1994 to present

Harbin Z-9
china People's Liberation Army Navy


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DDG Type 052D
DDG Type 052DL class (stretched)
DDG Type 052 class
DDG Type 052C class
FFG Type 054A class
AO Zhong-B class (ATS)

List of Aircraft

C/NModBuiltID     In this OrgIn other Org
Z9-0280 9317 9317 PLAN Z-9C type; pictured at Rotterdam Harbour aboard Yuncheng frigate
Z9-0590 9806 9806 pictured (pic1) aboard PLANS Yancheng during entry to Auckland Harbour.
Z9-0046 Z9-0046 9636 visited HMS Cornwall with PLAN officers from PLANS Zhoushan to discuss counter p...
Z9-0186 Z9-0186 9686 noted embarked, in Antwerp.
Z9-0385 Z9-0385 9826 noted embarked, at Antwerp.
Z9-0399 Z9-0399 9746 Z-9C
Z9-0585 Z9-0585 9756 noted embarked on PLANS Xiangtan, at Kiel.
Z9-0728 Z9-0728 9377 noted, ranged on deck of PLANS Binzhou at Kiel.
Z9-0791 Z9-0791 95 noted at Qingdao Liuting.
Z9-0792 Z9-0792 96 noted bearing 96 code on tail.
Z9-0795 Z9-0795 99 noted at Qingdao-Liuting.

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