Eurocopter EC130T2
usa State of Nevada

2014 to present

State of Nevada EC130T2

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World Record of Most Helicopter Weddings, 26-May-17 : Las Vegas’s Sundance Helicopters plans to break the Guinness World Record for most helicopter weddings in the air on July 7, 2017 with 12 EC130 flying simultaneously


YearsUnitsbold : Current base of the Unit
2014/    Sundance Helicopters McCarran IAP

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7644 2013     N208SH: Sundance Helicopters Jan14-May19; pictured (pic1) as /55 at+
Eurocopter USA N208SH: American Eurocopter Oct13

Air Methods N208SH: Air Methods from May19
7651 2013     N213SH: Sundance Helicopters Jan14-May19
Eurocopter USA N213SH: American Eurocopter from Oct13

Air Methods N213SH: Air Methods from May19
7674     N216SH: Sundance Helicopters from Feb14
Eurocopter USA N216SH: American Eurocopter from Oct13
7710 2013     N220SH: Sundance Helicopters from Feb14
Eurocopter USA N220SH: American Eurocopter from Oct13
7943 h1302014     N222SH: Sundance Helicopters from Oct14
Airbus Helicopters USA N222SH: Airbus Jul14
7953 h1302014     N223SH: Sundance Helicopters from Nov14
Airbus Helicopters USA N223SH: Airbus Jul14
7993 h1302014     N231SH: Sundance Helicopters from Dec14
Airbus Helicopters USA N231SH: Airbus Oct14
8005 h1302014     N237SH: Sundance Helicopters from Jan15
Airbus Helicopters USA N237SH: Airbus Oct14
8100 h1302015     N239S: Jan16 as Sundance /9 with Blade titles
    N239SH: Sundance Helicopters from 12Nov12; pictured on d/d
Airbus Helicopters USA N239SH: Airbus Helicopters Jul15
8105 h1302015     N240SH: Sundance Helicopters from 12nov12; picture on d/d with N239S+
8120 h1302015     N242SH: Sundance Helicopters Inc at Las Vegas, NV from Jan16
Airbus Helicopters USA N242SH: Airbus Jul15
8157 h1302015     N244SH: 15:00hs flying over Sepulveda Wildlife Preserve after takin+
Airbus Helicopters USA N244SH: Airbus Jul/Dec 2015

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