350d     N353EH: ERA Helicopters Jun81-Mar91; w/o 24may88 crash at Dillingham+
    1382 as350d 1980     N354EH: ERA, noted 1985
- N5773V: to N354EH

- C-FCYS: Les Helicopteres Abitibi Ltee Oct90-Apr92

- N43677: private Pacific Palisades, CA Jan/May 1997

- ZK-HZZ: New Zealand, to C-GIMG

- C-GIMG: Heli/Express Inc at Ste-Foy, Quebec from Nov02; 2012 co+
    1355 as350b 1980     N5768N: ERA, noted 1985
- N173EH: to N350LH

- N350LH: to N12NN

- N12NN: News 12 Long Island /Chopper12 Farmingdale, NY noted 2+

- N350MS: Helicopter Services Inc at Spring, TX Jun09-Apr10

- N278RG: 350BA type; Helicopter Services Inc at Spring, TX from +