Del'd: 8 - 1994 to 2012

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C/NModBuiltID     In this OrgIn other Org

1695 as350b 1983     C-FBHW: Blackcomb Jun01-Jun06
2206 as350b 1989     C-FLME: as350b2 Blackcomb AS350B2 type Dec07-Apr08
2295 as350b 1989     C-FYYA: as350ba Blackcomb AS350BA type Aug96-Feb01
2091 as350b 1988     C-GQSW: as350ba Blackcomb AS350BA type Dec07-May08
1650 as350b 1982     C-GSKI: Blackcomb Helicopters Ltd Jun97-Apr01
- HK-2905P: Colombia HK-2905X, to N321HC

Eurocopter USA N321DK: Aerospatiale Helicopter Corp at Grand Prairie, TX Oct90+

- ZK-HRK: New Zealand, to C-GSKI

Highland Helicopters C-FHHY: Highland Helicopters Ltd from Apr01
1040 as350b 1978     C-GSKI: Blackcomb Jun94-Sep96
- G-BGCW: Shawline Helicopters Dec78-Oct79

- G-FERG: Ferguson Aviation Oct79-Jul81

- G-EORR: Colt Jul81-Feb83

- G-OBAC: BAC Aviation Feb83-Jan87

- ZK-HYS: New Zealand, to C-GSKI

VIH Helicopters Ltd C-GNMP: Northern Mountain Helicopters at Prince George, BC Jul9+

Vancouver Island Helicopters Mar01-Nov02

Eagle Copters C-GNMP: Eagle Copters Nov02-Jun06

Eagle Copters Nov10-May11, conv to AS.350BA type

- C-GNMP: Ultra Helicopters at Grimshaw,AB Jun06-Nov10

Black Swan Helicopters at Berwyn, AB from May11
2480 as350b2 1991     C-GSRF: Blackcomb Sep07-Aug11
1675 as350b 1983     C-GYYR: Blackcomb Jan98-Apr12, AS.350BA type
- N52CS: canc Oct88, ex N58018

- ZK-HBT: South Africa, to C-GYYR

- C-GYYR: Kananaskis Mountain Helicopters at Rocky Mountain House+